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Art History

by: Matthew Gambril

Art History ARH 253

Matthew Gambril
GPA 4.1
Survey of Art II
Jenny Blount Tucker

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About this Document

The first section is important notes on the important pieces of art. They are organized by period in chronological order. The second section is key terms. The third section is example test quest...
Survey of Art II
Jenny Blount Tucker
Study Guide
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Matthew Gambril on Tuesday January 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ARH 253 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Jenny Blount Tucker in Spring2013. Since its upload, it has received 317 views. For similar materials see Survey of Art II in Art History at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 01/13/15
Matthew Gambril Instructor Jenny Tucker ARH 253002 Exam 2 Study Guide Chapters 1921 18 February 2013 Works Southern Baroque 1 David Gianlorenzo Bernini 17th Century his windblown hair points to Bernini depicts the height of the moment as David kills Goliath action and intensity are released rather than tension held in like in Renaissance 2 facade of Saint Peter s Carlo Maderno Vatican City Italy 17th Century commissioned by Pope Paul V restricted on options because building was already begun 3 Saint Peter s Piazza Bernini Vatican City Italy 17th Century appears to have arms reaching out to embrace you upon entrance which symbolizes the RCC s welcome to its members during the Counter Reformation the colonnades served visually to counteract the natural perspective and bring the facade closer to the viewer thus compensating for its extensive width 4 Baldacchino Bernini Saint Peter s Vatican City Italy 17th Century 100 ft tall 1st commission for Pope Urban VIII of the Barberini family symbolized by bees directly over St Peters tomb in the center of the church overall speaks to the power of RCC and Pope Urban VIII orb and cross symbolize christianity s rise over paganism using bronze from Pantheon s portico also symbolizes triumph over paganism twistingspiraling columns mimic the Temple of Solomon gilded with gold leaf acts as a visual frame for the piece in the back 5 Ecstasy of Saint Teresa Bernini Santa Maria della Vittoria Rome Italy 17th Century religious ecstasytransverberation sexual aspect of arousal physical ecstasyorgasm to show religious ecstasy was not controversial small hidden window lights up the bronze rods in the back St Teresa was a real saint cardinals are watching notion of the spectacle 6 Conversion of Saint Paul Caravaggio 17th Century Cerasi Chapel Rome depicts exact moment of Saul s conversion to Christianity when he becomes St Paul he was originally a prosecutor of Christians then was blinded by Jesus light and thus converted the unknown light source that Caravaggio is known for Chiaroscuro and subjects position bring audience in very close tenebrism 7 Calling of Saint Matthew Caravaggio 16th17th Century depicts moment when Christ summons Levi the tax collector to a higher calling chiaroscuro and tenebrism Jesus with his fuzzy halo points to Levi Levi points to himself Hand of Adam because Jesus is the redeemer 8 Judith Slaying Holofernes Artemisia Gentileschi 17th Century very dramatic Caravaggio in uence unknown light source controlled highlights on action in front parallels a scene of child birth Northern Baroque 9 Arrival of Marie de Medici at Marseilles 10 Peter Paul Rubens 17th Century 1 of a series of 21 she commissioned depicting her life shows her arriving on French soil very hypodramatic 3 Graces have Rubenesque body style sea and skies rejoice personification of France welcomes her SelfPortrait Judith Leyster 17th Century Frans Hals student shows herself painting 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 happy jovial relaxed casual distinguished family from clothing shows she enjoys music because of the musician she is painting The Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq Night Watch Rembrandt 17th Century it is a day scene but called the night watch because of the darkness commissioned by the Musketeers Hall in Amsterdam all stages of firing a gun are depicted loading firing reloading etc can name everybody but the woman chaotic energy Return of the Prodigal Son Rembrandt 17th Century warm light of Rembrandt the light both veils and reveals figures at the same time eye is drawn to the embrace red lovepassion The Letter J an Vermeer 17th Century interior scene simple somber pictorial light camera obscura voyeuristic quality lute shows it is a love letter Vanitas Still Life Pieter Claesz 17th Century references death Louis XIV Hyacinthe Rigaud 18th Century depicted as much younger than 63 years of age propaganda and imperial iconography hides his shortness appears to be looking down on the viewer Palace of Versailles lead architect Charles Le Brun Versailles France 17th Century commissioned by Louis XIV large ornate elaborate anticipates Rococo Hall of Mirrors Jules Hardouin and Charles Le Brun Rococo 18 19 20 21 Versailles France 17th Century Salon de la Princesse Germain Boffrand Hotel de Soubise Paris France 18th Century feminine quality because the women are the hostesses L Ind erent Antoine Watteau 18th Century arrogance indifferent nice clothing heels hat cape lighter color pallet Pilgrimage to Cythera Antoine Watteau 18th Century fete galante Cythera mythological place Aphrodite s idyllic land reference to Aphrodite of Knidos The Swing JeanHonore Fragonard 18th Century man looking up her dress the kicked off shoe loss of chastity purity Virginity Neoclassical 22 23 24 Mother of the Gracchi Angelica Kauffman 18th Century exemplum Virtutis the theme is the Virtue of Cornelia classical architecture Oath of the Horatii JacquesLouis DaVid 18th Century depicts the brothers taking the oath to their father Who represents Rome 3 frames last frame shows how everyone Will end up said because the families are intermarried Death of Marat JacquesLouis DaVid 18th Century modeled after Pieta shows him as a martyr directness and clarity references to Jesus martyrdom and becomes altarpiece for the revolution Terms Baldacchino canopylike structure Tenebrism painting in shadowy manner almost exclusively applies to Caravaggio everything in shadow with punches of light Ex Calling of Saint Matthew Conversion of Saint Paul Chiaroscuro high contrasts of light and dark Caravaggist39 followers of Caravaggio Transverberation means to be pierced thru by an arrow causing a mystic vision Ex Bernini Ecstasy of Saint Teresa Vanitas latin for vanity references fragility of life mortality Memento Mori literally means reminder of death refers to each object in a Vanitas still life Divine Ligm belief that king s absolute power is God s will galante literally means amorous festival scenes of outdoor entertainment Ex Watteau