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Lab Final Exam study guide

by: pauljohnson

Lab Final Exam study guide 38107

MIS 111
William Neumann

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About this Document

Problems from problem sets 1-12. Will help you a lot of the MIS111L final
MIS 111
William Neumann
Study Guide
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This 11 page Study Guide was uploaded by pauljohnson on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 38107 at University of Arizona taught by William Neumann in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 428 views. For similar materials see MIS 111 in Computer Science and Engineering at University of Arizona.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Which of the following procedures will NOT close your Excel workbook Ctrl S Which Excel tab is not visible by default Developer how many worksheets does an new excel workbook have by default 3 you select B30 in your excel worksheet and press Enter to select B31 which of the following shortcuts will select B30 once more shift enter You can add a title to a vertical axis of a chart by using Layout Chart tools menu tabgt Axis Titles If you want to remove chart labels where do you nd the options to do so within the Layout chart tab Data labels A bar chart is essentially which of the following chart types rotated 90 degrees clockwise column chart Which of the following is a valid sequence of options for selecting a different chart layout Design from Chart tools gt Chart Layouts which of the following chart types is a valid option in the charts ribbon group on the insert ribbon tab all of the options provided are valid which of the following options is not available after right clicking an Excel worksheet tab changing the font color in the worksheet which of the following is not a state an Excel workbook can be in expanded How do you address cells in Excel column letter row number which of the following methods will keep a heading at the top of a table visible while scrolling through the rolls use Freeze panes what are the maximum and minimum zoom ranges that can be displayed in an open excel worksheet respectively 10 and 400 which of the following error codes indicates that a formula refers to a cell that is invalid This type of error can occur if a referenced cell is deleted from the worksheet REF Which of the following is a shortcut key used to calculate the formulas in the active worksheet ShiftF9 Which operator in Excel combines multiple range references into a single reference comma The easiest way to enter a function into a formula is to use Formula AutoCompIete drop down list that Excel displays when you enter a formula another way to insert a function is to use the on the tab Function Library group Formulas What will be the result of this formula lFA1lt100000 A15 A175 if the cell A1 has a value of 90000 4500 If the formula ROWSAssetCOLUMNSAsset that is used to calculate the number of cells in a range named Asset doesn39t work what does it imply The range Asset consists of noncontiguous cells What is the result of the following expressions formulas respectively 10610 10610 40 and 50 While using cell references in Excel what key is used to change the type of the reference F4 Which of the following statements is true about the formula FORCategoryquotPasta CategoryquotSoupsquot InventoryCostO In this formula the second statement in the OR quotSoupsquot is only checkedevaluated if the rst part quotPastaquot evaluates to FALSE What is the Skip Blanks option used for while copying a range to another area to prevent blank cells in the copied range from overwriting existing data What does a small red triangle in the upper right corner of a cell denote a comment exists for that cell Adding comments to cells is available through which tab of the Excel ribbon Review Consider the following formula SUMFSnventoryCost Category quotBeveragesquot Suppliers quot4quot Which of the following statements is true Two criteria are checked in this formula to include a value in the total a the product category must be quotBeveragesquot b the supplier must be quot4quot In the Analysis ToolPak for Excel which of the following parameters can you specify when creating a Histogram Input Range and Bin Range the excel function ISERR returns TRUE if the cell contains any error value except which of the following NA the COUNTF function used for singlecriterion counting formula takes two arguments or parameters and range and criteria You can use a data form to add nd and edit rows in a range or table is this correct Yes how many sortoptions do we have in Excel under the 39Data39 tab 3 How can you add a dollar symbol to values in a column one way to do this is by going through the quotformat cellsquot dialogquot and selecting quotcurrencyquot with a symbol and two decimal places as your formatting option from within the Number tab Excel can automatically generate a data form which allows for convenient data entry for your range or table What sequence of steps will allow you to format the data into a table select the data then click quottablequot under the quotInsertquot tab of the Excel ribbon when you apply currency formatting to a table column and then add a new row to the table what happens to the data entered in the new cell Excel applies currency formatting to the new value in that column cell What option in the Table ToolsDesign tab removes a table without losing the data in it Convert to range which of the following is TRUE about sorting a table sorting a table rearranges the rows based on the contents of the particular column which of the following is true about table renaming a table can be renamed to better re ect its contents eg PARTS or PRODUCTS To add rows or columns within the table right click and choose insert from the shortcut menu which of the following commands is NOT displayed in this menu Table Column Above You can apply your own style through which of the following steps Home tab gt Styles command group gt Cell styles which of the following do theme effects operate on charts and shapes how are some icons hidden in Icon Set conditional formatting by choosing quotno ce iconquot in the Edit the Rule description box which of the following is FALS about using the conditional formatting option to display an icon in the cell Icon set rules cannot be modi ed when using icon sets conditional formatting excel formats each cell with depending on the cell value a distint icon The background color of a cell can be changed by choogng Home tabgtFont command groupgtFi color when the value of a cell is changed after conditional formatting is applied the cell formatting based on the conditions set is updated Which of the following options provides correct