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Exam 2 Review

by: Marissa Reyes-Hernandez

Exam 2 Review Chem 1407

Marissa Reyes-Hernandez
Introduction to Chemistry
Dr. Andrew Pardo

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About this Document

Here is the review for Exam 2
Introduction to Chemistry
Dr. Andrew Pardo
Study Guide
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This 22 page Study Guide was uploaded by Marissa Reyes-Hernandez on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Chem 1407 at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Dr. Andrew Pardo in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 122 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Chemistry in Chemistry at University of Texas at El Paso.


Reviews for Exam 2 Review


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Date Created: 10/22/15
Exam 11 Chapter 4 Chapter 6 UTEP 1 What is the nuclear symbol for a radioactive isotope of copper with a mass number of 60 A 60 Cu 29 29 B 60 cu C 29 Cu D Cu B 31 Cu 29 Answer A Objective 41 4 2 The nuclear symbol of helium 2 He is also the symbol for designating an A proton B neutron C gamma ray D beta particle E alpha particle Answer E Objective 41 0 3 The symbol 1 e is a symbol used for an A proton B neutron C gamma ray D beta particle E alpha particle Answer D Objective 41 4 Which of the following types of radiation has the highest energy A aparticles B Bparticles C yrays D visible light B All of these have the same energy Answer C Objective 41 85 5 For 38 Sr there are A 85 protons and 38 neutrons B 47 protons and 38 neutrons C 38 protons and 47 neutrons D 38 protons and 85 neutrons E 85 protons and 47 neutrons Answer C Objective 41 6 The nuclear reaction shown below is an example of what type of process 233Th gt 282 Rn 2 He A fusion B ssion C translation D alpha emission E beta emission Answer D Objective 41 7 The product from the alpha decay of 29325 U is 235 A 93 Np B 239 Pu 94 231 C 90 Th D 233 Ra 80 236 E 92 U Answer C Objective 42 8 The nuclear reaction 126 5osn gt 1 is an example of A fusion B ssion C translation D alpha emission E beta emission Answer E Objective 42 9 What is the radioactive particle released in the following nuclear equation Z Sr 2 7 A alpha particle B beta particle C gamma ray D proton E neutron Answer B Objective 42 10 What is missing in the nuclear reaction shown below 13 2quot B 3 He 7 A gamma radiation B a positron C a neutron D an alpha particle E a beta particle Answer C Objective 42 11 What is missing in the nuclear reaction shown below 15 B 2 He 3 n A a neutron 13 B7B C 14N 7 13 D7 N E 153 N Answer D Objective 42 12 What is the radiation particle used in the bombardment of nitrogenl4 174 N 7 i H 54 A alpha particle B beta particle C gamma ray D proton E neutron Answer E Objective 42 13 When aluminum27 is bombarded with a neutron a gamma ray is emitted What radioactive isotope is produced A silicon27 B silicon28 C aluminum28 D magnesium27 E magnesium28 Answer C Objective 42 14 Iodine131 decays by beta emission to A iodine132 B tellurium131 C iodine 130 D bromine 13 1 E xenon 13 1 Answer E Objective 42 15 A sample of cerium141 for a diagnostic test was dissolved in saline solution to an activity of 45 millicuriesmL If the patient undergoing the test needs a dose of 10 millicuries how much of the solution should be injected into the patient A 45 mL B 45 mL C 22 mL D 22 mL E 45 mL Answer C Objective 43 16 The recommended dosage of I131 for a test is 42 microcuries per kg of body weight How