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by: Aileen Davis

ArithmeticReview MATH0581

Aileen Davis

GPA 3.77


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About this Document

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This 12 page Study Guide was uploaded by Aileen Davis on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MATH0581 at Sierra College taught by LynnHargrove in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 80 views. For similar materials see /class/225379/math0581-sierra-college in Mathematics (M) at Sierra College.


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Date Created: 10/20/15
Hargrove39s MATH 581 CHAPTER 1 OPERATIONS OF THE WHOLE NUMBERS Study Guide 11 Standard Notation Types of numbers in a set or collection A Natural numbers B Whole numbers PLACE VALUE CHART lll Objectives A Write each number in words 1 42095301 2800406452 B Write each number using digits 1 Thirty ve million two thousand four hundred one 2 Five billion six hundred two million six hundred eleven C Write the given place value in each highlighted digit 1 347098671 004 2 532189764 12I Adding Whole Numbers A Addition addend addend sum B Keywords for addition Combine add sum ofa number and plus nd the total increased by more than a number ll Addition Add the following problems and check A 12567 3908 200 987 B 23 678 2345 1009 III Addition Properties A Commutative Property of Addition B Associative Property ofAddition C Addition Property of Zero or the Identity Property ofAddition IV ThreeStep Problem Solving Handout see handout V Problem Solving A clothing store ordered 75 shirts 52 pairs of shorts 40 pairs of Nike tennis shoes and 21 pairs of socks How many items were ordered 1 2 3 VI Finding perimeter A Square D B Rectangle l 3 feet 5 inches 6 feet 1 1 2 2 3 3 C Triangle D Other shapes 3 in 3 in 6ft 6 ft 6 in 6 in In 13I Subtraction Subtraction and the real world A Takeaway B Subtraction sentences minuend subtrahend difference 1 You have 200 and you buy a new CD player that costs 178 How much do you havele 2 You start school with 10 pens and after two months you have 3 pens How many pens did you lose Inverse Operation Key Words Find the difference Minus Less than Decreased by Reduced by Subtracted by Less IV Subtraction Finding the difference and checking A Without borrowing 4899 1763 B Borrowing 1 26311 2 58346 17 987 47 976 C Borrowing with zeroes 1 1000 2 87000 3 25000 19997 546 38 774 V In 1964 its rst year on the market the Ford Mustang sold for 2500 In 2006 the Ford Mustang sold for 29398 Find the increase in price 1 2 3 14I Multiplying Whole Numbers I Multiplication and the real world A Multiplication sentence factor x factor product B Forms of multiplication C Key multiplication words nd the product times of II Multiplication Grid amp timed worksheet see worksheets Ill Multiplication Properties A Commutative Property of Multiplication B Associative Property of Multiplication C Multiplication property of Zero D Identity Property ofMultiplication E Distributive Property IV Finding products A One X Many 243 B Manyx Many 2 324 3 900000 1 405 x324 x405 x 3000 C Chain Multiplication 3 X 8 X 9 V Areas Answer is always in I l 3 feet 5 inches 6 feet Vl Squid are being hauled out ofthe Santa Barbara Channel by the ton They are then processed renamed calamari and exported Last night 27 fishing boats each hauled out 40 tons of squid What was the total catch for the night 1 2 3 15I Dividing Whole Numbers Division in the real world 20 SW A Forms of division 20 5 B Division sentence dividend 2 quotient 1 dividend divisor quotient divzsor quotient 3 divisor dividend C Key words in division divided by nd the quotient per Related sentences A Division is the opposite of B Family of facts I Dividing with zeroes A Dividing O by a number 1 0 24 B Dividing by 0 5 1 0 C Dividing a number by itself 1 1010 D Dividing by 1 1471 E Try these 1 36 9 0 4 10 IV Division By