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Essay Exam #2 Study Guide

by: Joseph Liverman

Essay Exam #2 Study Guide ENG 222

Joseph Liverman
GPA 3.45
GENRE(S) (Lecture)
C. Swartzentruber, M. Thompson

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About this Document

A study guide for our upcoming Essay Exam this Friday with: -10 potential essay questions -A guide on answering each one -Over 30 quotes with page numbers to use as supporting evidence -And a...
GENRE(S) (Lecture)
C. Swartzentruber, M. Thompson
Study Guide
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This 13 page Study Guide was uploaded by Joseph Liverman on Monday October 19, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ENG 222 at James Madison University taught by C. Swartzentruber, M. Thompson in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see GENRE(S) (Lecture) in Foreign Language at James Madison University.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
Essay Exam 2 Study Guide Potential Essav Questions Q Explain how Betsy and Doreen are foil characters which does Esther most resemble Provide examples from the book Key Betsy and Doreen are two opposites in regards to their sexuality Think of Betsy and Doreen as two opposite personalities that Esther has On one hand Esther is pressured by society to act like Betsy to not have sex to be chaste to act quotpurequot not irt openly etc On the other hand Esther hates the fact that she can t express her sexuality with being judged she wants to be like Doreen who is very nonchalant about what society says in regards to sex Esther most resembles Betsy at heart but wants to be like Doreen at least in part y Doreen From Kansas From the South Very pure doesn t have sex Doreen is sexually promiscuous Doesn t hook up Hooks up with Lenny Obedient to authority Rebellious Wants to get married Doesn t even consider marriage Key Pages to Site P7 quotDoreen looked terri c She was wearing a strapless white lace dress zipped up over a snug corset affair that curved her in at the middle and bulged her out again spectacularly above and below and her skin had a bronzy polish under the pale dusting powder She smelled strong as a whole perfume storequot Use this to support the idea that Doreen dresses in a way that is sexually promiscuous by the standards of their time P22 quotI made a decision about Doreen that night I decided I would watch her and listen to what she said but deep down I would have nothing at all to do with her Deep down I would be loyal to Betsey and her innocent friends It was Betsy l resembled at heartquot Use this to support the claim that Esther is most like Betsy P23 quotI think I still expected to see Doreen s body lying there in the pool of vomit like an ugly concrete testimony to my own dirty naturequot Use this to support the idea that Doreen is rebellious she got wasted and threw up everywhere Q Describe the Women39s Health Movement and what it accomplished Key The women s health movement was a movement focused on giving women better healthcare especially regarding birth control and knowledge about menstruation Traditionally before the WHM women s health movement doctors had an almost godlike role in society they spoke and people listened People trusted doctors to give them the best advice they handed over their agency and simply accepted what doctors said as the unwavering truth The WHM however changed this The WHM strived to make medical knowledge widely available to the public with a focus on women by publishing books handing out pamphlets pressuring the media and encouraging legal changes Our Bodies Ourselves by Judy Norsigian A book published in 1971 which sought to educate women about birth control menopause abortion pregnancy childbirth and sexuality Timeline 19th century condoms were invented 1873 The Comstock Act outlawed the mailing of any contraceptives or women s pamphlets making it extremely difficult for people to get contraceptives and for women to get information about their sexual health 1916 Margaret Sanger opened the rst birth control clinic in the US which led to her arrest for distributing contraceptives 1938 The Comstock Act was ruled unconstitutional 1960 Oral birth control was legalized 1965 Griswold v Connecticut allowed married couples to get birth control Key Pages to Site P65 quotl was so struck by the sight of the table where they were lifting the woman I didn t say a word It looked like some awful torture table with these metal stirrups sticking up in midair at one end and all sorts of instruments and wires and tubes I couldn t make out properly at the otherquot Use this to support the idea that most women weren t educated on what giving birth was like P67 quotWhy was it all covered with ourquot asked then to