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General Chemistry I

by: Maxwell Ward

General Chemistry I C 150

Maxwell Ward
GPA 3.5


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 10 page Study Guide was uploaded by Maxwell Ward on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to C 150 at South Carolina State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 118 views. For similar materials see /class/225412/c-150-south-carolina-state-university in Chemistry at South Carolina State University.


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Date Created: 10/20/15
SuuLh szlinz sum University ep erEnL nf Binlngiczl and Physical Sciences c 150 Hamidi Smdy Guide Chapmr 5 D Name Mum39pie chuice wnen ufuie fulluwmg has anegauve 11ng a nueieus E E SE7 Ordinary chemical reacnuns uu nut invulve changes in nueie iy dense element gves the numbEr uf m the alum while the r Lhatutal numberuf a neutxuns nsnsutxu u s b neuh39unselectmnspmtun eieenu s e neutxuns electxuns neutxuns pmtuns a pmtuns eieenunsneununs e1 mun e pmtuns elemuns neutxuns pmtuns pmtuns neutxuns and the chemical symbul furthe elements 2 1919 in 19Z F e 192UK a ZELIB e nune fthese Whichpairufspeneshasthemu nezrlyidenncalpmpemes7 a N and Na 3 F and F Give the number ufpmtuns neutxuns and electxuns quhe mre anmn a 52 p 75 n e 52p n Whatis the s mbul furaspenes eumpuseu um pmtuns sz neuuuns and 35 electxuns7 9 0 90Kr2 a b WSW c 90Sr d 52Kr e 38rrh2 What is the atomic weight of a hypothetical element consisting of two isotopes one with mass 6423 amu 2600 and one with mass 6532 amu a 6516 amu b 6437 amu c 6496 amu d 6504 amu e 6480 amu A hypothetical element consists of four isotopes having the following percentage natural abundance and isotopic masses What is its atomic weight isotope 1 1606 52100 amu isotope 2 2836 53097 amu isotope 3 4260 54093 amu isotope 4 1298 55090 amu a 53182 amu b 53262 amu c 53314 amu d 53487 amu e 53620 amu A hypothetical element has an atomic weight of 4868 amu It consists of three isotopes having masses of 4700 amu 4800 amu and 4900 amu The lightestweight isotope has a natural abundance of 100 What is the percent abundance of the heaviest isotope a 660 b 120 c 180 d 720 e 780 The atomic weight of antimony is 12176 amu There are two naturally occurring isotopes of antimony me has an isotopic mass of 1209038 amu and has a natural abundance of 5740 What is the isotopic mass of the other isotope me a 1224 amu b 1229 amu c 1222 amu d 1232 amu e 1231 amu Ch 5 Values Some of the following values may be useful for solving some of the following problems speed oflight 300 x 108 ms1jou1e 1 kg m2s2 Planck s constant 663 x 103934 J s1 Angstrom 1 x 103910 m Refer to Ch 5 Values What is the frequency of light having a wavelength of 450 x 10396 cm a 284 x 103912 s391 21 x 104 s391 429 x 10 s391 106 x 1022 s391 b C d e 667 x 1015 s391 20 Refer to Ch 5 Values What is the wavelength of yellow light having a frequency of 517 x 1014 Hz 1 a 360 x 10390 m b 155 x 1023 m c 645 x 103928 m d 580 x 10397 m e 272 x 10396 m Refer to Ch 5 Values A tanning booth uses ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 1000 A Visible light from the sun averages about 5000 A What is ratio of the energy of the UV to the visible light E50001 E1000A a 5000 b 5000 c 5000 d 1000 e 02000 Refer to Ch 5 Values What is the energy in Jphoton of ultraviolet light with a frequency of 270 x 1016 Hz a 600 x 108 Jphoton b 800 x 106 Jphoton c 246 x 103918 Jphoton d 407 x 1019 Jphoton e 179 x 103917 Jphoton Refer to Ch 5 Values When sodium compounds are heated in a bunsen burner ame they emit light at a wavelength of 5890 A If 10 x 10394 mole of sodium atoms each emit a photon of this wavelength how many kilojoules of energy are emitted a b 203 x 10393 k c 203 x 10392 k d 808 x 10393 k e 620 x 10392 kJ Refer to Ch 5 Values When an electron of an excited hydrogen atom falls from level n 2 to level n 1 what wavelength of light is emitted