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The Vampire in East European and Western Culture

by: Maximus Rau

The Vampire in East European and Western Culture SLAV 3301

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Maximus Rau
GPA 3.63


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About this Document

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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Maximus Rau on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to SLAV 3301 at Texas Tech University taught by Sunseri in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 53 views. For similar materials see /class/226387/slav-3301-texas-tech-university in Slavistics at Texas Tech University.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
SLAV 3301 Midterm study guide AU06 There are two versions of the midterm One version comprises a series of short answers a short essay and a vampire text which you must analyze using Perkowski s ten points The other version also has the vampire text which you must analyze but instead of short answers you will do an essay in which you try to explain East European folkloric vampire beliefs The questions below will help you study for either version of the test 1 What is a zadruga What is a limited goods society What is the water of life What is the relationship between these three things N Discuss the signi cance of boundaries to the peasants of East Europe both in terms of temporal territorial and lifecycle boundaries Provide examples of each 3 What is the evil eye How did belief in the evil eye affect life in the zadruga 4 What was the Slavic concept of the soul How does this concept tie into vampire beliefs 5 What are the four religious layers in Eastern Europe Brie y de ne each 6 What is religious syncretism What does it have to do with East European vampire beliefs 7 How did the people of Eastern Europe quotkillquot vampires What were some apotropaics used to protect oneself and one s family Be thorough in your answer providing examples and explanations for each 8 Explain in categorical terms who might be destined to become a vampire in some or all regions of Eastern Europe Provide two or three examples for each category 9 What origins of vampires can be associated with social control O What origins might be associated with scapegoating p t p t What origins are neither social control nor scapegoating N Discuss the signi cance of rites of passage in Eastern Europe What are the three stages of rites of passageWhat were the functions of rites of passage for liminals How about for society in general 13 What was the conception of evil in preChristian times How about under Christianity 14 What are some folkloric monsters that are associated with marriage or lack of it pregnancy birth ESSAY QUESTION 1 50 Why did the people of East Europe believe in vampires and not for example some other kind of folkloric monster Why in speci c VAMPIRES What was it about that part of the world and the way of life there that might help to explain such beliefs In your answer you should discuss preChristian conceptions of evil and religious syncretism the nature of the societies that produced these beliefs the Slavic conception of the soul and any other matters you deem relevant SLA V3301 Essay guidelines AU06 As you know fifty percent of your midterm grade will be based on a written essay This essay you must write in class Here are some pertinent facts followed by some guidelines Grading The essay will be graded as follows Content 75 Do you make a good case in your explanation of why East Europeans as opposed to say the Chinese or Indians or Mexicans came up with the vampire as opposed to the chupacabra or the banshee or the headless horseman Have you provided enough evidence to convince a skeptic that you know what you re talking about You don t have to tell me everything but you do have to provide enough substance to support your claims Style 20 Is your essay organized well Are your points easy to follow Is your writing lucid Is all you say relevant to the topic Mechanics 5 Can you spell Do you know basic grammar Some tips You ll only have half an hour or so Accept that you can t say everything Pick the most important points and get to the point Provide evidence to support your points Choose which issues we ve discussed are evidence and which are major factors lll After you ve finished writing pretend you know nothing about this topic read what you ve written and decide if you are convinced by the text that it Mto be the East Europeans who created of all things the vampire one of the most unique folkloric monsters of all times


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