singe divisor 1 2394 2 i 325 2 24 0 2 7V 2 1f 2 42 1 55 5 0 2 3258 4 3 63K 3 0 3 Q 49 49 3 1 3 g 63 6 0E 3 5075 5 V Divisibility Rules page 45 A Divisible by 2 Ifthe last digit is B Divisible by 3 Ifthe of the digits is divisible by 3 1 93 2 201 3 456 4 256 C Divisible by 5 Ifthe ones digit is or D Divisible by 10 Ifthe ones digit is E Are the following numbers divisible by 2 3 5 10 or none of these 16I Long Division I Remember A The rst digit in the answer in long division must be placed in the proper position over the dividend B There must be a digit in quotient above every digit in the dividend once the answer has begun C To do long division estimate the various numbers by using trial divisor to get a trial quotient Dividing A By double divisor 1 4536030 2 1338421 3 B Zeroes in the Quotient 1 3738889 2 5644847 3 C Triple digits 321459 741 D Zeroes in Dividend 1 270000 30000 2 4200000 7000 lll Averages and Application A To nd the average or mean add the numbers and then divide by the number of items Mean sum of all values number of values B Find the average height of four men who measure 72 in 66 in 65 in and 69 in 1 A average height of4 men 2 A 3 A C In one week a the veterinary clinic fed the dogs boarded the following amount of dog food 12 pounds on Monday 15 pounds on Tuesday 18 pounds on Wednesday 16 pounds on Thursday 12 pounds on Friday 20 pounds on Saturday and 12 pounds on Sunday What was the average amount of dog food consumed in one week 1 a amount consumed per week 2 a 3 a 17I Rounding Whole Numbers Rounding A On a number line 1 Round 34 to the nearest ten 2 Round 998 to the nearest hundred B Rule for rounding see page 65 the blue box 1 Locate the digit in the place indicated 2 Considerthe digit to the right 3 lfthe digit to the right is 4 or less the number remains the same 4 lfthe digit to the right is 5 or larger then the number rounds up to the next number 5 Change all digits to the right to zeroes C Round to the nearest hundred and to the nearest thousand 1 3895 3 4987 ll Estimating Used to simplify a problem so that it can be solved easily A Process 1 First round each numberto the indicated place 2 Perform the indicated operation B Examples 1 Round to the nearest tenthousand and add or subtract a 43721 b 25321 24 605 15 649 XXXXXX XXXXXX 2 Round to the nearest ten and add 45 98 16 21 3 Round the factors to the nearest hundred and nd the product X 334 XXXXX lll Frontend Rounding A Process Go to the rst digit in a number and round to that place B Use front end rounding to estimate each answer 1 345 x 923 2 456 24 3 1325 678 32 n gt 18I ExponentsI RootsI amp Order of Operations a l Exponential notation A aquot a o a o a B Writing exponential notation 1 6060606 2 10101010101 C Evaluate 1 10 2 53 ll Square Roots A Definition Since a2 b the number a is called the square root of b 32 9 so 3 is called the square root of 9 B Find the square root ofthese perfect squares 1 JR 2 3M 4J6 5 J49 lll Order of Operations A Why 3 4 x 6 B What is the order Please 1 2 Excuse 3 My Dear 4 Aunt Sally C Examples 1 246gtlt3 3 Compare 43 12 8 D Parenthesis within parenthesis 1 840 13 65 3 248 718 9 4 43 12 8 U 1 2 413 1416 4 4210 913o3 5 2 16240 13 42 4 6oJ49 3J 4 110 Solvinq Application Problems Key Words see page 87 A Caution The word and does not always indicate addition so it does not appear as an indicator word B Examples 1 The sum of7 and 3 is 2 The difference of 7 and 3 is 3 The product of 7 and 3 is 4 The quotient of7 and 3 is ll Use the 3step problem solving method A Variable statement B Equation C Solution lll Solving application problems Use page 8790 in yourtextbook Find only the exact answer A In May a landlord received 720 from each ofeight tenants After paying 2180 in expenses how much rent money did the landlord have left B A college bookstore buys 17 computers at 506 each and 13 printers at 482 each Find the total cost


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