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by: Adele Hoeger


Adele Hoeger

GPA 3.88

J. Bishop

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About this Document

J. Bishop
Study Guide
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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by Adele Hoeger on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to EPS C082 at University of California - Berkeley taught by J. Bishop in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/226576/eps-c082-university-of-california-berkeley in Earth And Space Sciences at University of California - Berkeley.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
BishopPowell EPSIB c82 Fall 2006 REMINDER FINAL EXAM FRIDAY 15 DECEMBER 2006 500 PM 800 PM 100 Haas Pavilion BLUEBOOKS STUDY QUESTIONS SET 3 You MAY turn in written answers to these questions THIS IS OPTIONAL ONLY NOT REQUIRED If you elect to submit written answers do one 1 of the four STARRED questions Limit your answers to one page either hand or typewritten WRITTEN ANSWERS ARE DUE IN CLASS ON MONDAY 4 DECEMBER 2006 No extra credit can be given for assignments that are turned in late N E 4 V39 0 gt1 9 0 Discuss differences between planktonic and benthic communities How are these two communities linked What physical conditions are benthic communities adapted to Where are coral reefs found and why What physical conditions do they require What is mass spawning and why is it so important Outline the theory of reef coral atoll development on a volcanic island rst proposed by Darwin in 1842 Sketch the main phases of reef development What human and natural environmental stressors have affected coral reefs What is one response on a coral reef to environmental stress and what environmental stressor causes the most widespread damage There are two distinctly different kinds of food chains each of which occurs in the marine environment Describe the two food chains What is the energy source for each of these In what portions of the sea would you expect to find a representative example of each chain Where do hydrothermal vents occur and how do they form Illustrate the formation of hydrothermal vents with a sketch Describe the unique structures that occur at hydrothermal vents in terms of their size composition rate of growth Describe the unique organisms that occur at hydrothermal vents The sea s food resources are not unlimited Give two major reasons why only a small fraction of the world population s caloric requirements can be met from the sea Is this also true for protein requirements Why Upwelling regions make good fisheries Yet few different kinds of sh are generally found in upwelling regions Explain Explain what is meant by the greenhouse effect Include in your explanation how a quot greenhouse gasquot alters radiation terms in the surface energy budget of the earth Name two ocean processes or ocean phenomena that reduce the greenhouse effect explaining the mechanisms that causes this reduction A certain pollutant X has existed in the sea at low concentrations for a long time Modern industrial processes acting as an ADDITIONAL source of X contribute nine times the original natural input If the residence time of the pollutant in the sea remains constant what will be the final oceanic concentration of X relative to the original low concentration Draw a rough graph showing the buildup of X in the sea


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