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Psychology of Diversity

by: Gerardo Little

Psychology of Diversity PSYC 250

Marketplace > Radford University > Psychlogy > PSYC 250 > Psychology of Diversity
Gerardo Little
GPA 3.67

Jeffery Aspelmeier

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About this Document

Jeffery Aspelmeier
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Gerardo Little on Monday October 19, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PSYC 250 at Radford University taught by Jeffery Aspelmeier in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/224721/psyc-250-radford-university in Psychlogy at Radford University.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
Exam II Study Guide Psychology of Diversity Fall 2003 Blaine Ch 2 amp 3 1 What is a schema schemataschemas How are schemas and stereotypes related 2 How are schemasstereotypes adaptive e g what is the role of schemas with respect to expectancies resolving ambiguity attention interpretation of information and memory In what ways are schemasstereotypes accurate In what ways are inaccurate 3 Walter Lippman once said For the most part we do not first see and then de ne we define first and then see What did he mean by this 4 What are the negative aspects of using Stereotypes 5 How are stereotypes formed What aspect of stereotype formation did the segment from Bowling for Columbine illustrate and how 6 What is meant by the notion of the Kernel of truth grain of truth and how does this truth get distorted 7 What is an Illusory Correlation What is the paired distinctiveness illusory correlation effect 8 What makes stereotypes resistant to change What is the additive nature of stereotypes What is the subtyping effect When is subtyping most likely to occur 9 What outcomes are associated with using Stereotypes 10 What is the SelfFulfilling Prophesy How has it been applied to classroom experiences What teacher behaviors have been found to contribute to SFP How do SFP perceptual bias and accuracy in perceptions contribute to student performance in the classroom How has SFP been found to in uence perceptions of strangers in phone conversations 11 What is outgroup homogeneity ingroupbiasoutgroupderogation the fundamental attribution error and the ultimate attribution error 12 What is stereotype threat How does it affect individual behavior How has stereotype threat affected AfricanAmericans How has it affected women 13 What is Stereotyped Communication What is the Linguistic Intergroup Bias How can speech covertly communicate out prejudices Blaine Ch 4 1 How does Gordon Alport Define Prejudice How does your instructor define prejudice 2 What are positive and negative prejudice Why are positive prejudices still problematic 3 What does your instructor mean when he says Prejudice is the spoiled fruit that grows from the cognitive vine It sprouts from a kernel of truth among the weeds of distortion It is fertilized by existential fear and the drive for self enhancement 4 How does prejudice enhance self esteem What is Social Identity Theory and how does it explain prejudice regarding outgroups What is BIRGing Basking in Re ected Glory 5 How does positive selfesteem facilitate prejudice What is relative deprivation 6 What is Terror Management Theory What is a world view and how does it protect us against death symbolic and physical What is the Mortality Salience Paradigm What happens to social judgements when one s mortality is made salient to them 7 What is Modern Prejudice How does modern prejudice differ from old fashioned prejudice 8 How can we measure prejudice when people are motivated to conceal it What is the Bogus Pipeline What is the Bonafide Pipeline 9 What is automatic prejudice When are automatic prejudices most likely to in uence our thinking How is automatic prejudice demonstrated in Shelly Taylor s actually it was Susan Fiske but I said Taylor in class good citizen at the mall story where her friend tackles the wrong guy 10 How do personal beliefs differ from stereotypes Ie which one is faster which one is conscious which one requires effort which one uses up cognitive resources 11 What is Alport s 1954 Contact Hypothesis What did Alport believe would result from increased contact with outgroup individuals What limitations have been found to affect the effectiveness of contact Why does contact reduce prejudice 12 What is the Self Regulation view of prejudice reduction What aspect of prejudice is it trying to combat and how does it work Blaine Ch 57 and Gender Handout 1 What problems are associated with de ning sex and gender as biological and social processes respectively What solution to this problem does Kay Deaux offer 2 What types of genetic and physical variations are there that challenge the notion that sex re ects a discrete and mutually exclusive dichotomy 3 Even though Women make up a majority of the population why can they be considered a Minority 4 What evidence is there that women are underrepresented within positions of status and power What is the Glass Ceiling 5 How do men and women in america differ with respect to salaries and wealth in general 6 What is Sexism How has sexism been supported within the JudeoChristian religious tradition and by western science Bonus Who are Susan B Anthony Lucretia Coffin Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton 7 What are Benevolent and Hostile sexism as presented in the Ambivalent Sexism Scale What are the three components of Benevolent Sexism 8 What are the stereotypic traits associated with men and women Why are such stereotypes problematic What is Gender Bias how is it re ected in stereotypes research and medical and psychiatric perspectives handout and ch 5 9 Are men and women different with respect to intellectual skills helpfulness and empathy aggression and gullibilitysusceptibility to in uence 10 How do stereotypes contribute to people s tendency to exaggerate gender differences 11 What socialization processes contribute to exaggerating perceived gender differences What is Deaux amp Major s Social Interaction Model How do social roles exaggerate perceived gender differences What in uence do the family schools and media have on exaggerating perceived gender differences 12 What are Independent and Interdependent SelfConstruals and how do they related to perceived gender differences 13 What did to Nancy Signorielli s study of MTV commercials demonstrate about media portrayals of female stereotypes What have previous studies of TV and Gender Stereotypes demonstrated 14 According to your book Ch 7 how are TV representations and portrayals of men and women different What factors seem to affect the frequency with which men and women are depicted on TV 15 How are women portrayed on TV and in the movies


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