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by: Mrs. Adelia Fadel

HistoryoftheUnitedStates HIST0017A

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Mrs. Adelia Fadel

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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mrs. Adelia Fadel on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HIST0017A at Sierra College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/225362/hist0017a-sierra-college in History at Sierra College.


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Date Created: 10/20/15
History 17 A Sierra College CJ Cox STUDY GUIDE FOR TEST 2 Reading Zinn s People s History ofthe United States pp 2377 Atlas pp 1733 Powerpoints British Imperial System Dual for North America Revolutionary Thoughts Events Leading to the Revolution The Declaration and War for Independence Articles of Confederation The Constitution Federalist Era Jeffersonian Era Note Your completed typed and edited log is due at the beginning of class of the day of test 2 Follow format as outlined on directions Test Questions The following questions may be asked on exam 2 In addition be sure you review and answer the questions from the Zinn reading given earlier What was salutary neglect Why didn t the English enslave Native Americans What were the Navigation Acts and what was the signi cance of this legislation Be familiar with New France in terms of the population the economy and the interaction of the French and Indians What was the signi cance ofthe French and Indian War Explain the ideas of the Enlightenment What were the ideas of John Locke as they related to government What was the Great Awakening and what was its signi cance What was the actual year when our government started operation What were three methods the colonists used to protest British policies What did the Proclamation Line of1763 do What was the Sugar Act of 1764 The Declaratory Act The Tea Act What was the colonial argument regarding taxation 15 Identify the actions taken by the First Continental Congress 16 Be able to identify mandates ofthe Intolerable Acts 17 What was the reaction of all ofthe colonies to the closing of the port of Boston part of the Intolerable Acts 18 What did the Second Continental Congress do 19 Who was Thomas Paine 20 Who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence OO Uquot PFDNT AA COMO A 2 2 l 23 24 25 26 27 28 2 O 3 O 3 32 33 34 The first ten amendments of the constitution are known as In the Revolutionary War what was the significance ofthe American victory at Saratoga Brie y review the important events ofthe Revolutionary War and be able to identify major strategies and battles Be able to identify the major limitations of the Articles of Confederation Government What was the Shay s Rebellion and what was it s signi cance Be able to identify some of the compromises of the Constitution Identify the main provisions ofthe Articles Government List three primary ideas ofthe economic policy of mercantilism Under English Imperialism the colonies were severely controlled List three speci c examples ofthis control List four important political concepts mentioned in the second paragraph ofthe Declaration of Independence De ne the following terms Constitution Democracy Confederation Popular Sovereignty Federal Republic Bicameralism Draw a timeline that includes the following events or time periods and their correct dates The Revolutionary War The French and Indian War Jeffersonian Period Articles Government The Age of Enlightenment Federalist Period Mention two of the problems encountered by the Articles of Confederation government What were the Northwest Ordinances Explain the concept of quotreserved powersquot as set forth in the constitution enumerated powers What is the purpose of these amendments Give an example of a quotcheck and balancequot as set forth in the constitution What was the quotGreat Compromisequot ofthe Constitution What is Judicial Review List several ofthe main eventstrends ofthe Federalist Period What was the significance ofthe Federalist Era Mention several ofthe strategies of Hamilton39s Financial program List several ofthe main events trends ofthe Jeffersonian Period Essay Question Discuss the results of the American revolution in terms of social political economic and conceptual changes History 17 A Sierra College CJ Cox STUDY GUIDE FOR TEST 3 Reading Zinn s People s History ofthe United States pp103251 Atlas pp 31 44 Power points Building A Nation The South amp Slavery Expansionism Leading to a Civil War The Civil War It is suggested that you review all power points posted on the web site as well as content from your log Note Your completed typed and edited log is due at the beginning of class of on Tuesday December 7t on or before 1100 am Follow format as outlined on directions Submit both log drafts 1 amp 2 and a copy ofyour final complete log to begin with the Collision of Two Worlds and ending with the Civil War All papers are to be stapled or bound and placed in a folder with pockets on either side Late papers will be severely penalized if accepted Test Questions Many multiplechoice questions from Tests 1 amp 2 will be asked again Students may review these tests during of ce hours and by appointment In addition the following questions may be asked on exam 3 What were the accomplishments of the US during the Era of Good Feelings What were some ofthe typical characteristics of Thomas Jefferson What were the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions What were the causes of the War of 1812 What were the concepts of the Monroe Doctrine What was the Missouri Compromise What did the Indian Removal Act of1830 do What was Romanticism What was the V lmot Proviso ln Lincoln s inaugural address what did he emphasize How did Lincoln justify the Emancipation Proclamation As a result ofthe breakup ofthe Spanish Empire the US acquired what property in 1819 What were the specific actions of Andrew Jackson during his administration What were the outcomes ofthe Mexican American War What was the name ofthe treaty that ended the war Who were the first Americans to journey along the Oregon Trail The American Colonization Society helped establish which African country 18 Why did the outcome of the Mexican American War prove to be divisive 44444444 IQQAQNT pOmNmmhwk 19 What did southern slave codes prohibit slaves from doing 20 What percentage of white southerners owned slaves 21 What was the gag rule 22 What was the Compromise of 1850 23 Why did Manufacturing in the South lag behind the north 24 What was the Dred Scott Case Why was it important 25 What was the Kansas Nebraska Act 26 What did Harriet Beecher Stowe s Uncle Tom s Cabin do 27 What was the Gadsden Purchase 28 Underthe Constitution what could the President and Congress do regarding slavery 29 What did the V lmot Proviso do 30 T or F The Confederacy prohibited states from interfering with slavery 31 Which state was the first to secede 32 In the election of 1860 the Republican Party attempted to do what 33 Who was the President of the Confederate States of America 34 What is Federal Republic 35 What is a constitution 36 What is popular sovereignty 37 What is a confederation Draw a timeline that includes the following events or time periods and their correct dates All dates should have beginning and ending years except for our country The Revolutionary War The French and Indian War Jeffersonian Period Articles Government The Age of Enlightenment Federalist Period The Civil War Mexican American War War of 1812 The Beginning Year of Our Country Bonus Points Students who have read Howard Zinn s A Peoples History of the United States to page 251 may submit a written review of the two chapters As Long As Grass Grows and We take Nothing By Conquest Thank God for bonus points These reviews should be one page typed and similarto the following example Zinn39s viewpoint or impetus for telling the history ofthe United States is to present a realistic view ofthe conflict and struggle in the development of our nation His impetus is to present a realistic discussion of the everyday people the victims and executioners the cruelties of the past Zinn presents a skeptical view of governments and an emphasis of many of the hidden episodes ofthe past His motivation rests in a hope that the future may rest not on years of war and aggression but on understanding ofand compassion for other people and the human movement


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