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by: Jerrod Ortiz


Jerrod Ortiz
Texas A&M
GPA 3.51

Ulrike Gretzel

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About this Document

Ulrike Gretzel
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jerrod Ortiz on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to RPTS 331 at Texas A&M University taught by Ulrike Gretzel in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 79 views. For similar materials see /class/226162/rpts-331-texas-a-m-university in Rec, Park & Tourism Sciences at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
RPTS 331 Study Guide for Midterm Spring 2004 Mid Term exam covers Chapters l23456789 my inclass lectures and exercises Make sure you read the chapters The following list of questions is given to you as a general guideline to assist you in studying l C UI VV 00 V VV V V Be able to de ne following terms and explain the importance of each with an example tourism tourism marketing marketing marketing orientation characteristics of services market segmentation target markets 8P5 of tourism marketing VALS It s important to know these terms so you can comment on their implications Origins of marketing evolutionary eras of marketing Philosophies of marketing Be able to give associated examples from local area tourism amp hospitality businesses De ne a service and describe four characteristics that affect the marketing of a service Their implications for tourism marketing management Why do we need different marketing approaches for a tourism productservice Describe the role of environmental forces that affect a tourismcompany s ability to serve its customers external and internal Brie y explain steps in customer buying processes Name and discuss major factors that in uence consumer buying behavior stimuliresponse model be sure that you can relate the model to its managerial implications Why is it important for marketers to understand the decision process their customers are following How would you use this kind of information knowing at what stage your customers are What is a situation analysis What purpose does it serve How is it different from a feasibility analysis What are the differences between market feasibility and situation analysis What will you do for your semester project Just to be safe do the endofthe chapter discussion questions that closely resembles to ideas discussed in class In other words I ask questions like being an executive or marketing manager what would you do in certain X circumstances 10 Read chapters l89 at least ones Know chapters 459 inside out 11 You will be required to think and put your thoughts in wellformulated statements The following are examples from last year s exam 1 Your textbook suggests four additional Ps in marketing tourism services What are they Just list 2 What is the PRICE of marketing List only 3 What is the marketing myopia and how can that be avoided De ne and Explain 4 Select any topics in tourism marketing that you think you know the best and discuss it in Detail Your discussion must be based on the text book Chap 18 or the Dr Sirakaya s lectures I You have just started to work in the marketing department of a tourism organization say at a winter resort in Colorado Springs You nd out quickly that the company has never used a systematic approach to marketing How would you change the situation employing the hospitality and travel marketing system Which departments and individuals would you involve in the process How would you sell your suggested changes to upper management There is time for competition but there is also a time for cooperation Discuss this statement in the context of the tourism industry When does it make sense for organization to cooperate Cite at least two actual examples where potentially competitive organizations have joined together in cooperative marketing in our industry Why do you think they decided to join forces 3 In the movie A Taste of the West McDonald s rst restaurant experience in Russia What type of actions on part of the company shows that McDonald s acted in line with marketing orientation Also discuss what they ve done to reduce variability of their service 5 A How do af uent traveler segment of the international tour market make their destination choice 1 V decisions B Why is this important to understand this decisionmaking process C How would you use this kind of information knowing at what stage your customers are in Think about some major and minor tourism or hospitality purchases you have made in the past year A Which of the three decisionmaking processes did you use B How important were social information sources in your decisionmaking C How important were commercial information sources D What would be the marketing implications be of these considerations Select a lodging facility in College Station and characterize the behavior patterns of its customers Hint give an actual name A What decision stages do its customers go throug h B What are their sociodemographics lifestyles cultural backgrounds social classes and family life cycle stages etc C How can the business best appeal to these groups Note this review sheet is just guidance and should not be viewed as a complete review material However if you answer all of the aforementioned questions you will be doing very very well Good Luck


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