R 1097 x 107 m391 A a 182 b 970 A c 4800 A d 1215 A e 1820 A An electron of mass 911 x 103928 g is traveling at 250 x 106 ms Calculate its de Broglie wavelength in A a 0029 A b 345 A c 014 A d 291 A e 290 x 10393 A What is the velocity of a neutron of mass 167 x 103927 kg that has a de Broglie wavelength of 205 A a 19ms b 194x103ms c 813x10397ms d 193x104ms e 516x10394ms Which match is incorrect a de Broglie predicted that electrons have wavelike properties 2 22 23 24 25 26 6 Rutherford showed that most of the mass of an atom is in its nucleus c Thomson demonstrated the existence of the neutron Faraday proposed that the elements of a chemical compound are held together by electrical forces e Millikan determined the magnitude of the charge on an electron What statement regarding quantum numbers is false a The spin quantum number has values of either 1 or 1 b The principle quantum number has only integer values c The angular momentum quantum number also has letter designations d e F The magnetic quantum number has its values restricted by the l quantum number The magnetic quantum number is represented by m AAn 777i is a region of space in which there is a high probability of nding an electron in an atom a shell b atomic orbital c core d major energy level e nucleus The general shape of the region in space occupied by electrons is described by which quantum number a n b l c m d m e 5quot Which response lists all the true statements about the four quantum numbers I n principal quantum number n 123 II I angular momentum quantum number I 0123 n1 III m1 magnetic quantum number m l 0 1 IV m S spin quantum number 7 l m S 7 i 2 a I II and III b I III and IV c I II and IV d I and II e I and IV What is the total number of orbitals in the fourth energy level n 4 a 4 b 24 c 16 d 9 e 18 Identify the following orbital 27 2 DO 29 30 3 c 172 d dry 6 fz Which element has the electron con guration below ls22s22p63s23p63d104s24p3 a V b Ca c P d As e Se Which of the following is the electron con guration of P in its ground state a ls2 lp62s22p6 b 1s22s22p33p33d c ls22s2211733s23p2 d ls22s2211763s23p3 e ls22s2211743s23p4 Which one of the following electron con gurations is incorrect a 9 F b 12Mg Ne13s2 c 1701 Ne 3523135 d 60 He12522p4 e 19K 19225221063523106451 Which element has the following electron con guration ls 2s 2p 3s 317 U U LLL a Na b Mg c Cl d Br e P What is the electron con guration of oxygen 0 ls 2s 3s 21 H H LLL b M L ELL 0 ADJ d E E U 6 N N TM T If the following set of quantum numbers represents the quotlastquot electron added to complete the ground state electron con guration of an element according to the Aufbau Principle which one of the following could be the symbol for the element 33 34 3 U 3 6 l n3llm10msi a Na b V c Zn d Si e Th How many unpaired electrons are there in a neutral iodine atom element 53 a one b two c three d four e ve Which one of the following elements is paramagnetic in its ground state a He b Se c Kr d Hg e Mg The number of electrons present in the s orbitals in the outermost electron shell of the alkaline earth Group IIA metals is i a one b two c three d four e ve An element has the following outer electron configuration in its ground state where n represents the highest occupied energy level n ld10ns2np4 Which of the elements listed below could it be a Si b S c Se Ge e none of these South Carolina State University Department of Biological and Physical Sciences Name General Chemistry 1 Study guide Gases Multiple Choice Identiij the letter ofthe choice that best completes the statement or answers the question if 1 Which of the following statements is false a Condensed states have much higher densities than gases b Molecules are very far apart in gases and closer together in liquids and solids c Gases completely ll any container they occupy and are easily compressed d Vapor refers to a gas formed by evaporation of a liquid or sublimation of a solid e Solid water ice unlike most