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Study Guide for Exam 2 Revised

by: Alison Notetaker

Study Guide for Exam 2 Revised Family Studies 213-001

Marketplace > University of New Mexico > Family Studies 213-001 > Study Guide for Exam 2 Revised
Alison Notetaker
GPA 3.85
Marriage & Family Relationships
Ryan J. Kelly

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About this Document

This is my revised Study Guide for Marriage & Family Relationships (FS 281-Kelly), after we talked about significant points of the test in class review today.
Marriage & Family Relationships
Ryan J. Kelly
Study Guide
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alison Notetaker on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Family Studies 213-001 at University of New Mexico taught by Ryan J. Kelly in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views.


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Date Created: 10/21/15
Studv Guide for Test2 Eniov learning and studvinq the material Set UD study groups they always help and make studying more enioyable Differentiate cosleeping vs bedsharing Cosleeping sleeping in the same room with another person Bed Sharing sharing same sleeping surface with another person controversial 3 arguments against cosleeping and bedsharing 1 Risk of overlaying 2 Risk of entrapment 3 May have a negative effect on development 4 arguments for cosleeping and bedsharing 1 Suggest it s naturalinstinctive for nurturing even for fathers 2 Reduce likelihood for SIDS unexplained 3 Increases baby sleeping on back 4 Increaseimproves sleeping for everyone What is SIDS Sudden infant death syndrome sudden death of baby in their sleep Tips for creating a safe bedsharing sleep environment Understand 4 of the 7 that we discussed 1Firm Mattress 2 Move mattress to the floor 3 Use tightly fitted sheets 4 Remove headboards Parents who cosleep often fear that the child will not want to leave the room However it is usually not an issue Most children voluntarily leave the parents room when Children typically choose to sleep alone after they see peers do it 23 years transitional phase but will come back in times of need What is sleep envy Sleep envy is when an individual gets upset if their partner sleeps better Why might marital conflictaggression lead to sleep problems If there is martial conflict or aggression this uncertainty about the relationship will have a partner be up or alert because they detect threat to the relationship Absolutism relativism hedonism in regard to sexual values Absolutism based on unconditional allegiance to authority Relativism value system emphasizes sexual decisions traditional law religion Hedonism ultimate value and motivation for pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain casual sex Asceticism severe sexual discipline or avoidance based on usually religious reasons Sexual double standard view that accepts sexual expression of men more than women men gain better reputation based on how many women they have slept with while the more people women sleep with they are frowned upon What is True Love Waits It is a program created by the Baptist Sunday School Board promoting to abstain from sexual acts until marriage pledge How effective are wait till marriage campaigns Consider the Brucker and Bearman 2005 study that we discussed Researchers checked after 6 years most people are likely to have sex at a later age have fewer partners amp earlier marriages Some participants in this study still engaged in sex and were actually less likely to use condoms the first time We discussed six sources that shape our sexual values Be able to identify 4 of these reasons 1 Religion religious young adults view sexual acts as inappropriate before in committed relationships 2 Siblings girls with brothers greater value on becoming a parent and decreased interest in sex postpone 3 Reproductive technologies birth control morning after pill 4 Internet increased exposure shapes values True or false On average those who are single typically report having sex more often compared to married couples True Based on the Kirby et al 2007 study do sex education programs increase sexual activity According to the Kirby study it is found that there are lower pregnancy and STD rates but this might lead to increased rates of sex and risk taking True or false Unmarried individuals typically report greater sexual satisfaction compared to married couples False Sex among married couples is distinctive for three reasons What are the three reasons 1 Social Legitimacy increased social approval for sex more expected more approval 2 Declining frequency sex decreases as the length of marriage increases biological changes with age 3 Satisfaction emotionalphysical increased satisfaction with sexemotional support parallel with relationship satisfaction overall Identify four reasons as to why frequency of sex decreases during pregnancy Discomfort Fear of inuring the baby Awkward Loss of Attractiveness women think PPP What is satiation Repeated exposure to stimulus results in loss of its ability to reinforce less interest in sex example favorite song after a while loses its appeal Identify 4 of 7 prerequisites for having a satisfying sexual relationship Increase self esteem sex as a lifeboat To ensure that someone finds you desirable Maintain relationship fulfillment has increased sexual satisfaction Open sexual communication likes amp dislikes Realistic expectations Maintain good health 7 Equal relationship men amp women are perceived equal P WPPP Identify 3 reasons as to why individuals marry we discussed 6 1 Love ultimate expression of love to another 2 Personal fulfillment an accomplishment of feeling of responsibility rights of passage 3 Companionship share activities with Marriage represents a multilevel commitment we discussed three different types of such commitments what are they 1 Person to person commitment increased quality mutual commitment 2 Family to family commitment families become 1 3 Couple to state commitment committed to state ensure offspring is taken care of Identify 3 changes that occur after marrying we discussed 6 1 Legal changes each spouse now becomes part owner of what other earns in incomes amp belongings prenup can alter this 2 Personal changes enhance self concept feel desired more regular schedules 3 Friendship changes time spent with friends decreases having friends