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Art History Survey Renaissance to Contemporary

by: Jedediah Dare V

Art History Survey Renaissance to Contemporary ART 216

Marketplace > Radford University > Art > ART 216 > Art History Survey Renaissance to Contemporary
Jedediah Dare V
GPA 3.91

Roann Barris

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About this Document

Roann Barris
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jedediah Dare V on Monday October 19, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ART 216 at Radford University taught by Roann Barris in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/224699/art-216-radford-university in Art at Radford University.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
ART216 Test Four Study Guide Fall 2007 Bernini Cathedra Petri interior of the Vatican 1656 66 baldacchino interior of the Vatican 1624 33 The Ecstasy of St Teresa 1645 52 David 1623 Pluto and Proserpina 1621 2 St Peter s piazza and colonnade 1666 Borromini San Ivo 1642 50 San Carlo second half of 17th cent Guarini Chapel of the Holiest Shroud1667 9 Palazzo Carignano facade 1679 92 Caravaggio Judith Beheading Holofernes 1599 Calling of St Matthew 1600 01 Entombment of Christ 1604 Conversion of St Paul 1600 01 Artemisia Gentileschi La Pittura Portrait of the Artist as the Allegory of Painting c 1630 Judith Beheading Holofernes 1620 Judith and Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes ca 1625 Georges de la Tour Magdalene at the Mirror 1635 Rubens Arrival of Marie de Medici at Marseilles 16222 25 The Garden of Love A Stylish Conversation 1638 Elevation of the Cross 1610 11 Allegory of the Outbreak of War 1637 8 Hils Women Regents Governesses of the Old Men s Home 1664 Regents of the St Elizabeth Hospital 1641 Laughing Cavalier 1624 Archers and Officers of the St Hadrian Civic Guard Company 1633 Singing Boy with Flute 1627 Gerrit van Honthorst Dentist 1622 Dirck van Baburen Flutist 15905 Leyster Self Portrait ca 1635 Carousing Couple 1630 Flute Player 1631 Rembrandt Self Portrait with Palette and Brushes 1660 61 Artist in His Studio 1627 Return of the Prodigal Son ca 1665 9 The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Tulp 1632 The Night Watch The Military Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq 1642 Velazguez Las Meninas Maids of Honor 1656 The Water Carrier of Seville 1619 Surrender of Breda 1635 7 ART216 FALL 2008 STUDY GUIDE FOR FIRST HOURLY EXAM From Image Groups 1 and 2 and chapters 19 20 Berlinghieri St Francis panel 1235 Campin Robert Merode altarpiece 14258 Christus Legend of St Eligius 1449 Cimabue Enthroned Madonna Santa Trinita Madonna c 1280 Duccio Maesta altarpiece front and back 130811 Giotto Scrovegni Chapel interior view and details of the Lamentation and Last Judgment 130510 Giotto Enthroned Madonna and Child c 1310 Hugo van der Goes Portinari altarpiece 1475 Limbourg brothers January from the Book of Hours ofthe Duke of Berry 141316 Lorenzetti Pietro Birth ofthe Virgin altarpiece 1342 Lorenzetti Ambrogio Allegory and Effects ofGood Government details 13389 Martini Annunciation altarpiece 1338 Melchior Dijon altarpiece 13949 Memling Portrait of Maria Portinari 1470 Memling Mystic Marriage of St Catherine c 1474 Memling Diptych of Maarten van Nieuwenhove 1487 Riemenschneider St Mary Altarpiece c 1505 Roemenschneider Assumption of the Virgin c 1499 Rogier van der Weyden Portrait ofa Lady 1460 Rogier van der Weyden St Luke Drawing the Virgin ca 1435 Rogier van der Weyden Deposition Descent from the Cross 1435 Schongauer St Anthony beaten by Demons ca 1480 Sluter Well of Moses c 1400 Van Eyck Hugo and Jan Ghent altarpiece open closed and major details 1432 Van Eyck Jan Arnolfini Double Portrait 1434 Van Eyck Jan Man in a Red Turban 1433 From Image Groups 3 4 and Chapter 21 Alberti Santa Maria Novella c 1456 Alberti Palazzo Rucellai c 1455 Alberti Sant Andrea of Mantua c 1470 exterior and interior views Andrea del Castagno Last Supper 1447 Angelico Convent of San Marco Annunciation c 1427 Benozzo Procession ofthe Magi in the Medici family chapel 1459 Botticelli Birth of Venus ca 1482 Botticelli Primavera 1478 Brunelleschi Santo Spirito beg 1436 nave view Brunelleschi Pazzi Chapel Santa Croce Florence beg 1433 interior views Brunelleschi dome ofthe Cathedral of Florence 142036 Donatello St George 1415 Donatello Gattemalata ca 1450 Donatello St Mark ca 1411 Donatello David ca 1440 Gentile da Fabriano Adoration ofthe Magi altarpiece 1423 Ghiberti