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by: Jerrod Ortiz


Jerrod Ortiz
Texas A&M
GPA 3.51

John Dunlap

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About this Document

John Dunlap
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jerrod Ortiz on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to RPTS 201 at Texas A&M University taught by John Dunlap in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/226167/rpts-201-texas-a-m-university in Rec, Park & Tourism Sciences at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
RPTS 201 Exam 1 Review 0 In ISoos averageworking hours decreased Before 1900 60 hrswk o By 1920 less than 50 hrswk 0 Mid 1920s less than 35 hrswk o The Threat to Leisure 0 Escalating time pressure 0 Decreased political support for leisure and recreation ov oesn t require employers to give their employees vacation time o Casualization of labor s not as permanent o Decrease of real wages I Less money to spend on things that are not bills food ect 0 Lack of segmentation between work and leisure spheres No division between work and leisure 0 Bene ts ofBeing Recognized as a Profession o More 3 Sharing more knowledge More efficient Same service can be expected Creates some dependency I People depend on professional to help them 0 Components of a Profession o i ce with a social concern 0 o o o 0 Professional societies and associations 0 Code of ethics 0 Specialized body of knowledge and practical skills 0 Program of professional education and training 0 Standards of accreditation certification and licensing 0 Leisure 0 No universal definition I It s dependent on many factors and has transformed throughout history 0 Classical definitions 0 Latin word 0 to be free I Schole Greek term Activity pursued for its own sake 0 Introductory definition Activity chosen in relative freedom for its quality of satisfaction 0 3 components of leisure I Perceived freedom I Intrinsic motivation autotelic I Beneficial outcome 0 Reasons for studying leisure I Individual needs and freedom I Develop and maintain relationships I Manage schedules develop priorities and seek a full and enriched life I Major and growing sector of the econom I Time invested money spent and values expressed 0 Top Ten Ranked Leisure Activities I 6 deal with interactions 0 Affectionintimacy o Informal conversation 0 Activity as a couple walking talking shopping 0 OutingsSocial Activities 0 Visiting FamilyFriends 0 Playing with Children I Other four 0 Reading for pleasure 0 Watching TV 0 Outdoor sports 0 Eating out o 5 Contemporary Definitions of Leisure e time Recreational Activity A State of Min I Symbol of Social Identity I Holistic Concept 0 Recreation Classical de nitions ecreatio Latin for refresh I Recreare Latin for restore 0 Introductory Definition I VoluntarynonWork activity that is organized for the attainment of personal and social benefits including restoration and social cohesion 0 Play 0 Classical definitions I Plega AngloSaxon Word Game sport or fight I Plaga 0 Latin Word 0 Blow thrust or stroke in agarne or combat 0 Introductory Definition Doing something for its own sake for the satisfaction of the moment autotelic Entertainment 0 That Which affords amusement o A distraction Relaxation 0 Release from Slackening o Lessening By the people For the people 0 A mandate to I Serve all citizens I Enhance quality of life I Provide continuity 0 Balance needs of current generation against those of the future 0 Provide principles that last over time Reason for Govemment s responsibilit ov rnment carries out functions that individuals cannot o Gov t has commitment to principles ofjustice and fairness that transcends private prejudices I Recreation and leisure are subject to such principles Government has a social ethic ofresponsibility for the quality of life of all members of society Eminent Domain 0 Using due process government can appropriate private resources for the public good 0 Traditionally done for public projects recently used for private development 0 Rarer done to create recreation resources but occasionally land used for recreation is appropriated for other purposes Sources of Funding 0 Taxes I Income vs sales 0 For every tax dollar paid to government body a small portion of it can be earmarked for recreation purposed I General revenue vs special 0 Bonds 0 Levies special one time tax passed by referendum o Donations 0 Levels of Government I Departments of Interior or Agriculture 0 State Texas Parks amp Wildlife Department 0 LocalMunicipal City of College Station Parks and Recreation Department 0 Recreation Agencies 0 Federal Agencies I More than 70 that provide recreation services I Primary ones 0 Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management Bureau of Indian Affairs Fish and Wildlife Service National Park Service