increases martial satisfaction What is disenchantment From state of newness and high expectation to state of mundaneness and boredom 4 factors that couple relationship programs might consider focusing on see Ditzen et al 2011 study 1 Communication skills be assertive 2 Expression of negative feelings how to respond 3 Learn about individual expectations and how they might influence the relationship 4 Communication related to sex MayDecember marriage Woman is in the spring of her life man is in his later years retirement vs height of career ex Demi Moore amp Ashton Kutcher What is the Dyadic Adjustment Scale Self report measure usually involving couples counselingtherapy Goodnessoffit model This is the extent to which the observed data match the values expected by theory Are interracial marriages more likely to dissolve Yes Identify three potential challenges for interracial marriages we discussed 5 1 Decreased Support 2 Religious difference 3 Parental disapproval Why might interracial marriages become more prevalent in the future Because of reduction in racial cognitive process decline in segregation Among war veterans emotional sharing moderates associations between exposure to combat and parent functioning A moderation effect suggests that emotional sharing influences the association between X ie exposure to combat and Y ie parent functioning Based on the Solomon et al 2010 study what does this pattern of effects look like When considering this question consider that higher scores for parent functioning reflect better parenting Emotion sharing plays a role in parent functioning involvement in raising kids physical amp verbal aggression toward and meet the needs of the child Increased emotion sharing means increased levels of martial and family satisfaction LGBTQQIA What does it stand for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Questioning lntersex Allies What is conversion therapy Can you provide 4 different examples of sexual orientation change efforts Conversion therapy is designed to change an individual s sexual orientation 1 Prayer 2 Methods to decrease attraction 3 Group therapy 4 Church Counseling Based on the Dehlin et al 2015 study did the sexual orientation change efforts have an effect regarding change in terms of sexual orientation and sexual attraction Participation in the SOCE had little effectiveness in sexual orientation attraction Identity 3 characteristics related with positive attitudes toward sexual minority status we discussed 1 More visibility 2 More Acceptance 3 More legalization of same sex marriages in all 50 states Based on the Kurdek 2008 study do heterosexual couples report greater relationship quality than lesbian and gay couples Same sex relationships have increased satisfaction due to more equal power and control Why might relationship satisfaction be higher among samesex couples Identity 4 reasons 1 Equal power and control 2 More emotionally expressive 3 Share decision making 4 Equal division of household labor Gottman and colleagues have found that gaylesbian couples maintain a more positive tone during conflict Why might this be Because there is more equality between partners less power and status the pursuewithdraw pattern is different Identity 4 reasons why research on samesex couples is growing 1 Understand challenges they may face 2 Learn how families cope with potential adverse conditions 3 Impact on children s health 4 Provide more accurate information into the legal system Based on the Bos amp Gartrell 2011 study the parentchild relationship moderated the association between homophobic stigmatization and children s symptoms of depressionanxiety What did the pattern of effects look like Be familiar with how to draw out the pattern of effects Who was most at risk for depressionanxiety Low parent child relationship means increased levels of depressionanxiety While high parent child relationships mean lower risk for depressionanxiety Only 9 were anxiousdepressed Among children of samesex couples many studies have compared their developmental trajectories to children raised by heterosexual couples In general do differences exist among outcomes related to psychological and physical health peer relations sexrole behavior sexual orientation moral judgment or intelligence No significant few differences in psychological physical health peer relations sex role behavior sexual orientation moral judgment or intelligent Based on Statistical Abstract of the United States 2012 what is the mean income for males Females Males 52580 Females 36533 Mommy track stopping paid employment to spend time with young children after having kids can negatively impact career Dualcareer marriage what is it When both spouses pursue careers power couple maymay not have kids HISher marriage HERhis marriage HISHER marriage Their marriage HISher marriage husband s career over wives wives more willing to relocate women are more comfortable most common husband increased salary egoidentity needs HERhis marriage less common husband s career takes back seat wife has higher salary greater father child time together HISHER marriage equal importance not common increased help with domestic tasks caregivers house cleaners Their career career shared by coupled who workstravels together journalists teachers researchers professors Be familiar with a few ways that having family dinners can be a protective factor against overweight status among children 1 Decrease in likelihood of being overweight 2 Improves parent child relationship Identify three factorscharacteristics that are common among lowquality daycare centers we identified 5 1 Poor Hygiene 2 Unsafe environment 3 Employees receive low pay What is the poverty cutoff for a family of 5 27010 Absolute vs relative poverty Absolute poverty lack of resources that lead to hungerphysical deprivation Relative poverty deficiency and economic resources compared with other population Why does low SES continue to have an effect on individuals over time We talked about two explanations Theory 1 and the allostatic load theory can you explain these two explanations Theory 1 suggest that there is a critical period for development of organ systems and physiologic processes Theory 2 Allostatic load theory exposure to stress results in disequilibrium increase in physiological arousal sympathetic nervous system cortisol


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