many millicuries should be given to a 55 kg patient 1 mCi 1000 uCi A 230 millicuries B 023 millicuries C 0076 millicuries D 760 millicuries E 138 millicuries Answer B Objective 43 17 Sodium24 has a halflife of 15 hours How many hours is three halflives A 60 hours B 45 hours C 30 hours D 15 hours B 75 hours Answer B Objective 44 18 Iodine123 which is used for diagnostic imaging in the thyroid has a halflife of 13 hours If 500 mg of 1123 were prepared at 800 AM on Monday how many mg remain at 1000 AM on the following day A 500 mg B 250 mg C 125 mg D 625 mg E 313 mg Answer C Objective 44 19 Krypton79 has a halflife of 35 hours How many halflives have passed after 105 hours A 1 halflife B 2 halflives C 3 halflives D 4 halflives E 5 halflives Answer C Objective 44 20 The halflife of bromine74 is 25 min How much of a 40 mg sample is still active after 75 min A 050 mg B 10 mg C 20 mg D 025 mg E 40 mg Answer A Objective 44 21 A patient receives 30 mL of a solution containing technetium99m for a breast image If the activity of the technetium99m is 95 mCimL what is the dose received by the patient A 32 mCi B 29 mCi C 320 uCi D 95 mCi E 285 mCi Answer B Objective 43 45 22 Valence electrons are electrons located A in the outermost energy level of an atom B in the nucleus of an atom C in the innermost energy level of an atom D throughout the atom E in the rst three shells of an atom Answer A Objective 51 23 In the Sun nuclei of hydrogen combine to form a larger nucleus and release a great amount of energy The process is known as A ssion B fusion C metathesis D chain reaction E ionization Answer B Objective 46 24 How many valence electrons are in the electrondot structures for the elements in group 3Al3 A l B 2 C 3 D 4 E 6 Answer C Objective 51 25 The number of electrons in the highest energy level of nitrogen is A one B two C three D four E ve Answer E Objective 51 26 Which of the following is the correct electrondot structure for carbon A 5 B 6 C D E Answer C Objective 51 27 Which of the following represents the correct electrondot structure for C1 Answer B Objective 51 28 In ionic compounds lose their valence electrons to form positively charged A metals anions B nonmetals cations C metals polyatomic ions D nonmetals anions E metals cations Answer E Objective 52 29 What is the symbol for the ion with 19 protons and 18 electrons A F B F C ArJr D K E K Answer E Objective 51 30 What is the ionic charge of an ion with 13 protons and 10 electrons A 14r B 24r C 34r D 2 E 339 Answer C Objective 51 31 The ion of aluminum is A Al B A12 C A13 D Al339 E A12 Answer C Objective 5 1 32 The correct formula for a compound formed from the elements Al and O is A AlO B A120 C A13 02 D A103 E A1203 Answer E Objective 52 33 The correct formula for the compound formed from Mg and S is A MgS B Mgsz C MgZS D Mgzsz E Mg283 Answer A 34 Which one of the following compounds contains an ion with a 3 charge A KCl B Na2O C F6Cl3 D CuCl E MgCl2 Answer C Objective 52 35 The compound MgCl2 is named A magnesium chlorine B magnesium dichloride C magnesium ll chloride D magnesium chloride E dimagnesium chloride Answer D Objective 5 2 36 What is the correct formula for the iron 11 ion A FeJr B Fe2 C Fe3 D Fe2 E Fe339 Answer B Objective 53 37 What is the correct formula for iron Ill sulfide A F62S2 B F62S C FeS D F682 E F62S3 Answer E Objective 5 3 38 The name of Al2SO43 is A aluminumlll sulfate B dialuminum trisulfate C dialuminum sulfate D dialuminum trisulf1de E aluminum sulfate Answer E Objective 54 39 What is the formula of a compound