substances is denser than its liquid form water if 2 Which of the following substances would have the greatest molar volume a HZOs b HZO1 0 H20g d CC14s e CC141 if 3 Which of the following statements concerning pressure is false a The pressure units torr and mm Hg are equivalent b Atmospheric pressure increases at higher elevation c The S1 pressure unit the atmosphere is equal to 147 lbinz d Typical atmospheric pressure at sea level is 760 mm Hg e Barometers are used to measure changes in atmospheric pressure if 4 The statement quotAt constant temperature the volume occupied by a de nite mass of a gas is inversely proportional to the applied pressurequot is a statement of 777 Law a Charles s b Boyle s c Graham s d Avogadro s e GayLussac s if 5 A sample of a gas occupies 1600 milliliters at 200 C and 600 torr What volume will it occupy at the same temperature and 800 torr a 100 x 103 mL h 120 x 103 mL c 145 x 103 mL d 202 x 103 mL e 213 x 103 mL if 6 A 625L sample of gas exerts a pressure of 146 atm at 25 C What would be the pressure of this gas sample at 25 C ifit were compressed to a volume of 505 L a 181 atm b 118 atm c 216 atm d 170 atm e 0280 atm if 7 If the volume of a sample of C12 gas is tripled while pressure is held constant what happens to the absolute temperature It remains constant It decreases by 13 It triples It increases ninefold It decreases by 16 rho0692 L atthe samepressure 7 2 a e e a PC 2nd7EE tun 293 K and me atmusphere my a TD temperature ems P07 2 m m 177 C under a pressure emu tun7 a 91 mL 73mL e BUD mL d mm msz e lxux msz um n c mam tun sealed bulb atZS C7 a 1373 mrr e mum mL mrr mul K a mum b 821 e HUB a Auzmn e 767mm2 my 7 mm szndZS C gaspresem sasmu mul Vw 75g e 82g 2 25g e l g b S g a 16 gt1 2 O 2 22 0397g sample ofa gas occupies a volume of 275 mL at 10 C and 365 torr What is the molecular weight of the gas a 859 gmol b 728 gmol c 698 gmol d 613 gmol e 598 gmol Analysis of a volatile liquid shows that it contains 6204 carbon 1041 hydrogen and 2754 oxygen by mass At 150 C and 100 atm 500 mL ofthe vapor has a mass of 08365 g What is the molecular formula of the compound a C2H5 OH b C3H60 c CSHIZOZ d C12H2404 e C4H60 A mixture ofgas consists of 50 g CH4 50 g CZHZ and 50 g CZH What are the mole fractions of each XCH4 XCZHZ XC2H4 a 0321 0192 0177 b 0333 0333 0333 c 0217 0375 0408 d 0567 0137 0326 e 0457 0281 0262 What is the pressure exerted by a mixture of 10 g H2 and 50 g He when con ned to a volume of 50 liters at DO06 s E ax H 32 5 What volume of N2 is required to produce 183 L of NH3 at STP 3 H2 g Nz g 2NH3 g a 275 L b 183 L c 915 L d 224 L e 122 L If suf cient acid is used to react completely with 378 grams of zinc what volume of hydrogen would be produced at STP Zns 2HClaq ZnClzaq H2g a 114 L b 129 L c 138 L d 145 L e 153 L The average kinetic energy of ideal gas molecules is directly proportional to the i a volume of the sample b pressure of the sample c mass of the molecule d e density of the sample absolute temperature of the sample Whmh une efthe fulluwmg statements duesnm desmbexdeal gases7 a gven temp stature b Under urdmary cundmuns uftemperature and pressure gas mulecules are may sep grated a mulecules Dr with the walls quhe cuntzma39 m eempansen te the teta1 vulume uccupled by the gas e cases are lessxde near Lharhquefacuunpumts Wham the urderufxncreasmgrate ufeffusmn fur the ulluwmg gases7 Ax cq He N2 a N2ltArltCOzltHe b ArltCOxltHeltN2 Amlxture efo we Ha co and FClsls released m thehaek ufaclassmum Whmh gas reaches the Sum uf the dassmumm7 3 Ar E Co e Ha d Fcla 1a Thevznda39 V quotVan a demauunsm the gas eenstant R b the attxamzve fumes between as mulecules e the tendeney quhe gas mule a the averagevelunnes quhe gasmulemles e the vulume uccupled by the gas mulecules Eundmuns 7 a He b 0a 5 NH a cla e Hao Thevan derWaals eenstants fur aeetylene are a zu n y atmmul b H mm Umul 2 I485 b I 53 c l 59 d l 64


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