syntax for the VLOOKUP function VLOOKUPvaluetobeookedup tablearray coumnindexnum rangelookup which of the following is the most compelling motivation for using HLOOKUP it usually reduces duplicate data storage for VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP the ookupvalue argument can include wildcard characters if the ookupvalue argument is and the rangeookup argument is quottext falsequot which function returns the relative position in a rangetable of a cell corresponding to a speci ed value MATCH ookup search look for a value in a top row of a table once a match is found in some column it returns a value from that table and column where the row is chosen based on a parameter you specify Horizontal What is the result of using the spell checker when the word is hidden spell checker will be able to check the spelling of the word because the contents of the hidden rows and columns are checked By pressing the space bar the contents of a cell seem to erase because pressing the space bar inserts a non visible space character Regarding the search and replace features provided by the quotFind and Replacequot dialog box what is not true You cannot replace a type of formatting inside a cell with a different type of formatting which of the following is NOT one of the buttons in the spelling dialog box in Excel conditional formatting which of the following is a way of accessing the quotEvaluate Formulaquot dialog box that helps debug a formula choose formula gt formula auditing gt evaluate formula what does it mean when the error DlVO is displayed a number is being divided by zero which icon in data validation error alerts is used to prevent users from entering invalid data into a cell Stop how do you set up a data validation using the data validation dialog box that restricts data entry to a date greater than a speci ed date click the settings tab in the Data Validation box in the allow box select 39date39 in the data box select 39greater than39 the real power of data validation becomes apparent when you use data validation formulas the formula that you specify must be a logical formula that returns either TRUE or FALSE if the formula evaluates to TRUE what does it mean the data is considered valid and remains in the cell Which of the following options must be chosen to import a table from Microsoft Access directly into an Excel worksheet data tab gt get external data command group gtfrom access which of the following is NOT one of the ways to get external data into excel from the library in the share tab of the backstage view which of the options is NOT available publish to word services when you specify which rows should be included in your query selection criteria you are satisfying which step of the Query wizard lter data how will you refresh the query after moving the cell pointer anywhere within the external data table in the worksheet all the options in this question are valid the HYPERLINK function has two arguments which argument has the path and le name to the document to be opened Linkocation which function is used to create a shortcut that opens a document stored on a network server an intranet or the internet HYPERLINK while importing data from a web page into Excel created a refreshable Web Query is used to keep data dynamic or updateble While creating a parameterized web query the question mark is used to begin the URL query string A date lter in Pivot tables is used to specify a time period for which you need the data which of the following is one of the ways to create a pivot chart insert tab gt tables group gt Pivot table gt Pivot chart which of the following statements is FALSE a pivot chart is always based on a pivot table ie changes to the pivot chart must be made by changing the underlying table the data source for a pivot table can reside in a or in a worksheet external data le which of the following is NOT a summary for pivot tables Regression To add one or more Slicers to a worksheet start by selecting any cell in a pivot table and then choose Insert tab gt lter group gt slicer the insert slicers dialog box appears How do you group Pivot Table items manually after creating the pivot table select the items to be grouped and then choose options tab under PivotTable tools and select Group group gt Group Selection what is an advantage of using formulas instead of auto ll to create a series of dates ex work week schedule when the rst date is changed the others update automatically the TODAY function is used to insert the current date which is updated each time a workbook is open or recalculated which of the following formulas can be used to determine the quarter in the calendar for a date in cell P5 ROUNDUPMONTHP530 To display today39s date in the format like quotFriday April 5 2013quot which formula should you use quotToday is quotampTEXTTODAY quotdddd mmmm d yyyyquot Which excel function returns the serial number of current date and time NOW the formula to calculate the value of one minute that can be added to a date serial number is 12460 The function is used to return a speci ed number of letters or characters from the end of a text string RIGHT If you need to display lots of text in a worksheet you can consider using a text box How will you insert a text box Insert tab gt Text command group gt Text Box The is a function that will allow you to display a value after conversion to a string in a speci c format for example with a thousands comma separator and a currency symbol TEXT To eliminate redundant blank space from the start or end of a string eg quotTucson quot which excel function will you use TRM can be used to check whether all of the columns t on one page before printing an Excel worksheet Print Preview To print a worksheet in Landscape orientation you Go to the page layout tab in the page setup group click orientation and then click Landscape which function is used to calculate depreciation in Excel using the straight line method none of the above You use Page Break Preview to all of the above to calculate the cumulative interest paid between any two payment periods use the nancial funcUon CUMIPMT what is the syntax for the RATE function RATEnperpmtpvfvtypeguess when a header or footer section is activated you can insert any of several element codes from the Header amp Footer Elements group Each button inserts a code into the selected section what is the purpose of the following code ampTab Displays the sheets name The basic formula for computing simple interest is Interest Principal Rate Term To calculate the cumulative interest paid between any two payment periods use the nancial function CUMIPMT When specifying what to print a user is NOT able to choose the following option Hidden Sheets


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