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Experiment 3: Chemical Equilibrium

by: Brenna Roti

Experiment 3: Chemical Equilibrium 43430

Marketplace > Western Michigan University > Chemistry > 43430 > Experiment 3 Chemical Equilibrium
Brenna Roti
GPA 3.82
General Chemistry Lab II
Ekkehard Sinn

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About this Document

Book: Chemistry 1130 General Chemistry Lab II Fourth Edition Hayden McNeil
General Chemistry Lab II
Ekkehard Sinn
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Brenna Roti on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 43430 at Western Michigan University taught by Ekkehard Sinn in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 354 views. For similar materials see General Chemistry Lab II in Chemistry at Western Michigan University.


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Date Created: 10/20/15
Experiment 3 Brenna M Roti quotChemical Equilibriumquot CHEM 1130 TA jorden Kegeler Tuesday 800 am Room 1871 Colin Sytsma Purpose of Experiment The purpose of this experiment is to determine KC for the reaction Fe3aqHSCNaq ll FeSCN2aqHaq by measuring and calculating the equilibrium of the four species in several different solutions One can measure the intensity of the ironlll thiocyanate complex ion and relate it to the concentration Procedures Obtain the 25 M solution of nitric acid provided and a 2500 mL ask Use the dilution calculation equation of M1V1M2V2 to calculate the volume of 25 M nitric acid needed to prepare 2500 mL of 5 M nitric acid Dispense the correct amount of acid calculated to the 2500 mL ask approximately half full with distilled water cap the ask and mix it well Fill a 500 mL buret with the 5 M nitric acid solution To begin the reaction mixtures obtain and label ve test tubes Dispense the correct amount of Fe3 and HSCN found in Table 31 into each test tube Add the correct amount of nitric acid to each test tube Mix each solution well by holding the test tube and icking the bottom of it with a ngen Before determining the absorbance of each reaction solution one must calibrate the Spectronic 20 Check the absorbance reading at a wavelength setting of 447 nm Adjust the left control knob so that the absorbance scale reads 00 Adjust the zero absorbance by lling a test tube with 23 distilled water wiping it with a Kimwipe tissue and placing it into the sample holder Using the right control knob adjust the absorbance scale to read zero Now determine the absorbance of each reaction solution Prepare the test tube for each trial by rinsing the tube once with the new solution Fill each test tube with 23 of each solution put the tube in the sample holder close the lid and read the absorbance scale Repeat for each test tube solution and record absorbance Observations Results and Data Sheets Table 31 Prepared Solutions Equilibriu 3 Absorban m Tube mL Fe mL HSCN mL H ce FeSCN2 1 500 100 400 11 22 x 105 2 500 200 300 19 38 x 105 3 500 300 200 29 58 x 105 4 500 400 100 41 82 x 105 106 X 10 500 500 000 53 4 Table 32 Concentration and Equilibrium Data T 2 b Fe3 HSCN Fe CN H Keq Initial 25 M 05 M 00 M 2 M 5 5 5 1 Change 22 10 22 10 22 X 105 M 22Mlt 10 359 X 104 Equ39rubr39u 249 M 049 M 22 x 105 M 199 M Initial 25 M 1 M 00 M 15 M 5 5 5 2 Change 38 10 38 10 38 X 105 M 38Mlt 10 231 X 104 Equ39rubr39u 249 M 099 M 38 x 105 M 150 M Initial 25 M 15 M 00 M 1 M 5 5 5 3 Change 58 10 58 10 5398X105M 58 10 13956X 104 Equ39rubr39u 249 M 149 M 58 x 105 M 100 M Initial 25 M 2 M 00 M 05 M 5 5 5 4 Change 82 10 82 10 82 X 105 M 82Mlt 10 827 X Equ39rubr39u 249 M 199 M 82 x 105 M 050 M Initial 25 M 25 M 00 M 00 M 4 4 4 Change 106x10 106x10 106x10 106x10 181 5 M M M M 107 I I I 4 Equ39rubr39u 249 M 249 M 106 x 104 M 13906M 10 Example Calculations DiscussionConclusions Qualitatively the color formation occurred almost instantaneously upon the addition of the key reactants Quantitatively approximately within one second The amount of product formed if one had reduced the amount of acid added to the test tube would have decreased Without adding the acid HNO3 Fe3 would have reacted in water to form a brown colored species such as FeOH2 which interferes with the measurement of FeSCN2 One trial s KSp value may be very different from the others due to the reading from the Spectronic 20 Experimental errors can occur within this step of the procedure If one does not fully wipe the test tube with a Kimwipe and shake out the excess droplets it could affect the reading of absorbance which effects the concentration recorded Error can also be reduced by using the same test tube for all measurements and placing it in the Spec 20 with the same orientation every time If one does not mark it it will not be placed in the instrument consistently If the concentration of the products equals the concentration of the reactants the value of Keq equals one The average calculated Keq is smaller than one and because of this value the equilibrium favors the reactants side of the equation


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