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Lifespan Developmental Psychology

by: Ozella Cassin

Lifespan Developmental Psychology PSYC 230

Marketplace > Radford University > Psychlogy > PSYC 230 > Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Ozella Cassin
GPA 3.93

Jenessa Steele

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About this Document

Jenessa Steele
Study Guide
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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by Ozella Cassin on Monday October 19, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PSYC 230 at Radford University taught by Jenessa Steele in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/224718/psyc-230-radford-university in Psychlogy at Radford University.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
FschSl Exam 5 Review Exam Date Tuesday December 5 h Exam 5 will be wurth SI puints Study Tips Exam 5 will cuver chapters in yuur text buck lecture nutes and activitiesdiscussiuns frum class ie Religiusity Prusucial Eehaviur Ehap l3Family Relatiunships Ehap l4 and Peer iruups Ehap l5 Recummended study tips wuuld be tu a first gu ever lecture nutes tu be sure they are cumplete with this study uutline and b reread chapters l3 l4 Ei l5 and supplement related class nutes Please Nute Ynu are NT respnnsible fur infurmatiun in the chapters that I did nut cuver in class Study utine Reli insit and FrnsnciaIBehavinr Eha terl3 What is religiusity vs spirituality Eunsider the differences What is the relatiunship between religiusity and age in we became mere religiuus as we age er is it a cuhurt effect er buth What is the relatiunship between religiusity and life expectancy What is the relatiunship between religiusity and health uutcumes What are same reasuns fur why this relatiunship exists What are same weaknesses in the study cf religiun What is the relatiunship between religiusity and spirituality tu prusucial behaviur What are same gender and age differences in what adults pray abuut lN which situatiun is an adult MUST likely tu use religiun tu help sulve an prublem luwemutiunal salience medium emutiunal salience er highemutiunal salience Ee familiar with this study39s uutcumes What is prusucial behaviur What is altruism What are same guud uutcumes cf prusucial behavhiur What are same age differences in prusucial behaviur such as reasuns fur vulunteering Specifically amung yuunger and elder adults What was the lead Samaritan study What did they find regarding what predicted prusucial behaviur This might be an extra credit guestiun Ean kids have prusucial behaviur Dues their prusucial behaviur change as they age er is it relatively stable intu adulescence Eunsider Eisenberg39s study Are there gender differences in prusucial behaviur Explain Famil Relatinnshi s Eha terlli o What are the 4 different parenting styles and huw dc they differ en the three dimensiuns o What are same cf the child uutcumes ie adjustment prublems at schuul if they have a parent whu hulds a particular parenting style 0 What rule dues reciprucity play in family relatiunshps What impurtance dues Erunfrenbrenner39s eculugical mudel bidirectiunal develupment and suciuhisturical facturs have an cur understanding uffamily system dynamics o Is being single en the incline er decline 0 What are same advantages and disadvantages cf being a single adult o Is cuhabitatiun en the incline er decline 0 What are same characteristics cf cuhabitating cuuples Are they mere er less likely tu becume married er divurce Why er why nut What are same advantages and disadvantages cf cuhabitatiun ls marriage en the incline er decline What are same demugraphic characteristics surruunding marriage average length age at marriage etc o Huw are gay and lesbian adult relatiunships similar ander different frum heterusexual relatiunships o What are same negative effects en mental health as a result cf divurce o Huw dues divurce affect children Under what circumstances might divurce NUT have a negative effect an children 0 Whu divurces When Why


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