keep the conversation going and Buddy told me about the waxy stuff that guarded the baby s skinquot Again use this to support the idea that women had no idea what a baby looks like when coming out of the womb Q What are the conventional expectations of women What does Esther actually want How is she torn between the two Key Conventional Expectations What Esther actually wants Don t have sex before marriage To experience sex before marriage Be pure and chaste To not be pure and chaste Be a housewife To be an quotindependent womanquot Be a mother To write poetry Don t focus too much on education To become educated Esther is torn between the two paths ain before her On one hand society massively pressures her into following their conventional path On the other hand Esther does not want this she wants to experience sex to be independent to become educated and to write poetry Key Pages to Site P78 quotEver since Buddy Willard had told me about that waitress I had been thinking I ought to go out and sleep with somebody myselfquot Use this to support the idea that Esther wants to have sex before marriage P80 quotWhen Constantin asked if I would like to come up to his apartment to hear some baaaika records I smiled to myself My mother had always told me never under any circumstances to go with a man to a man s rooms after an evening out it could mean only the one thing I am very fond of baaaika music I saidquot Use this to support the fact that Esther wants to have sex before marriage and is willing to act on her desire P77 quotI saw my life branching out before me like the green g tree in the story From the tip of every branch like a fat purple g a wonderful future beckoned and winked One g was a husband and a happy home and children and another g was a famous poet and another g was a brilliant professorquot Use this to support the idea that Esther is torn between being a poet and professor what she wants vs being a mother what society wants Q Describe Esther39s insanity and what you believe contributed to said insanity Key Esther is very depressed and thinks about suicide frequently and vividly However what is the cause of this There are multiple causes however the one resounding cause is thus 1 Esther is torn between her desire to be a poet and have sex vs society s expectations of her This proves to cause an enormous amount of psychological distress P22 quotI made a decision about Doreen that night I decided I would watch her and listen to what she said but deep down I would have nothing at all to do with her Deep down I would be loyal to Betsey and her innocent friends It was Betsy l resembled at heartquot Use this to support the idea that there is this internal fascination with sexuality that Esther has but because she s been so conditioned to be quotpurequot like Betsy she feels guilty expressing her sexuality aka identifying with Doreen P77 quotI saw my life branching out before me like the green g tree in the story From the tip of every branch like a fat purple g a wonderful future beckoned and winked One g was a husband and a happy home and children and another g was a famous poet and another g was a brilliant professorquot Use this to support the idea that Esther is torn between being a poet and professor what she wants vs being a mother what society wants P109 quot Slut The word hissed by my ear 39Slut The dust cleared and I had a full view of the battle I began to writhe and bite Marco weighed me to the earth 39Slut quot Use this to support the fact that quotslut shamingquot was not uncommon during this period thus making it dif cult for Esther to express her sexuality Then there are other still signi cant but less impactful reasons such as 2 Her mother belittles her She acts as if Esther s insanity is a choice demeaning Esther and invalidating her suffering She is also more concerned about her reputation as a bad mother which she is than she is about Esther s suffering P238 quotMy mother s face oated to mind a pale reproachful moon at her last and rst visit to the asylum since my twentieth birthday A daughter in an asylum I had done that to her Still she had obviously decided to forgive mequot Use this to support the fact that Esther s mother believes that Esther is quotchoosingquot to be depressed and it s her fault otherwise she wouldn t have to forgive Esther 3 Her inability to express her feelings due to negative stigmas surrounding psychological illnesses P165 quotStill I imagined myself going to some Boston priest it would have to be Boston because I didn t want any priest in my home town to know I d thought of killing myself Priests were terrible gossipsquot Use this to support the idea that Esther had to keep her suicidal thoughts a secret due to a judgmental society 4 Ineffective treatments for