that contains NaJr and PO43 ions A Na3PO4 B NaPO4 C Na2PO3 D Na3PO3 E Na3P Answer A Objective 54 40 Fe2SO43 is called A iron sulfate B iron 11 sulfate C iron Ill sulfate D diiron trisulfate E iron trisulfate Answer C Objective 54 41 What is the formula for aluminum nitrite A A12N02 B AlNO3 c A1N023 D A12N033 E A12N022 Answer C Objective 5 4 42 How many valence electrons are in the electrondot structure of H20 A 2 B 4 C 6 D 8 E 10 Answer D Objective 55 43 Choose the best electrondot structure for OC12 A IICI C1 B Cl OC1I Cygoag D IC1OCLI EyQ Q q Answer E Objective 55 44 Choose the best electrondot structure for CH2C12 A H Q Q H m 1 H O H H Q Q Q D 1 Q C Q H B 1 QQ H Answer B Objective 55 45 How many valence electrons are in the electrondot structure of CC14 A 0 B 82 C 6 D 8 E 32 Answer E Objective 5 5 46 The formula for a molecule formed from N and Cl would be A NCl B NC12 C NCl3 D N3 Cl E NC15 Answer C Objective 56 47 The correct name for the compound N203 is A nitrogen oxide B nitrogen trioxide C dinitride trioxide D dinitrogen oxide E dinitrogen trioxide Answer E Objective 5 6 48 Which of the following substances contains a nonpolar covalent bond A H20 B NaCl C NH3 D MgF2 EN2 Answer E Objective 57 49 Which of the following compounds contains a polar covalent bond A NaF B HCl C Br2 D MgO E02 Answer B Objective 5 7 50 A polar covalent bond is found in which of these compounds A H2O B F2 C NaCl D H2 E N2 Answer A Objective 57 51 The shape of the ammonia molecule NH3 is A linear B square C pyramidal D hexagonal E octagonal Answer C Objective 58 52 The shape of the carbon dioxide C02 is A linear B square C pyramidal D hexagonal E bent Answer A Objective 5 8 53 The shape of the water molecule H20 is A linear B tetrahedral C pyramidal D bent E octagonal Answer D Objective 5 8 54 The ammonia molecule NH3 is A a polar molecule with polar bonds B a nonpolar molecule with polar bonds C a nonpolar molecule with nonpolar bonds D a polar molecule with nonpolar bonds E a polar molecule with ionic bonds Answer A Objective 58 55 Which of the following gives the balanced equation for this reaction K3PO4 CaNO32 gt Ca3PO42 KNO3 A KPO4 CaNO3 KNO3 B K3PO4 CaNO32 gt Ca3PO42 3KNO3 C 2K3PO4 CaNO32 gt Ca3PO42 6KNO3 D 2K3PO4 3CaNO32 gt Ca3PO42 6KNO3 E K3PO4 CaNO32 gtCa3PO42 KNO3 Answer D Objective 61 5 6 Which of the following correctly gives the best coefficients for the reaction below N2H4 H202 gt N2 H20 Al 111 B 12 14 C 242 8 D 14 14 E 2 4 24 Answer B Objective 61 57 What coefficient is placed in front of 02 to complete the balancing of the following equation C5H8 02 gt SCOZ 4H20 A l B 3 C 5 D 7 E 9 Answer D Objective 61 58 In this reaction what is the coef cient for calcium oxide CaOs COzg gt CaCO3s A l B 2 C 3 D 4 E 5 Answer A Objective 61 5 9 The following reaction takes place when an electric current is passed through water It is an example of a reaction 2H20 gt2H2 02 A combination B single replacement C dehydration D decomposition E double replacement Answer D Objective 62 60 What is the classi cation for this reaction s03 g H20 1 gt H2804 I A decomposition B combination C replacement D double replacement E oxidation reduction Answer B Objective 62 61 What is the classi cation for this unbalanced reaction Fe HCl gt FeCl3 H2 A dehydration B combination C decomposition D single replacement E double replacement Answer D Objective 62 62 What is oxidized and what is reduced in the following reaction 2Als 31312 g gt 2AlBr3s A A1 is oxidized and Br2 is reduced B AlBr3 is reduced and Br2 is oxidized C Al is