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by: Terrence Kshlerin


Terrence Kshlerin
Texas A&M
GPA 3.94


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Terrence Kshlerin on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ENTC 215 at Texas A&M University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see /class/226143/entc-215-texas-a-m-university in Engineering Technology at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
Form A TEXAS AampM UNIVERSITY ENTC 215 Introduction to Telecommunications Fall 2007 AM TWO Tuesday November 1 220 7 335 p m Thompson 112D REVIEW INSTRUCTIONS THIS EXAMINATION WILL BE PROCTORED NO BOOKS NOTES CALCULATORS FORMULA SHEETS OR DICTIONARIES PERMITTED CELL PHONES AND PDAS WILL BE TURNED OFF AND PLACED IN THE STUDENT S BACKPACK DURING THE EXAM THEY WILL BE LEFT THERE DURING RESTROOM BREAKS THE USE OF CELL PHONES OR PDAS DURING THE EXAM WILL RESULT IN A FAILING GRADE ON THE EXAM Blank paper Scantron form 0101607TAMU and a 2 pencil are required This is a timelimited exam 78 questions 100 points seventyfive minutes allowed Read the questions carefully write as clearly as possible budget your time CHECKLIST 10 points for each omission Answer each essay question on a separate sheet Write on the back if necessary so indicate Write your name on the upper righthand corner of each essay page Fold essay questions lengthwise Write your name and 215 Exam 2 Question n where n 1 through 5 on the outside of each folded essay page Sign the honor statement on the last page Put your name and time completed on the upper righthand corner of the honor statement Enter the exam code on the Scantron Write your name on the Scantron Bubble your name on the Scantron Turn in in separate stacks your essay answers your Honor Statement and your Scantron Keep the remainder of your exam paper ESSAYS amp PROBLEMS please answer each on separate sheets Points as shown 10p0ints We have eight different analog signals each with a bandwidth of 10 KHZ which we need to convert to PCM multiplex toge 1 location We need at least 150 unique values for each digitized sample and companding is not required Sketch a possible frame form the line Explain each value and decision 2 10 points Explain why some transmission errors are undetectable using CRC ENTC 215 Fall 2007 Exam Two Page 1 of8 2007 John L F ke November 1 3 1171mm Explmn ms m uf curves n 5 mumJ no Nate u a a and hand n m wah Wm answer sheet E 2 sure m msh the mm ex m xqu I Mastcmnmantype ufencxypnan c Key 3 Predatedcellu ar a mm a AMPS b anauK b PCS c nglexecxphzr c IMTS a Txmspaauan a SONET Nmeufthzabave Alluetypesafcellu ar 2 Ema anquot t Madam a Camcummema a DTE b mam b DCE c Ca an 255 c DTEmDCEdepen nganwhe39henhsxecewmg a ARQ arkansmxmng Nmeufthzabave a mum 5 Changesmagulpexsecand a Hum b Em c Emn md h a Nyqusuate Ewe 215Fw2uu7iEmmu Pwezmamunmm er Nambe 6 Jitter39 a Amplitude variation b Re ection of microwave or satellite signals c Breakup on cellular systems d Uncertainty in arrival time 2 None of the above 7 Purpose of stop bits a Return line to idle state b Indicate end of frame c Indicate end of character d Detect parity errors 2 None of the above 8 Quadrature a Sine amp tangent b Orthogonal c FDM d Constant amplitude 2 None of the above 5 V For a fixed time interval the number of block errors is a Less than the number of bit errors b Greater than the number of bit errors c Equal to the number of bit errors d Greater than or equal to the number of bit errors 2 Less than or equal to the number of bit errors 10 FDX protocol providing maximum throughput a Stop amp Wait b Selective Repeat c Pull Back n d Bisynchronous 2 None of the above 11 Time required to send ten 8E2 characters at 9600 bps a 0125 sec b 00110 sec c 00125 sec d 0110 sec 12 Minimum RS232 connection a SG DTR CTS b RTS DSR RD c TD RD SG d RTS CTS CLK 2 None of the above 13 Another name for NIC address a IP a ress b MAC address c ARP address d 2 None of the above 14 O a 1544 Mbps b 10 Mbps c 518 Mbps d 100 Mbps 2 155 Mbps ENTC 215 Fall 2007 Exam Two 15 16 17 18 20 22 N m V Page 3 of 8 2007 John L F ke Latest number of AMPS channels a 305 b 416 c 666 d 832 e 1024 Enveloping which respects OSI layering a