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General Psychology

by: Dr. Rebeka Roberts

General Psychology PSY 201

Dr. Rebeka Roberts
GPA 3.66

Mary West

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About this Document

Mary West
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Dr. Rebeka Roberts on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PSY 201 at Tri-County Technical College taught by Mary West in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/226533/psy-201-tri-county-technical-college in Psychlogy at Tri-County Technical College.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
N 5 P U Fquot l 9 to 0 N 04 Jgt U39I l Homeostasis What should a very angry person do What is the difference between correlation studies and experiments 2 factor theory of emotion CannonBa rd theory of emotion Under what conditions do our actions fall in line with our attitude What is the most convincing evidence for the effectiveness of psychotherapy statistical studies Meditative relaxation What happens in an experiment vs other methods If someone is depressed or abuses alcohol or both they will have a higher risk of suicide One of the sexual disorders males undergo erectile dysfunction 2nd most common Need Biopsychosocial approach multiple levels of analysis Refractory period time between orgasms for men Nature vs nurture genetics vs environment Prejudice Chameleon effect person who tries hard to alter behavior to fit in ADHD s major problem distractibility to N W N Jgt N l N 00 W cu Jgt Threshold Placebo Teenagers who drink alcohol vs teens who don t are more likely to have sex LSD is most likely to produce hallucinations Counseling psychologist Schizophrenia hallucinations and delusions People underestimate calories and overestimates burnt calories Lobotomy Occipital lobes Attribution theory explaining someone s behavior Watch people and overestimate someone s personality fundamental attribution theory Psychoactive drugs stimulants depressants hallucinogen Part of the brain that is a network inside the brainstem that controls arousal reticular formation Sensory neurons carry pain signals to brain Stress causes illness Naturalistic observation Carl rovers client centered therapy Ecstasy euphoric high social intimacy W l cu 9 W to Jgt O Jgt Jgt N Jgt co 4 4 Jgt U1 Jgt m Jgt l Jgt oo Jgt to U1 0 U39I U N U W U Jgt Cognitive therapy PTSD anxiety disorder Post traumatic growth more life appreciation Physiological dependence have physical withdrawal symptoms Neurons building blocks of 2 countries are rivals for the same area of land conflict Branching parts of neurons that go into the cell body dendrites Young obese women vs skinny women nonobese are more likely to be married and have higher wages Drug that inhibits the release of particular neurotransmitter agonist Genetic part in anxiety disorders Yes Optimists happier live longer and perceive control over their lives Hallucination see dark tunnel altered state of consciousness near death experiences Alcohol impairs ability to retain memories to long term memories Peer pressure best predictor of teenager s drug use Young teens will be pressured by friends to smoke Antisocial personality disorder no guilt worst characteristic Bipolar original drug w serious problems was lithium Compare smokers vs nonsmokers smokers have a higher risk of depression and divorce U1 1 U to O l O to l N Aids immune system disorder General adaptation syndrome Study mating rituas naturalistic observation Guilty knowledge test rule in or rule out suspects Social facilitation if you re good at something you ll do better in front of people college students wind fishing line on a reel they ll do it faster Why do psychologists use deception to get an honest emotional responses Phobias What type of research uses random assignments experiment Men vs women to see differences nature vs nurture Most common biomedical therapy drugs People in passionate love with each other gaze in each another s house What area of the brain makes humans different than animals Cerebral cortex First impression is based on physical appearance Anxious nervous person general anxiety disorder Exposing yourself to something negative to fix a habit aversive conditioning Maslow concerned about safety won t socialize hierarchy of needs need safety Hypothalamus eat drink be merry Married people with supportive partners healthy and live longer l W l P l U l l l to 00 00 N 00 Jgt Do personal values influence psychologists ALLOF THE ABOVE Dissociative identity disorder split between identity and conscience awareness chemical messengers of endocrine system hormones chemical messengers of nervous system neurotransmitters psychological dependence no physical withdrawals but desire for something anorexia trigger is a weight loss diet biofeedback some paralyzed people have learned to bring their blood pressure down most important thing about sex is the brain implicit prejudice information social influence when you think people know more than you animals can be bred for aggression left hemisphere specializes in language alcohol marijuana and cocaine that alter our moods and perceptions are psychoactive drugs When women ovulate what hormone peaks estrogen neurotransmitter acetylcholine is associated with voluntary movement and muscle contraction psychiatrists and psychologists are most likely to say a disorder is abnormal if it is distressful neurotransmitters travel across synapses drugs to reduce insomnia harbituates human traits have been affected by evolution by natural selection to W to Jgt to U to CD to l to 00 speed methamphetamine aversion learned lltaste preference dislike because of negative reaction opposing groups set aside differences to help a cause superordinate goals family therapy the family system needs to help individual Psychologists assume that ALL OF THE ABOVE cognitive therapy useful in treating depression information goes to one hemisphere to the other via corpus


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