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by: Vivien Bradtke V


Vivien Bradtke V
Texas A&M
GPA 3.6

M. Drost

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About this Document

M. Drost
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Vivien Bradtke V on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MATH 150 at Texas A&M University taught by M. Drost in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 63 views. For similar materials see /class/226028/math-150-texas-a-m-university in Mathematics (M) at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
Review for Exam 1 MATH 150 11 through 28 Marcia Drost Spring 2003 1 Determine the quadrant of z y if 71 7y is in quadrant ll 26 Given P 64 and Q 7410 2 Find the distance PQ 3 Find the midpoint of PQ 4 Find the slope of PQ 5 Find the equation of the perpendicular bisector of PQ 6 Find the equation of the circle Whose diameter is PQ 7 Given 12 z y2 7 4y 710 0 nd the radius and center of the circle 8 Match the equation With its graph a gt 0 a yaz4bzgc b y 7azgbzd c y7za2b d y 7am e rrar 9 Match the equation With its graph a yz2 b yz4213 cy72133171 d ylz73l 9 777 g E h 10 Write the equation of the line passing through 29 and 745 11 Write the equation of the parabola Whose vertex is 2 9 Which passes thru 745 12 Write the equation of the line parallel to 31 7 5y 6 0 Which passes thru 12 13 Write the equation of the line perpendicular to 31 7 5y 6 0 Which passes thru 12 14 Find all points equidistant from 371 and 15 Assuming a linear demand curve if you earned 22600 annually in 1986 and 26200 in 1990 What would you earn in 1998 Is this a linear interpolation or linear ex trapolation i 2 z3712z76 l7 Solve xz72010 18 Solve 17492 9 TL7a T71 l6 Solve 1 I 7 l9 Solve for r S 20 A rancher has 500 ft of fencing for four adjacent corrals Write a function for the area in terms of x 21 Solve 5 lt 2z9 S 26 Write your answer in interval notation 22 Solve l5 7 21K 6 23 Solve l5 7 2x 2 6 micro OJC gtgt to N 50th 0000 CADCADCAD HgtCADIO COCA 03m CA3 CA3 00 700 00 g to 7 Find the inverse of m Solve l 5 7 21K 76 Solve l 5 7 21l2 76 Find the domain of each of the following a y 4 7 12 1 4 b y 12 7 9 c 1y 2 Solve 3 S 2 1 7 1 Given 212 71 and 91 V1 7 2 Find the difference quotient for Find 0 g6 Find f 11 if the domain of is 1 2 0 l 12 71 1 lt 0 f1 3174 0 1 4 13 1 gt 4 Find f17 f07 f57 f2 Describe the graph of y l 1 7 3 l 1 Describe the graph of y 721 12 T or F If f is an odd function it7s graph is a re ection about the x 8X18 T or F If f is an even function f 1 exists T or F If f is a rational function there is no function f such that f 1 T or F If f 1 exist the y intercept on f 1 is an x intercept on 1 7 2 1 if it exists 1 Find the vertex of 12 41 7 2 Find the vertical asymptotes and holes of 123174 MF F Find the horizontal asymptotes for 1 5 12 91 20 Find the vertical asymptotes and holes of 101 Find the horizontal asymptotes for Find the domain Find the intercepts Given the following graph of lines 11213 and 4 List these lines in order With increasing slopes 43 g g g 01 g on 01 to 54 55 Given 12 i 17 9W I A jogger runs in a race for a total of 6 hrs He runs at 9mph for t hrs and the rest of the time at 8 mph Express the total distance d he ran as a function of t 71 m and hm7 a nd b nd 1 0 nd f 093 d nd f 09 o h4 6 nd 9 0 f3 f ndgltxi2gt Change into rational form 1 Simplify l7 1 1 7 1 1 E T or F Nonnegative means positive TorF 192 T or F All straight lines With equal slopes are paralle T or F All parallel lines have equal slopes The concentration of gold in the locket is 5 How much silver should they add to change the concentration of gold to 4 if the locket origi nally weighed 24 ounces Given P varies jointly With Q and R and in versely With the square of the distance from the source of the heat If P 6 When Q 8 R 9 and the distance is 6ft Write an equation Which describes this relationship lf Jose and Ross can clean their room together in 2hrs and Jose can do the job by himself in 3 hrs how long Will it take Ross to do the job alone Solve by completing the square 412 7 241 0 Factor 14 612 25 56 Solve 145 7 125 7 6 0 57 Solve 11 S 3 I72 58 The table shows the number of CD players sold in a small store from 1990 to 2000 What was the average rate of change of sales from 1992 to 1998 59 Describe the graph of y 7 12 7 60 Find the parabola Whose vertex is 57 72 Which passes through 7471 7 2 61 Find the inverse of I z 62 Lukels Pizza Lounge offers a plain pizza for 57 and 15 for each additional topping Thus if you order a pizza With z toppings7 the price of your pizza is given by the function f 151 5 Find f 1 What does the inverse function represent Answers 5 5173y160 6 z2y2721714y160 717277 8 agtgbgt hcgt f7dgte 9 agt f7bgthcgtedgtg 10 y z 11 y1z7229 12 yzg 13 y T5z 14y21712 H 01 334007 extrapolation 16 35 17 136 181771 57a 19 T 37L 20 A 212 4001 21 lt72 22 31 23 7007 U 24 no solution 25 9 26a 7272 b 991 3737 c 991 0 27 70071 u goo 28 4z2h 29 7 01 30 y T 31 f0 7 71 W 7 747f5 7 12sflt72gt 7 3 32 rigid transformation of the graph of y l I l shifted right 3 and up 1 33 parabola7 basic shape of y 12 stretched by a factor of 2 shifted left 17 re ected about the Xaxis 34 false 35 false 36 false 37 true 38 f 17I2 717 z 39 74710 40 va 1 71 hole I 1 ha y 1 41 va 1 74 hole I 75 ha y 0 domain 991 757 74 intercepts 07 i 42 12711714713 43 dt48 721 715 7 44 a 8 b 1221 0 E Cl W e E 371 f gt217 8 45 7 33 P r z r false r true r true r false r 6 sounces SQR d2 6 hrs V79 r 3i7 I 2 r 12215127215 rzi9 0072U 700 r216 r basic shape of y 12 stretched by a factor of B shifted right a and up 7 3 ry 175272 fil 51 2 17 I f 1 gm 7 1 represents number of top pings


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