Gates of Paradise recognize overall view and details 14251452 Ghirlandaio Birth ofthe Virgin 148590 Ghirlandaio Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni 1488 Ghirlandaio Old Man with a Child c 1480 Lippi Madonna and Child with Angels c 1455 Luca Signorelli Punishment of the Damned 14991504 Mantegna Camera Picta frescoes 146574 Mantegna Dead Christ 1500 Masaccio Holy Trinity 1427 Masaccio Expulsion scene from the Brancacci chapel fresco c 1427 Masaccio Tribute Money Brancacci chapel fresco c 1427 Michelozzo di Bartolomeo Palazzo MediciRiccardi Florence beg 1446 Perugino Christ Giving the Keys to Peter Piero della Francesca Flagellation 1448 Ucello Paolo Battle of San Romano c 145560 From Image Groups 5 7 and Chapter 22 Bellini and Titian Feast ofthe Gods begun 1514 Bramante Tempietto Rome 1501 this is in image group 4 and chapter 22 Giorgione Tempest ca 1505 Leonardo Mona Lisa 1505 Leonardo Last Supper 14958 Leonardo Virgin or Madonna ofthe Rocks c 1485 Leonardo St Anne Virgin and Child cartoon c 1498 Leonardo St Anne Virgin and Child painting ca 1508 Michelangelo David 15014 Michelangelo Pieta ca 1500 Michelangelo Laurentian library vestibule mid16th cent Michelangelo Moses from the tomb ofJulius 151315 Michelangelo Sistine Chapel ceiling fresco overall view and details 150812 Michelangelo Last Judgment fresco on the west wall in the Sistine Chapel 153841 Palladio Villa Rotonda 1570 Palladio San Giorgio Maggiore beg 1566 Raphael Galatea from the Villa Farnesina fresco 151112 Raphael La Fornarina 1517 Raphael Madonna ofthe Meadows 1505 Raphael Portrait of Baldessare Castiglione 1514 Raphael Portrait of Pope Julius 1512 Raphael School of Athens 150911 Raphael Marriage Betrothal ofthe Virgin 1504 Titian Pesaro Family altarpiece 151926 Titian Assumption ofthe Virgin 151618 Titian Bacchanal 151819 Titian Venus of Urbino 1538 Part one will consist of 40 50 identifications using an image list You will have 1 2 minutes per image so be prepared to work quickly Obviously some of the images on the list will not be used and some will be used more than once so don t approach it as a process of elimination Each ID will be worth one point it s either correct or it s wrong Part two will consist of short answer questions of various forms Some may be include an image with questions related to that image some may be multiple choice but not many some will be true and false some may ask you to associate developments and styles with periods 14 century 15 century and 16 century or artists and some may call for a one or twoword answer to a question I usually include some images you haven t seen before and ask you to identify the period or artist The questions on this section will be worth 2 points each I usually include a few extra credit questions Sometimes they re based on the syllabus For example True of False this class uses WEBCT Concepts and terminology humanism and its impact on art 0 the meanings of disegno The contributions of Leonardo and Michelangelo to Renaissance art sfumato and chiaroscuro difference between them definitions 0 changes in the representation of religious events patronage types how patronage influences art 0 linear mathematical perspective what it is and what it contributes to art differences between northern European art in the 15 century and Italian art in the 14 and 15 centuries in general terms what are these differences and why do they exist 0 contributions of the Venetian artists to 16 century painting and architecture 0 characteristics of Italian art in the 14 15 and 16 centuries Comparisons are useful approaches to studying Compare Donatello s David cw Botticelli s Birth of Venus Although these are different media and subjects they reveal two important features of the Renaissance what are these 0 Compare Giotto s Last Judgement and Michelangelo s How do they illustrate the changes which take place from the beginning of the 14 century to the middle of the 16 century 0 Compare the portraits of Giovanna Tornabuoni and Mona Lisa How do representations of women change in a relatively short span of time 0 Leonardo and Raphael in their paintings in their Virgin and Child paintings The next page has a few unknown images to test yourself Win extra credit if you get all of them right and you re one of the first 5 Sometimes the unknown images on tests are images in your textbook which I haven t talked about in class This puzzle isn t from your text but keep it in mind when you study


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