depression that are often counterproductive P143 quotWheeeeeeeeee it shried through an air crackling with blue light and with each ash a great jolt drubbed me till I thought my bones would break and the sap y out of me like a split plant I wondered what terrible thing it was that I had donequot Use this to support the idea that electroshock therapy was an ineffective and medieval treatment method Q Is The Belljar more like a male or female coming of age story Key You ll have to decide for yourself as there s no right or wrong answer but here are a few guidelines Male Coming of Age Female Coming of Age Youth in rural area Epiphanies at a later age Moves to the city No movement ndependence Tied down by family Education No education Mentors No mentors 1 bad romance 1 good Only bad romances Reintegration into society Suicide physically or mentally How is The Beljarlike a male coming of age story Esther spends her youth in a rural town in Massachusetts She moves to New York She attains independence She goes to college She has mentors Doreen Dr Nolan and Jay Cee in a sense Negative Romances Buddy Marco Positive Romance lrwin Graduates we think from a mental institute reintegrates How is The Beljarlike a female coming of age story Esther has epiphanies at a later age at college She s tied down by her family mother trying to get her to be chaste be a mother etc Constantly contemplates suicide Kev Pages to Site P109 quotl gouged at his leg with the sharp heel of my shoe He turned fumbling for the hurt Then I sted my ngers together and smashed them at his nosequot Use this to support the bad romances claim Marco tried to rape her P228 quotBy the end of the evening I had no doubts about lrwin whatsoeverquot Use this to support the good romances claim Irwin was intelligent handsome and experienced P244 quotThe eyes and the faces all turned themselves toward me and guiding myself by them as by a magical thread I stepped into the roomquot Use this to support the idea that Esther reintegrates she is going into a room of doctors for evaluation which Dr Nolan said she d pass P147 quotI had locked myself in the bathroom and run a tub full of warm water and taken out a Gillette bladequot Use this to support Esther s suicidal tendencies This is just one of many examples P158 quotThat morning I had tried to hang myselfquot Again use this to support Esther s suicidal tendencies Q Compare and contrast Dr Nolan and Dr Gordon who do you believe was better for Esther Key Esther believes that Dr Nolan was far better for her than Dr Gordon Dr Gordon Dr Nolan Good looking Kind and loving Has an attractive family She s a mother Arrogant Progressive Prescribes electroshock therapy Keeps Esther in the loop Sexist Understands gender roles Kev Pages to Site P130 quotThe whole time I was talking Doctor Gordon bent his head as if he were praying and the only noise apart from the dull at voice was the tap tap tap of Doctor Gordon s pencil at the same point on the green blotter like a stalled walking stickquot Use this to support the idea that Dr Gordon doesn t really care or pay attention to Esther s problems P131 quotMy they were a pretty bunch of girlsquot After Esther talked about where she went to college this is all he says about her college Use this to support the idea that Dr Gordon doesn t care about Esther s problems is conceited and sexist P203 quotDoctor Nolan nodded She seemed to know what I meant 39I hate her I said and waited for the blow to fall But Doctor Nolan only smiled at me as if something had pleased her very very much and said 39I suppose you do quot Use this to support the idea that Dr Nolan is empathetic and doesn t judge Esther Q Why might Esther hate her mother Key There are several reasons that Esther probably hates her mother 1 Her mother blames her for choosing insanity P146 quot I knew you d decide to be all right again quot Use this to support the idea that her mother thinks Esther chose to act insane for attention 2 Her mother is unsupportive of Esther s ambitions and desires P8081 quotThere was no one hundred percent sure way not to have a baby it said in an article my mother cut out of the Reader s Digest and mailed to me at college This article was written by a married woman lawyer with children and called In Defense of Chastity It gave me all the reasons a girl shouldn t sleep with anybody but her husband and then only after they were marriedquot Use this to support the idea that Esther s mother is unsupportive of Esther wanting to experience sex before marriage with different partners P39 quotMy own mother wasn t much help My mother had taught shorthand and typing to support us ever since my father died and secretly she hated it and hated him for dying and leaving no money because he didn t trust life