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Introduction to Information Technology

by: Mr. Stuart Kuvalis

Introduction to Information Technology ITEC 100

Mr. Stuart Kuvalis
GPA 3.67

Michael Henley

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About this Document

Michael Henley
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mr. Stuart Kuvalis on Monday October 19, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ITEC 100 at Radford University taught by Michael Henley in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/224665/itec-100-radford-university in Management Sciences And Information Technology at Radford University.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
Three Vampire TalesIntroduction o o o 0 relationship between vampireBertha MASON and victim 0 female on female 7 becomes erotic 193911 century Pardoxical nature of vampire 0 Express a repulsion from the new and a desire for the old a desire for the new and a fear for the old evident in every dimension of fin de siecle culture and society Byronic hero 0 Homme fatal 7 ex Milton Satan rarchangel ruin d appeared in Paradise Lost1671 Tortured by love 0 39Ihoroughly paradoxicalman of action also intense passion What the vampire represents in culture 0 Pofliferated in popular culture appeared as male and femaleyoung old foreign and local became a stock figure in pulp fiction Science and technology replacing magic lace it as sources of dangerous power Frankenstein first book Dr Seward dicatates hisjoumal phonographicallyMina has leamed how to type and take shorthandDr Van Helsing performs blood transfusions ultimately these skills aid in destruction of the vampire A Vampire Curse and Events at the Villa Diodati 0 what is the e o Chri stabel O o o o o o 0 being sent to hell and bumigng alive whatwill occur to the vam e o Cutcaught on fire be unheard rcharacters Sir Leoline rBaronichristabels fatherwife died 17 years ago Christabellovely willful a brat and 17 hero Geraldinetries to take everything from Christabelanti hero Brad Bracybarons right hand manrevenege on who killed his mom antagonist Rolan De Vauxstuck in unicorn body bc of bradr friend ofBaronsharer of dark secrets Jugle Cats Faeiries events sexuality 0 gothic vampire narrative with heavy lesbian overtones fatherdaughter dynamic 0 daughter noble born into wealth property titles and lived pampered by her father ireligion 0 Christian morality physical changes in Geraldine and Christabel Supematural elements 0 unicorn body 7 dreams 7 0 physical description of Dracula Dracula s Guest 0 significance of crossroads o ustom to bury suicides at crossroads rcharacters 0 John HarkerCountess Diligon The Vampire A Tale by John 0 rCharacters o o o oo o o r 0 ng Manle great welthtours with ruthvenscurious Lord Ruthvens interesting character who loves v39 Ianthe 7 Young beauty who Aubrey painted and followedstartled by Aubreysnaieve Miss Aubrey Aubrey s Sister not attractive blue eyes Earl oFmardsen o rsettings o ondon WinteriRomenmansion physicality of vampire reputation of tongue ugly in face relationship between character and vampire ady Mercer throws herself at him Aubrey follows him excited to find out about him and leama bout him Ianthe demanded Aubrey to ee from 39 importance of cruelty and exploitation innocence o the innocence of the young girl in Greece that he paintscontrasted with all the affected virtues of the women among whom he saught caught his heart death 0 Aubrey died from blood vessel broken His sister died in vein to Vampire and Lord Ruthven died from a gunshot woundBut rose from the dead to Marry Aubreys sister promise of a year and a day 0 Aubrey not to tell anyone of Lord RUTHVENS crimes or death sanityvs insanity o Aubrey fights within himself to believe the stories Ianthe tells him and that the Robbers were telling the truth about Lord disappearing and seeing him again at the drawing roomilocked himself in a room for a year and layed emotionless masculinity Aubrey was grabbed in the hut in the woods by something with great strength 7 and threw to the ground Carmilla literature 21 The story is midst of an extensive 39 p Fanu r L L 39 Dr Hessel s 39 39 39 narrated by Laura one ofthe two main protagonists ofthe taleLaura begins her tale