I Administered by Dept of Interior Established by the National Park Service Organic Act in 1916 Yellowstone National Park established in 1872 and administered by the Army Manages 83 million acres on 39 Hum 39 culmml Center Preservation Mandate oooo as the Kennedy 0 Preservation 0 Protection the resource from use and consumption for future generations Department of Agriculture 0 Forest Service I Administered by Dept of Agriculture Established by the Transfer Act of 1905 Gifford Pinchot first Chief Forester Responsible for 192 million acres of land 155 national forests 39 tmte vthat 39 39 logging and mining Conservation Balancing present consumption against future needs 0 I Other federal agencies Agency on Agency on Aging 0 Department of Health and Human Services Children s Bureau HHS Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD National Endowment for the Arts Tennessee Valley Authority TVA state system are older than the federal system I Often mimic federal agencies state parks state forests Wildlife preserves I Often provide more direct service than federal agencies I May provide technical assistance to local agencies 0 State Agencies I Many 0 Local Agencies I Most recreation is local I Quality and range of services varies dramatically Administered by Management of Municipalities Districts Counties Public schools Recreation Functions of Government natural resources ypes of resources Natural parks forests rivers ect Historical Liberty Bell Smithsonian Cultural Native American reservations I Different mandates and capabilities 0 Federal agencies manage resources that cross state boundaries Technical assistance I Provided because of the need to acquire and develop outdoor rec resources I Interagency cooperation 0 Financial assistance Grants 0 for acquisition or management of state or local resources Direct service delivery I Federal agencies typically provide resources not services I State and especially local agencies provide more direct services 0 festiv o Enactment and enforcement 0 es Local Operating Structures 0 O 0 School boards 0 O o o o 0 Youth athletics als of regulations Enabling laws 0 Authorization to establish resources Services laws Who is responsible for overseeing youth athletics Regulatory laws 0 Regulate control and supervise use Special project laws Ex getting city to Wave open container law for a festival so people can drink on the street 0 Combined park and recreation administrations Separate park or recreation services units Community leisure services becoming more popular Schools as Recreation Providers Public school systems account for large quantities of land and facilities Responsible for children for a large portion of their lives May recognize recreation services as being instrumental for learning Often partner With academic and municipal recreation programs Private Commercial amp For Profit 0 Generate a desired rate of profit amp return on investment 0 No obligation to provide access to a particular group 0 No mandate to uphold principals ofjustice fairness ect Structure of Commercial Rec 0 E tertainment services 0 Retai Se ces Differences between Public amp Private 0 Public I Slow I Invests cautiously I Oversig t 0 Private Quick and responsive I Takes risks I Privacy NotforProfit Organizations 0 Profits go back into the business not to shareholders o Bust be 501c3 to be taxexempt 0 Two types I Public serving I Member serving Therapeutic recreation at is it I A therapeutic modality I rocess I A professional career I A holistic concept 0 Goal I Enhance quality of life and achieve personal goals 0 Process of Treatment Assessment Planning I Implementation I Evaluation Inclusion o Embracing differences of all sorts addressing our discomfort engaging with a different normal 0 anguage of espect I Language assists in creating social reality I Use person first language 0 Adaptations amp Accommodations I Getting to know participants I Lowtech preferred I Attention to sensory components I Keeping an eye on objectives Equality 0 Treat everyone exactly the same 0 Being blind to differences Equity 0 Account for differences when providing resources 0 Fair ess Primary Characteristics e 0 Gender 0 Ability o Sexuality 0 Age Secondary characteristics 0 Traits that can change but still significantly in uence judgment and impact socialization I Economic status I Religion I Military experience Marital status Parental status Type of job Geographic location Leisure as a Right Access to the resource is distributed equally seen as being related to the nature of existence Leisure as a privilege o The resource is distributed unequally a reward only available to qualifying groups Inequity o The resources are distributed unequally based on unconscious denial or excess use of power


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