insurance salesman She was always on to me to learn shorthand after college so I d have a practical skill as well as a college degree Even the apostles were tentmakers she d say 39They had to live just the way we do quot Use this to support the idea that Esther s mother isn t supportive of Esther s desire to become a poet 3 Her mother cares more about her own reputation than her daughter s mental health P238 quotA daughter in an asylum I had done that to herquot This is evidence that Esther s mom cares more about her reputation as a bad mother hence her daughter is in an asylum than Esther s health Q Compare and contrast Joan and Esther provide examples from the book to support your opinion Key m Esther In college In college Dated buddy Aso dated Buddy Depressed Aso depressed Sociay successful Not socially successful Athletically successful Not very athletic All in all Esther views Joan as her quotdoublequot as they re both patients in the same mental hospital Esther is also quite envious ofJoan Key Pages to Site P219 quotHer Joan s thoughts were not my thoughts nor her feelings my feelings but we were close enough so that her thoughts and feelings seemed a wry black image of my ownquot Use this to support the idea that Esther sees Joan as a double P224 quot m going to live out now tuned in on Joan then Where demanded trying to hide my envyquot Use this to support the idea that Esther is envious ofJoan Q Elaborate on Esther39s evolution from being sexually passive to being sexually active throughout the novel Key Esther began the novel being very passive however over time she began to play a more active role in her life speci cally in regards to her sexuality Early on when Esther was passive P78 I felt so ne by the time we came to the yogurt and strawberry jam that I decided I would let Constantin seduce me Esther is letting him seduce her In other words she s taking a very passive role in the romance P96 quotlt never occurred to me to say no Further evidence that she is passive in the face of Buddy s stupidity Beginning to realize her adencv ability to act P109 quot lt s happening I thought lt s happening If I just lie here and do nothing it will happen She overcomes her passive nature by kicking Marco off and preventing his rape attempt P223 quotl was my own woman The next step was to nd the proper sort of man She begins to realize that she has control over nding the man that she wants Fully Realizes her Agency P226 quotIt was only after seeing lrwin s study that I decided to seduce him She s seducing him not the other way around as with Constantin She s now taking a more active role in the seduction process P241242 quotIrwin s voice altered subtly When am I going to see you Do you really want to know 39Very much Never I said and hung up with a resolute click She s taking control over who she doesn t want in her life Q Explain what a Bell Jar is and what it has to do with the novel Key A bell jar is this right here httpwwwcustomgasketmfgcomlmagesbelljarpng it s basically a fancy way to display something This is basically Sylvia Plath s clever way of saying that Esther and other women were viewed as these delicate possessions which should be protected from the outside world Key Pages to Site P185 quotI knew I should be grateful to Mrs Guinea only I couldn t feel a thing If Mrs Guinea had given me a ticket to Europe or a roundtheworld cruise it wouldn t have made one scrap of difference to me because wherever I sat on the deck of a ship or at a street caf in Paris or Bangkok I would be sitting under the same glass bell jar stewing in my own sour airquot Esther feels as if she is trapped in this metaphorical Bell Jar In this situation it could be referring to Esther s insanity or it could be referring to the social conventions which trap her P186 quotI sank back in the gray plush seat and closed my eyes The air of the bell jar wadded round me and I couldn t stirquot Esther has given up trying to escape the Bell jar or social conventions her mental illness and her inability to act in a way that she wants P215 quotAll the heat and fear had purged itself I felt surprisingly at peace The bell jar hung suspended a few feet above my head I was open to the circulating airquot Esther feels free from the Bell Jar in this case representing her mental illnesses for a few precious moments A few important de nitions Chiasmus When an order of words is stated one way then reversed for a certain effect or to make a point Prolepsis A ash forward P57 quotMy trouble was I took everything Buddy Willard told me as the honest toGod truth I remember the rst night he kissed me It was after the Yale Junior Promquot Analepsis A ashback P3 quotThere were twelve of us at the hotelquot


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