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Criminal Investigative Theory

by: Wilber Kiehn

Criminal Investigative Theory CRJU 320

Marketplace > Radford University > Criminal Justice > CRJU 320 > Criminal Investigative Theory
Wilber Kiehn
GPA 3.95

Tod Burke

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About this Document

Tod Burke
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Wilber Kiehn on Monday October 19, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CRJU 320 at Radford University taught by Tod Burke in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 159 views. For similar materials see /class/224737/crju-320-radford-university in Criminal Justice at Radford University.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
Criminal Investigation Book Study Guide Chapter 1 9959 What basic functions are performed by investigators What are res gestae statements and why are they important to investigators What should be done prior to the preliminary investigation What responsibilities are included in the preliminary investigation What are the duties of CSIs What is crime mapping Data mining Provide an example of each Chapter 2 099NH What are the advantages and limitations of photographs Videos What errors should be avoided in photographic evidence What are the basic rules of evidence photographs must meet What purposes are served by crime scene sketching What should be sketched Explain the bene ts of ComputerAssisted Drawing Provide examples where appropriate Chapter 4 l 2 3 4 Which constitutional amendment restricts investigative searches What is meant by fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine Give the court findingsrulings in the following cases A Carroll Chambers Chimel Mapp Terry WOOD Highlight d provide an example of the following A Inevitable discovery doctrine B Noknock warrant C Elephant in a matchbox doctrine Chapter 5 pw wwastvr What is physical evidence How should the investigator identify evidence What is meant by a standard of comparison What is crosscontamination What is AFIS and what bene ts may come from this technology What is a voiceprint What is DNA pro ling What is forensic anthropology What is needed for evidence to be admissible in court Chapter 6 9959 b D D i Nt IO39 What is a cognitive interview and what is the best method to use for its success What methods are available to enhance communication What are the emotional barriers to communication What are the exceptions to the Miranda rule ie when Miranda does amp apply What is the public safety exception What are some of the nonverbal cues investigators should recognize when questioning a suspect What are the approaches that may be used during an interrogation Provide an example of each Explain the use of deception during interrogations What is meant by a quotthird degreequot Provide examples What special considerations exist when questioning juveniles Explain the polygraph procedure What is the most effective method to elicit information via hypnosis Chapter 7 wa wew O b D D i Nt IO39 What is a eld interrogation and when should they be conducted What is the signi cance of US v Ash Distinguish between criminal geographic and racial pro ling What is INTERPOL What is the best procedure for a lineup What is the signi cance of US v Wade What is the signi cance ofKatz V US What precautions should an undercover agent use What are the purpose and legal requirements of police raids What precautions should be used in conducting raids What is a nightcap provision What is the signi cance of Tennessee v Garner Chapter 8 QMerN What is the basic requirement of a homicide investigation What are the four types of death Distinguish between excusable and justi able homicide What is suicidebycoppolice and what is the typical offender pro le What are the most common causes of unnatural death What are the indicators of suicide Murder Distinguish between a serial killer and mass murderer Chapter 9 l Elk59 Distinguish between an assault aggravated assault and battery Provide an example of each What are the special challenges in assault investigations Explain the cycle of violence Provide an example of each stage What are the 3 broad categories of stalking Provide an example of each What are some of the signs of elder abuse Chapter 10 9 What factors are important in the investigation of sex offenses What special challenges are there in rape investigations What specific areas should be covered in the behaviororiented interview of rape victims 4 Explain the 3 types of rapist behaviors and their MO 5 What is Megan s Law and do you think Megan s Law is justified Explain Chapter 11 1 What are the challenges in investigating crimes against children 2 What are the considerations investigators should use when interviewing a child 3 What is MSBP Provide an example 4 Why is it important for an 39 quot to J J C 39 Imperfecta and SIDS 5 Define the following o Misoped o Hebephile 6 Explain the three types of sex rings 7 What is the most frequent type of child abduction 8 Explain the Amber Alert What new technologies exist to supplement the Amber Alert by the way the Amber Alert was created by a Radford University graduate Chapter 12 1 What are home invasions 2 What are carjackings and what are the methods often employed by carj ackers 3 Explain the Stockholm syndrome 4 What should an investigator look for in establishing a M0 for a robber 5 How can an investigator spot a false robbery report Chapter 13 9959 Distinguish between a robbery and a burglary What is meant by a hit and run burglary Distinguish between a safe and vault How would an investigator recognize a fake burglary What methods should be used to recover stolen property What is a fence Chapter 14 HHWW QM eE Nf Explain shrinkage don t get nasty What are aggers What are the various types of agricultural theft and provide an example of each What is fraud What is property ipping Explain the most popular telephone scams and provide an example of each What are the common types of check fraud What are the different types of identity theft What are the various types of white collar crimes What is embezzlement Provide an example What is environmental crime and provide an example Chapter 15 l 2 5 What is a VIN What are the classificationscategories of motor vehicle theft and provide an example of each How does the Dyer Act help investigators How would an investigator recognize a stolen vehicle Provide examples


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