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by: Murphy Mante

Microbiology BIOL0004

Murphy Mante

GPA 3.68


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 30 page Study Guide was uploaded by Murphy Mante on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BIOL0004 at Sierra College taught by HarrietWilson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see /class/225364/biol0004-sierra-college in Biological Sciences at Sierra College.

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Date Created: 10/20/15
Albugo bliti or white rust Lani xs M119 tha asexual sporangiospores within a sac of Ian epidan39m Saprolegnia or water mold Jn ivi sporangium comalns asexual sporangiosporas 39 Magnifi Oogonia contain sexual oospores No antheridia are seen icail 1 00X Rhichus stolonifer or brea d 011139 mold D Eukarya K Fungi Ph Zygcmycota OI Zygomycatas Magni ers an 100x Oval shaped sporanglum containing asexual sporanglospores 9 tag Rhizopus stolonifer or bread mold D Eukarya K Fungi Ph Zygamycota Cl Zygomycates Magni cation 100x Zygosporangia contain sexual zygospores 39 Saccha mmyces Gare visiae s yeast W Wth 1m mmm emits a mm mg m m bm The sexual asCopores are blue two to four to an ascus a A ma 3 Moronsla mushroom cap Ascospores contained within linear sac like asci 8 ascosporesascus MarshaIa mushroom cap a D Eukam K Fungi Fm Amman GI Manny39s Magni catian 400x ospores contained within linear saclike asci 8 mrfmion it dun to gems variation due 10 mm repmduef n 7779 m agquot I 111 Penicillium chrysagenum 0r notatum v Iquot a Magni cation 4mg Conidiosporas gr ad in Main that extant I mm ngerImus a new at In and 6f 3 conidiophore Penicillium chrysogenum or tum nota Cleistothecia contain 5a like asci which contain small red sexual ascosporss Notice surrounding hyphae Penicillium is the amamorph Aspergillus nigei avus and GUS glau 1 xxu Magnmiaatib n 4530 Ampme conidiospores arranged in ghwtrahaim mndin9 from a C Onidiophore Aspergillus nigei flavus and glaucus i Q D Eukarya K Fungi Ph Ammywta Cl Ascamywei Magni cmmn 400x Cleistothecia with sac like asci containin ascospores Aspergillus is the anamorph name Copn39nus comatus 6 D Eukarya K Fungi Ph Basidiomyeota Cl Baaidiomycetea Magni catian 4009 Sexual basidiospores are arran eat in clusters alarm bot surfacas of the gins er lameilae 3f the muahroam Gap y 7quot 3 IE Emawal c Kw w t l WCQW 1 U gt


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