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Exam 2 Flashcards - Metamorphic Rocks

by: Marinice Bauman

Exam 2 Flashcards - Metamorphic Rocks SPAN 1001 UA

Marketplace > Georgia Institute of Technology > Spanish > SPAN 1001 UA > Exam 2 Flashcards Metamorphic Rocks
Marinice Bauman
Georgia Tech
Elementary Spanish I

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About this Document

Ga Tech EAS 2600 Exam 2 Flashcards - Chapter 6 Metamorphic rocks
Elementary Spanish I
Study Guide
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Marinice Bauman on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to SPAN 1001 UA at Georgia Institute of Technology taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Elementary Spanish I in Spanish at Georgia Institute of Technology.


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Date Created: 10/20/15
What are quotChanged formquot rocks produced from 39 preexisting rock metamorghlc lgneoussedimemary or other metamorphic rocks rocks P 39 39 k b39 d How are r aetxe39i39ggt 239293325559 metamorphic rocks formed chemical environment different those in which it was formed Can change mineral compositions and crystalline textures What are the degrees of metamorphism exhibited by and what are the 2 1 Rock texture and mineraology 2 Low grade degrees and High Grade What state 39 does metamorphism occur in state 1 Heat 2 Stress 3 What are the 3 Chemically active fluids agents of recrystallization by enhancing ion migration metamorphism What is Temperature geothermal that increases gradient With depth 2050 d c 32 lesrkhael per km e295r30n gradient rate in the aVerage at 15km continental crust deep 458 degrees What iS Constant compression on all sides defined by lithostatic load confining pressure What is I g Directed force dlgftfren gal i Wgriecgignrpressign In O 988 directionne How is stress Sfiiiiz ggr giQ Giii iiiidSPTQgt e Gerobkglrgfnrgizri e and increase with 1Eressure and depth emperature What is Change in I rock metasomatism fomposition by g IUld exchange At high temp and pressure reaCtlve water is full of Chemicals what What are the 2 Contact types of metamorphic a39l d settings Reglonal What is contact metamorphism Name an example Heat induced near a body of magma Raton Volcanic Field NM Differential stress and high temperatures during continental collision Most are formed this way AppalachiPNMountains What is regional metamorphism Name and example What are the 2 textures of metamorphic 1 Foliatedparallel alighnment perpendicular to compressional force 2 Granoblastic nonfoliated contains equidimensional rOCkS Cry f i39 e irgghiigg lse What are the Metamorphic classification of i grade CVYSta39S39Zea foliated i type of follatlon anol clevage teXtureS i mineral banding Name Ome Foliated fine properties Of grained planar Sate splits easily Name some Strqngly g rains propertles Of types based on SChlSt i composition Name some Foliated strong segregation of proper l39es 0f silicate minerals Gnelss banded texture What are the Non foliated contains classifications of Granoblastic equidimensional crystals resembles coarse grained Texture igneous rock Name some Limestone host rock with large propemes Of interlocking marble calcite crystals ln regional metamorphism as intensity increases what else increases crystal size and coarseness of foliatlon The minerals that grow during metamorphic processes are controlled by grade of and metamorphism and host rock make up What are the boundary of grade changes Can mineral be used to plot the 9 level or degree of Isograds metamorphism reflect temperature Index and pressure materlals conditions A group of them form do isograds N I t 39 t 39 Where 1095 divefg tiiztlg gigging metamorphism convergent plate occur margins and transform plate margins What can map out the metamorphic Minerals 1 Subduction Zone 2 Burial within a con nent Low T and High P indicates what High T and High P indicates what pressuretemperature paths E bu alcauses What IS increased prograde pressure and 39 temperature Exhumation What 393 causes decrease retrograde g in pressure and 39 g temperature


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