reduced and Br2 is oxidized D AlBr3 is reduced and Al is oxidized E AlBr3 is oxidized and Al is reduced Answer A Objective 63 63 In this reaction what is the substance oxidized Zns 2HClaq gt ZnC12aq H2g A chlorine B zinc chloride C hydrogen D zinc E oxygen Answer D Objective 63 64 How many molecules of water H20 are present in 750 g of H20 A 750 molecules B 417 molecules C 753 X 1024 molecules D 251 X 1024 molecules E 502 X 1024 molecules Answer D Objective 64 65 How many moles of iron are present in 315 X 1024 atoms of iron A 523 moles B 190 moles C 292 moles D 0523 moles E 190 X 1048 moles Answer A Objective 64 66 The molar mass of potassium is A 19 g B 310 g C 602 x 1023 grams D 391 g E 15g Answer D Objective 65 67 How many moles of water H20 are present in 750 g of H20 A 441 moles B 417 moles C 750 moles D 750 moles E 135 X 103 moles Answer B Objective 65 68 What is the molar mass of copperll sulfate CuSO4 A 160 g B 636 g C 1116 g D 1596 g B 3192 g Answer D Objective 65 69 How many moles of carbon atoms are there in 0500 mole of C2H6 A 0500 moles B 100 moles C 300 moles D 602 X 1023 moles E 400 moles Answer B Objective 65 70 What is the molar mass of sucrose C12H22011 A 290 g B 502 g C 210 g D 342 g E 182 g Answer D Objective 65 71 How many moles of K2SO4 are in 150 g of K2804 A 0172 moles B 261 X 103 moles C 0111 moles D 00861 moles E 0119 moles Answer D Objective 65 For the questi0ns that follow consider the following equation 72 74 2Mg 02 gt 2MgO 72 The number of moles of oxygen gas needed to react with 40 moles of Mg is A 10 mole B 20 moles C 30 moles D 40 moles E 60 moles Answer B Objective 66 73 The number of moles of MgO produced when 020 mole of 02 reacts completely 1s A 010 mole B 020 mole C 040 mole D 060 mole E 080 mole Answer C Objective 66 74 How many moles of magnesium are needed to react with 050 mole of 02 A 050 mole B 10 moles C 20 moles D 30 moles E 40 moles Answer B Objective 66 75 In the reaction of nitrogen gas N2 with hydrogen gas H2 to form ammonia gas NH3 how many moles of hydrogen are needed to react with two moles of nitrogen A 2 moles B 4 moles C 6 moles D 8 moles E 10 moles Answer C Objective 66 76 In the reaction of silver nitrate with sodium chloride how many grams of silver chloride will be produced from 100 g of silver nitrate when it is mixed with an excess of sodium chloride The equation for the reaction is below AgNO3aq NaClaq gt AgCls NaNO3aq A 1079 g B 1699 g C 844 g D 0589 g E 589 g Answer C Objective 67 77 Find the mass of AlCl3 that is produced when 250 grams of A1203 react with excess HCl according to the following equation AlZO3s 6HClaq gt 2AlCl3aq 3HZOI A 155 g B 729 g C 654 g D 326 g E 163 g Answer C Objective 67 78 When 305 moles of CH4 are mixed with 503 moles of O2 the limiting reactant is CH4 202 gt C02 2H20 A CH4 B 02 C CO2 D H20 Answer B Objective 68 79 When 850 g of CH4 are mixed with 160 g of O2 the limiting reactant is CH4 202 gt C02 2H20 A CH4 B 02 C C02 D H20 Answer B Objective 68 80 When 100 g of NH3 reacts the actual yield of N2 is 850 g What is the percent yield 4NH3 g 6N0g gt 5N2 g 6H20l A 850 B 515 C 206 D 413 E 85 Answer D Objective 68 81 For the reaction 2H20l 137 kcal gt 2H2 g 02 g how many kcal are needed to form 200 moles 02 g A 685 kcal B 137 kcal C 274 kcal D 190 kcal E 548 kcal Answer C Objective 69 82 For the reaction 2H20l 137 kcal gt 2H2 g 02 g how many kcal are needed to react 500 g H200 A 380 kcal B 137 kcal C 274 kcal D 190 kcal E 760 kcal Answer D Objective 69


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