Tunneling b Encryption c Encapsulation d None of the above FEC a FDX b HDX c Simplex d Bisync 2 None f the above DOCSIS a Data Over Cable System Interface Specification b Data Over Cable System Interface Service c Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification d Data Over Cable Specification of Interface System 2 None of the above Converting one digital form at to another a Crossconversion b Transconversion c Crosscoding d Upconversion 2 None of the above Possible new competitor a BPL 2 None of the above Sharing single channel by assigning time periods a FDMA b TDMA c PCMA d CDMA 2 None of the above Layer with trailer a Transport b Network c Data Link d Physical 2 None of the above Cellular telephony a A single high antenna amp one high power transmitter b Many low antennas amp low power transmitters no high power c A single high antenna amp many high power transmitters d Many low antennas amp one high power transmitter November 1 24 Based on difficulty of factoring very large numbers a Public Key b Private Key c Vignere cipher d Transposition cipher e None of the above 25 BLER a Block Length Encoding Ratio b Block Error Ratio c Block Length Error Ratio d Block Error Run e None of the above 26 Layer 2 relaying can involve ndicate all correct answers a Multiple physical media b Multiple physical layers c Multiple data links d Multiple data link protocols e None of the above 27 Bit and baud are synonymous a Yes b Only when a baud represents a single bit c Only when a baud represents a dibit d Never e Bit and baud have no relationship 28 Frequency reuse in cellular systems ndicate all correct answers a Main advantage of cellular b Possible because cells are small c Allows many more users d Transmission frequencies can be closer together e None of the above 29 Null modem indicate all correct answers a DTE to DCE d DTE to DTE e None of the above 30 BW is the width of the frequency spectrum between the two points where a The signal power dips to one half of its average value b The signal power dips to one half of its maximum va ue c The signal voltage is reduced to one half of its peak va ue d Both b and c 31 Errors corrected at receiver AR a b Baudot c FEC d BEC e None of the above ENTC 215 Fall 2007 Exam Two 32 Data traffic flow a Smooth W 43 V b Symmetric c Asymmetric d Random 33 A BER tester sends one thousand 7E2 characters per second for ten seconds How many total bits are sent a 8000 b 80000 c 10000 d 100000 e None of the above Consider the asynchronous message ENTCA215 sent 397 0 1 What is the total length of the message Use ASCII standard 6 bits 4 b 72 bits c 60 bits d 48 bits e None of the above 35 AMPS in the context of this course a Amperes b Advancement of Modern Phone Systems c Advanced Mobile Phone System Analog d Advanced Mobile Phone System Digital e None of the above 36 Number of printable characters in ASCII code a b 96 c 128 d 256 W W e None of the above 7 Satellite that travels opposite the earth s rotation a Geoasynchronous b Retrograde c Retrogressive d Geosynchronous e None of the above 8 Over what kinds of links can the protocol illustrated in be used ndicate all correct answers a Simplex b Halfduplex c Fullduplex d Duplex e None of the above 39 Constitutes a data error ndicate all correct answers a Duplicated bits b Bits out of order c Missing bits d AMI e Changed bits 40 Clarke Belt Page 4 of 8 2007 John L F ke a Van Allen Belt b Polar orbit LEO d Orbital Arc e None of the above November 1 41 42 44 45 46 47 48 49 ENTC 215 Fall 2007 Exam Two MPEG a Motion Picture Experts Group b Moving Picture Experts Group c Motion Picture Entertainment Group d Motion Picture Encoding Group e None of the above Broadcast lines in a standard TV signal a 320 b 475 c 525 d 1080 e None of the above Given a system that uses flag characters Amessa e containing the string 0101111101111001 is received What is passed to the customer a 0101111101111001 b 0101111111111001 c 010111111111001 d 0101111110111001 e None of the above ARQ a Corrects errors at receiver b Retransmits errored messages c Uses Gray code d Requires modem e None of the above Given a constellation pattern with 128 points how many bits can be sent per second at the usual baud