Pilgrimage to Cythera Exemplum Virtutis literally means ModelExample of Virtue example of focus on morality in art Ex Angelica Kauffman Mother of the Gracchi lIacobins radical revolutionary political group during French Revolution J eanPaul Marat and Jacques Louis David were both members Concepts For each image you must know Artist Title Date by century style and Location if piece of architecture 1 What are the characteristics of the Southern Baroque style emotional complexity drama in subject and color theatricality psychological intensity powerful visual rhetoric romantic effects of light and dark works are commissioned to restore predominance and centrality of Roman Catholic Church 2 How would you compare the Southern Baroque style to the Renaissance renaissance artists reveled in the precise orderly rationality of classical models 9 B aroque artists embraced dynamism theatricality and elaborate ornamentation all used to spectacular effect often on a grandiose scale What role did patronage play within Southern Baroque art For example please understand the relationship between Bernini and Pope Urban VIII commissioned art to reestablish the preeminence of the RCC by rebuilding Rome as an even more magnificent showcase of Church power What family did Pope Urban VIII belong to B arberini How did Bernini incorporate the Pope s ancestry into his artworks ie the baldacchino he included bees in the design which was the Barberini family symbol What are the functional and symbolic meanings of the baldacchino functional frame for back piece canopy for Peter s tomb symbolic Christianity s triumph over paganism power of Pope Urban VIII and RCC What is distinctly different about Bernini s David it depicts the height of the moment rather than tension beforehand or the calm triumph afterwards How is the moment depicted in Bernini s David indicative of the Southern Baroque stylistic tendencies intense concentration on the face height of the action seems to be moving through time and space Who commissioned Mademo to complete the facade of Saint Peters Pope Paul V 10 What is the narrative associated with Bernini s Ecstasy of Saint Teresa ll 12 l3 14 15 l6 17 after her father died she fell into trances saw visions and heard voices she attributed a persistent pain to the fire tipped arrow of divine love being thrust into her repeatedly by an angel What artistic technique is exclusively associated with Caravaggio tenebrism How does he bring naturalism to the Baroque style paints directly from nature to canvas and never prepared drawings Which artwork is an example of this naturalism Don t know Who is Artemisia Gentilleschi female painter Caravaggisti What did it mean to be a Caravaggisti followers of Caravaggio What is the complexity of Velazquez s Las Meninas pictorially summarizes the various kinds of images it their different levels and degrees of reality pictorial summary and a commentary on the essential mystery of the visual world as well as on the ambiguity that results when different states or levels interact or are juxtaposed Why did Phillip IV commission large numbers of artworks during the 17th century I don t know and I don t care 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 What are the characteristics of the Northern Baroque style Flanders closely linked to Baroque Catholic style Dutch Republic new subjects and style How are the Protestant and Catholic in uences seen in the art of each region Protestant largely rejected church ar in favor of private commissions of portraits genre scenes landscapes and still life What social and political events caused the split of The Netherlands Philip s repressive measures against the protestants led the northern provinces to break from Spain and to set up the Dutch republic the southern provinces stayed under Spanish control and retained Catholicism What role did Spain play in this split Philip was Spain s ruler who repressed the protestants How does Protestantism affect art production in Northern Europe Specifically how does subject matter change rej ected church art in favor of private commissions of portraits genre scenes landscapes and still lifes How do portraits become distinctly different within the Dutch Baroque style lively informality replaced the formulaic patterns of traditional portraiture Also how did Protestantism affect Dutch culture as a whole new political social and economic structure wealthy from banking How would you describe Rembrandt s lighting refining light and shade into finer and finer nuances until they blended with one another more natural because they eyes perceive light and dark not as static but as always subtly changing How would you compare Rembrandt s use of lighting compared to Caravaggio more realistic more blending instead of sharper contrasts What is a camera obscura an ancestor of the modern camera based on passing light through a tiny pinhole or lens to project an image on a screen or the wall of a room What artist do we associate with this technique J an Vermeer What is a vanitas painting remind the viewer of life s transience by incorporating references to death What is the term for the objects within a vanitas work memento mori Who commissioned the Palace at Versailles Louis XIV Who was the lead architect Charles Le Brun What are the characteristics of the Rococo style focus on wealth grandiose escessiveness 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 50 Where did the Rococo style first begin hotelstown houses of Paris France How is it a re ection of the wealth of early 18th century French Society focused on lavishness What does f te galante mean amorous festival depicted outdoor amusement of French High Society What artist invented this technique Antoine Watteau What are the characteristics of the Neoclassical style renewed interest in classical antiquity morality and civic virtue antithesis of Rococo fascination with greek and roman culture was widespread and extended to the public culture of fashion and home decor How is Neoclassicism different from the Rococo style humble and reserved interest in antiquity What artistic shift occurred incorporated subject and style of ancient art What German art historian wrote of the Noble Simplicity and Calm Grandeur of the Neoclassical style Johan Winckelman What events caused the French Revolution Bourgeosie was growing and unhappy with lack of representation Storming of the Bastille What year did the revolution end 1799 What role did J acquesLouis David play during the French Revolution Jacobin defacto minister of propaganda How does the French Revolution affect David s subject matter neoclassical painter ideologist of the French Revolution patriotism and civic virtue What was the name of the radical revolutionary group that David belonged to Jacobins How were Marat and David connected friend of David Who is Charlotte Corday killer of Marat


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