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Test Review 2

by: Madeline Thompson

Test Review 2 CHER 2733 - 001

Madeline Thompson
GPA 3.7
Intermediate Cherokee
Christine Armer

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About this Document

This is the stuff that will be on the second test! It is all T/F.
Intermediate Cherokee
Christine Armer
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Madeline Thompson on Monday October 19, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CHER 2733 - 001 at University of Oklahoma taught by Christine Armer in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Intermediate Cherokee in Foreign Language at University of Oklahoma.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
Cherokee Test 2 Review Vocabulary Wili dulvwisdane Bill is working Wili gawonia Bill is speaking Wili galhjode ahnesge Bill is building a house Wili adaniteha Bill is thinking Wili adasdeliha Bill is helping Wili gahliha Bill is sleeping Wili asgaya Bill is a man Hia gigage This is red Hia sakonige Hia unega Hia gvnagei black Hia ijeyusdi green Hia uwodigei brown Hia dalonige yellow Hia udvhalige purple Hia aniji This is blue This is white This is This is This is This is This is This is orange Gadousdi ulisuwida Which color is this ulisuwida the color red Vocabulary Breakdown Hadvne you are doing 2 h quotyouquot gt advne doing Gado gt means what Gado Hadvne gt what are you doing Hahnesge you are building 2 h quotyouquot gt ahnesge build Sgwu also h you quotadvnequot do a present tense doing di plural gowei paper digowelil papers book literally pages de plural ji l goliye read a present dejigoliyeal I am reading them digoweli dejigoliyeal I am reading a book Gadu bread Di distant position gaduhv town s question Digaduhvs town j you envs go di in nitive suf x digaduhvs jenvsdi jaduli do you want to go to town Howa all right okay ayv kawi coffee Howa ayv kawi agwaduli all right I want coffee ln you and l en go a imperative suf x lnena Lets go Grammar Points Conlunction accomplished primarily by suf xation most common conjunctive suf x is gt hno and ex yvgi ganvgwalosdihno nails and a hammer aya jalihno Mary and Charley gt ke orin addition to ex yvgis ganvgwalsodisike jaduli quotdo you want nails or a hammerquot yvgike swgu jaduli quotdo you also want nailsquot Puraity in Nouns most inanimate nouns in Cherokee do not change their form to indicate pluratlity exyvgiquotnaHsquot The presence of the plural pre x in the verb form frequently indicates whether the noun is singular or plural ex yvgi agwaduli quotI want a nailquot yvgi dagwaduli quotI want nailsquot Third Person Singular Pronoun Pre x lst leonia lam speaking 2nd leonia You are speaking 3rd GAwonia He is speaking The quotDistant Position Pre x Either nouns or verbs may take the pre x di quotdistant positionquot When the pre x is attatched to a noun l object referred to distant from the speaker When the pre x is attached to a verb subject of the verb is distant from the speaker Which and What Form Gadousdi with the High pitch on the nal syllable means What the High pitch on the next to last syllable means Which


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