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Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review

by: Dillan Reichert

Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review ENGR 4101

Marketplace > Texas Tech University > Engineering and Tech > ENGR 4101 > Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review
Dillan Reichert
GPA 3.5


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About this Document

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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Dillan Reichert on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ENGR 4101 at Texas Tech University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/226417/engr-4101-texas-tech-university in Engineering and Tech at Texas Tech University.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
FE EXAM EXAM DAY GUIDANCE Before the exam 1 The day before the exam relax and go to bed early Do not cram or perform any panic studying By now you are as prepared as you can be for the exam 2 The morning of your test get up early and have a light healthy breakfast Arrive at the exam site at least 20 minutes early You need to allow time for parking and getting settled E At Texas Tech University the FE Exam is held in PetE Room 121 If you don t know where this room is go by the day before and nd it 4 Have a plan for lunch Whether you bring it or plan to go out know what you re going to do What to Bring to the Exam The items in boldface are essential Without these items the student might as well not bother to go The other items not in bold are just suggestions I Documentation from the TBPE admitting student to the examination Photo identi cation driver s license passport I Approved calculator and ideally a backup calculator of the same model Bring a watch may have to turn off alarm Bottled water if allowed Light jacket or sweater Ear plugs Straight edgeRuler Protractor FE Exam Day Guidance August 2006 A word about the onehour lunch break Students are encouraged to pack a nonperishable lunch for the day of the exam Lines at nearby restaurants may be unacceptably long Do not spend the entire hour reViewing Instead use this time to relax and get refreshed for the Aftemoon Session Get some fresh air 7 take a walk to clear your head 7 but get back early enough to avoid the crowd checking in through the proctor security Try not to talk to other testtakers about how it is going for them This can easily induce either insecurity or false confidence If you understand engineering principles and have prepared well after the dust of the test day clears you ll find you39ve passed Exam Rules Per NCEES the following materials are NOT permitted in the exam room I DeVices or materials that might compromise the security of the examination or examination process are not permitted DeVices haVing a QWERTY keypad arrangement similar to a typewriter or keyboard are not permitted DeVices not permitted include but are not limited to palmtop laptop handheld and desktop computers calculators databanks data collectors and organizers I Communication deVices such as pagers and cellular phones are not permitted Only models of calculators as specified by NCEES are permitted in the examination room Only NCEESsupplied marking and erasing instruments are permitted for use in the examination room Mechanical pencils will be provided Each pencil has an eraser and is preloaded with three pieces of 07 mm HB lead This is the only writing Page 1 of2 instrument allowed Candidates may NOT bring lead or erasers If necessary proctors will issue additional pencils to examinees during the exam No books can be taken into the exam FE examinees will be furnished a copy of the FE Supplied Reference Handbook at the exam site This is the only reference material you will use during the exam The exam N E 4 V39 0 Use the restroom just before the exam begins This will give you more time During the AM session there are 120 questions and during the PM session there are 60 questions With four hours for each session this leaves you 2 minutes per question in the AM session and 4 minutes per question in the PM session Remember these are only averages Once the exam begins go through and do all the problems you are most comfortable with first On this pass through the exam avoid problems you think might take an excessive amount of time On your second pass through the exam do the problems you are comfortable with but you skipped because you thought they might take too long On your third pass do as many of the problems you are not comfortable with There might be some problems you will not be able to answer If not way to go We recommend recording your answers in the margin of your test booklet as you work RELATED DOCUMENTS gt1 9 the problems and transferring these answers to the answer sheet at the end All that s left to do is guess answers for the problems you did not answer There are many methods for doing this Know a strategy for picking these answer ahead of time see Exam Taking Tips and don t wait until the end of each session to choose a strategy Eliminate all the answers you know are wrong this will increase your odds Leave 10 minutes at the end of each session to check your marks on the answer sheet Remember 1 N E The object ofthe FE exam is not to make an A The object is to pass An effective way to pass is to answer as many problems as you can correctly Spending time on problems that are lengthy or problems you are unsure about only takes time away from you answering the easy problems you can answer Common experiences 1 N E The exam is very draining Your neck may feel like it was made of lead by noon Your professors have done a good job covering topics on the exam Study what they have taught Many feel like there was no way that they passed yet they do It is best to know ahead of time that it s common to feel that way Expect it and it won t freak you out Don t let number three stop you from preparing as much as you can FE Exam Preparation Strategy H ow to intelligently studyprepare for the FE Exam FE Exam Taking Tips Tried and true advice for taking the FE Exam FE Exam Day Guidance August 2006 Page 2 of2


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