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PSCI 101-03 American National Government David Root Class Study Guide

by: Hayley Campbell

PSCI 101-03 American National Government David Root Class Study Guide PSCI 101 - 04

Marketplace > University of Indianapolis > Political Science > PSCI 101 - 04 > PSCI 101 03 American National Government David Root Class Study Guide
Hayley Campbell
American National Government
David Aaron Root

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About this Document

This is the midterm study guide. I have everything that he gave us in class on here. I also have the important notes at the end about the final and what you can have.
American National Government
David Aaron Root
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Hayley Campbell on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PSCI 101 - 04 at University of Indianapolis taught by David Aaron Root in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 234 views. For similar materials see American National Government in Political Science at University of Indianapolis.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
David Root s American National Government Class Study Guide Madison s Dual Protection Against Tyranny Federalism lFeder al Gov l legislative judicial Separation oic executive 7 Powers 50 Pl 139 State Gov Federalism 2 2 levels of government divisions of 2 or more Separation of Powers S 2 branches of government typically 3 on each level Judicial Review the power of the courts to review laws and executive action to determine if it is constitutional If deemed unconstitutional then the lawsdecisions are struck down Executive action Executive action Federal Legislative laws State Legislative laws Supreme Courts I All US laws Federal and State Judicial Philosophy restraint or activism amp conservative or liberal Restraint conservative interpretation don t overturn precedentdon t overturn laws or executive action Activist liberal interpretations overturn precedentoverturn laws and executive action 0 Conservative textualism don t go forwarddon t interpret what is said in the constitutionlaws 0 Original Intent what was the intent of the writers of the constitution 1860s 0 Doctrinalism buildup of the precedent 0 Liberal living document the interpretations of the constitution must change as society changes 0 Structuralism look at the structure of the constitution 0 Prudentialism what should the law be 0 5 Principles of Politics 0 Rationality O Institutions 0 Collective Action 0 Policy 0 History 0 Checks amp Balances the power of each branch to limit the power of the other branches each branch has a hand in the other branches decisions 0 Forms of Government 0 Autocracy ran by one person most likely to turn into a tyranny O Oligarchy ran by few 0 Democracy ran by many or all 0 Constitution limits and empowers government officials 0 Political Science Questions 0 Empirical m happened Facts 0 Analytical howwhy did it happen CausationMode of Operation 0 Normative what should happen Moral question 0 Declaration of Independence O Unalienable rights life liberty and the pursuit of happiness rights that all people have you can t give them away even if you wanted to 0 Not a governing document 0 Articles of Confederation 0 Made the states very powerful and made the national government very weak 0 Shay s rebellion showed the people government that the articles of confederation are a joke because the national government could do nothing when the rebellion held Massachusetts government hostage 0 Constitution 0 Gave federal government power taXing build armies etc O 0 If power is not listed in the constitution for the federal government then the powerright is reserved for the states Great Depression made it is so that the states are weaker than the federal government Constitutional Convention Philadelphia 0 O O O O Federalists Virginia Plan Representation by population Big States Anti Federalists New Jersey Plan Representation equal Small States Virginia Plan amp New Jersey Plan Connecticut Compromise Senate Top 6 year term House of Representatives Bottom 2 year term The US was founded on the constitution the constitution was founded on compromise government needs compromise to function 3 Basic Political Powers 0 1 Agenda Setting before this what they want to do 0 2 Decision Making present making decisions voting etc 0 3 Veto presentfuture president can veto laws courts can veto decisions congress can propose constitutional amendments and can override veto s by the president Representatitives O Delegate follows voters follows what the people want 0 Trustee follows what heshe wants goes against hisher constituency O Gerrymandering drawing congressional districts to help out hisher political party Congress 0 Political parties Republican Majority amp Democratic Minority 0 Speaker of the House John Boehner Iselected by the majority 0 Heart and soul of law making committees H C U SE iF REPRESE HT TIWES 1 L Eerigtavtpmmi fee Egnsidema m in detail mmi dffth 39whme 35139le read Trig rd rea i 39 J quotVi mi 39n mil U 33 39rgg i an thg u cif r E f uimt t ENE betrr nEi am iiiLE 43dquot Farliamea ut 0 Senate 60 votes to end a filibusterdebate 0 House of Representatives Speaker of the house ends a filibusterdebate 0 President military judicial executive diplomatic and legislative O Expressed Powers military commander in chief federal bureaucracies all include him as the head of it veto power 0 Courts 0 Judicial Review 0 No sword so they must persuade the other branches 0 Cannot induce others to do what they want 0 No will courts have to wait for cases to come to them before they can change things gtlltgtlltgtlltgtlltgtllt Know Vocabgtlltgtlltgtlltgtlltgtllt gt ltgt gt ltgt You can have 1 page of notes for the test front and baclltgt gt gtlt gt gt ltgtltgt ltThere will be one writing questiongt gt gt ltgt lt GOOD LUCK


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