by relating her childhood in a quotpicturesque and solitaryquot castle in the 39 39 L quot 39 L her father 39 39 39 Austrian Service 39 39 Laur L 39 39 Lg retlred from the a her herichamher 39 bitten on the chest Laura anuuei 11 ch the castle when her father tells her of a letter 39 39 Spielsdorf Th u n In 39 39 39 39 Hertha Rheinfeldt to Visit the e General uniui u us 39 o Th is saddened by the loss ofa potential friend and longs for a companion A 394 r m a girl 39 39 39 39 39 39 L L 39dream39 they both had when me 39 39 39 e hut he 39 39 e j n 39 A 39 A u ter ith u L 39 months L 39 L unu Incl I I um i I hast 39 39 39 39 39 e and Laura grow to be very close friends but occasionally Carmilla39s mood abruptly changes L 39 39 39 T aura 39 A Laura be 39 ofthe day 39 When 39 ghl aquot When a castle Laura finds one ofher ancestor quotMircalla Countess Karnsteinquot dated 1698 39 39 her neck 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 on the chest 4 39 L 39 A examine her 39 her father and only asks that Laura never be le unattendedHer do L father then sets out with Laura in a can e er r r p39 39 p T aunt and her father encounter General Spielsdorf He tells them his own ghastly storySpielsdorf and Millarm and her L 39 39 39 k 39 Millarca The mother convinced 39 39 cuctumuu 39 39 39 39 A A 39 L Laura A er consulting with a priestly doctor who he had specially ordered the General came to the realization that his niece was being visited by a vampire He hidin a closet with a 39 39 39 39 39 39 and bite her on the neck He then leant from 39 39 39 ofMillarca unharmed The General39s u 39 39 39 39 Carmil a appears The General and Carrnilla both y into a rage upon seeing each other and the General attacks her with an axe Carmilla flees and the General explains to Laura that s for 39 39 39 L 39 39 39 39 39 39 Vordenburg L Camilla is also Millarca both anagram L L 39 L quot 39 quot AnImperial L quot u u u Hah hurgMnnarch iLi L 39 Dracula Patriarchal bonds 0 Sanity vs insanity 0 Characters 0 Count Draculacentries old vampire Transylvanian noblemanVan HelsingDutch professor called to cure Lucyfight DraculaJonathan 39 39 Prisoner A quot Murr J39H flance39 victim of Dracula best friend of LucyLucyfalls first to draculasspellyoung woman becomes vampire John Sewardtalented young doctorinsarle asylum Workerloves Lucy but she denies but he fights dRACulaArthur HolmwoodLucysFiance Quincey Morris American From texas 0 Setting 0 East Europe Cast of TransylvaniaEngland stokers home 0 Eternal life 0 Dracula was this never ending 0 Ingestion of bugs and its connotations o Feminine strength 0 Mina displays rejection of deference to male superiority 0 Christian symbolsmeaning o The folklegends and 39 39 like ndead are barred from it 0 Transformation physical and emotional 0 Supernatural elements vs medical theory scientific discovery 0 Dr Seward Records on phonographMinatypwriteFVan Helsi 39r A 39 II the dead are ranteu fsalvationonly 0 Horror vs terror 0 Sexual perversion o 4 of the 5 women characters are vampires and very sexual predators Lucy was a very Victorian lady tumed sex demon by the counts sexual powers 0 Frankenstein Major characters 0 Victor Frankdoomed protagonist narraratordiscovers how to create lifeThe monstercreation of victorRobert Waltonartic seafarer letters 39 Alnhnn eFrank ictor open and close Frankenstein pics Victor up victorl 39 uuu el lU iLlUl I I went 39 llierlu wrlo llul e ictul ill Ingolstadtbecomes scientist William FrankVictors oungest L quot1 him 39 irl adopted while victor is growin igul t blamed n excucted for Wills murderCarolinedaughter of beauforttafter his death marries Alphonsedies scarlet feverwho she gets from ElizabethBeaufortmerchant and friend of Vics fatherM 39 39 wrlo attracts 39 39 39 39 feverFeliz Agatha and De LaceyFrench Court takes their fortune 0 Setting 0 Early In GenevaU of IngolstadtbACK to Geneva sickiVacation mountainsEnglandIsland rIceBoat with Walton 0 Gothic elements a supernatural event portent dream overwrought emotion and metonymy of gloom 0 Science 0 The creation of life from scratch o Lifedeath 0 Death follows everyone including the creator of life and the life that was created 0 Knowledge vs ignorance


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