a 960 b 14400 c 19200 d 56000 e None of the above Meaning of term Serial in Serial Interface ndicate all correct answers a Single data line shared by both directions b Parallel transfer to DCE then serial to phone circuit c Bits transferred serially in each direction d Multiple interfaces for each computer e Byteserial bitparallel transfer between DTE amp DCE MP3 ndicate all correct answers a Loss y b Lossless c Decimal d Brnary e None of the above DLE a Qata Eink Exit b Data Line Exit c Data Line Escape d Qata Eink Error e None of the above Quantization error a Difference in clocking between transmitter and receiver b Loss of information during transmission c Loss of information in A to D conversion d Loss of information due to undersampling e None of the above Page 5 of 8 2007 John L F ke November 1 ENTC 215 Fall 2007 Exam Two Page 6 of 8 2007 John L F ke November 1 50 UI H V 54 55 56 57 ENTC 215 Fall 2007 Exam Two Standard television picture is a Vectorscanne b Rasterscanned c Directlyaddressed d RGB e None of the above Start stop a Synchronous d Baudot e None of the above Visible spectrum a 4x1014 7xlO3914 Hz b 4x1014 7x1014 Hz c 4x1014 7x1014 GHZ d 4x103914 7x103914 GHz e None of the above Correct order bottom to top lData Link 2Application 3Session 4Physical 5Presentation 6Network 7Transport a l234576 b 4167352 c 25376l4 d 25367l4 e 4163752 European cellular standard a TD b lMTS c CDMA d S G M e None of these are European standards Most common plot in telecommunications a Amplitude vs time b Amplitude vs frequency c Amplitude vs phase d Gain vs time e None of the above Why the wagon wheels appear to rotate backward a Transposition b Nyquist c Reciprocity d Aliasing Most secure a AMPS b lMTS c PCS d MT SB e All are secure 58 Parts of frame where bit stuffing not done indicate all correct answers 1 a a b Header c Payload d CRC e Bits are stuffed in all of the above 59 A 32phase 4Amplitude QAM modem operating at 60 62 63 64 65 66 Page 7 of 8 2007 John L F ke 2400 baud transmits and receives at speeds up to a 32 Kbps b 96 Kbps c 128 Kbps d 168 Kbps e None of the above Data compression increases transmission rates by a Increasing physical transmission speed b Removing bytes with zero value c Removing redundant data d Removing duplicate data e Removing repetitive data Transmission in both directions indicate all correct answers a Half duplex b Full Duplex c Simplex d Dual simplex e None of the above DSl frame rate a 24 b 4K c 8K d 64K e 1544M Flow Control indicate all correct answers Which end transmits next b Buffer overrun c Buffer under run d Pin 11 in RS232 e None of the above Bit stuffing is used for a Synchronization b Asynchronization c Delta modulation d Companding e None of the above Layer where routers operate a Physical b Data Link c Network d Transport e None of the above DS0s in an Extended Superframe a 19 b 288 c 576 d 672 e None of the above November 1 67 Flux budget 71 ZZZA0 points My major a Ma 39 a T x1mum light intensity that fiber can carry Wo ommunications Engineering Technology dama e b Electronics Engineering Technology b Maximum loss in a splice c Industrial Distribution c Extra light to accommodate splices d Telecommunications Media Studies d Maximum total light in a fiber bundle e Other 2 None of the above 68 Bell 103 Modem speed 72 ZZZB0 points Expected grade on this exam a 300 bps a A b 3000 bps b B c 2400 bps c C d 96K bps d D 2 None of the above 2 F 69 Cable is part of What layer 73 ZZZC0 points Expected grade in this course a 4 a A b 3 b c 2 c C d l d D 2 None of the above 2 F 70 Not a type ofARQ a HalfDuplex b Stop amp Wait c Pull Back n d Selective Repeat 2 All are types of ARQ name Figure 1 form time completed ENTC 215 Fall 2007 Exam Two THE FOLLOWING MUST BE SIGNED WITH YOUR USUAL WRITTENSIGNATUREI DO NOT PRINT On my honor as an Aggie l have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this academic work Twill not share information about this exam with any other student until after all have taken the exam Signature Printed Name Date EMail Address Employer Day Phone Night Phone Fax ENTC 215 Fall 2007 Exam Two Page 8 of 8 2007 John L F ke November 1


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