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Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

by: Peyton Schimmel

Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy ZOO 3713

Marketplace > University of Central Florida > Animal Science > ZOO 3713 > Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
Peyton Schimmel
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.65

Frank Logiudice

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About this Document

Frank Logiudice
Study Guide
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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by Peyton Schimmel on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ZOO 3713 at University of Central Florida taught by Frank Logiudice in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 70 views. For similar materials see /class/227480/zoo-3713-university-of-central-florida in Animal Science at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Chapter 15 Terms Phylum Chordata contains the subphylum Craniata contains the subphylum vertebrates Have a notochord in the embryo stage Appendages pectoral and pelvic Sagittal Plane left right division Frontal Plane front 7 back division Transverse Plane Cranial Caudal division Notocord cartilaginous rod of living cells that runs the long aXis of the body Lateral Neural Carilage lampreys prevent notocord movement left and right Centrum surrounds notocord Notocord Sheath surround the notocord inside the centrum Pharynx produces gills 1st Pharyngeal Arch Mandibular Arch upper and lower jaw 2ml Pharyngeal Arch Hyoid Arch 3ml 7th Pharyngeal Arch 1st 7 5Lh Branchial Archs Neurulation forming neural tube Neural grove dorsal surface of embryo Neural tube neural grove closes and sinks below the surface will become brain Pericardial Cavity houses the heart Pleuroperitoneal cavity houses everything else Transverse septum separates pericardial and pleuroperitoneal cavity Scrotal Cavities house testes Homology same structures in different species Homoplasy similar structures but not homologous Analogy coincidental resemblancefunction OntogenyOntogenesis developmental history of an organism Echinoderms starfish Urochordates sea squirts filter feeders Cephalochordates spear like Gnath0st0mechondrichthyan sharks Osteichthyan RayFinned Fish Tetrapod Amphibains Amniote Amniote Mammal Reptile Turtle lizard snakes Agnathans hagfish Ostracoderms armored craniates Neopterygii gars Aves birds Chiropteran bat UngulatesampSubungulates mammals that walk on hoofs


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