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kitchen requirements

by: Hannah Gentry

kitchen requirements 1694

Marketplace > Mississippi State University > Art > 1694 > kitchen requirements
Hannah Gentry

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About this Document

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Interior Design Studio 1
Glen Fulton
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Hannah Gentry on Thursday March 24, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to 1694 at Mississippi State University taught by Glen Fulton in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Interior Design Studio 1 in Art at Mississippi State University.


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Date Created: 03/24/16
Kitchen and First Floor Layout Due Monday March 28, 2016 ID 1694 Studio 1 What’s Due – in a standard three ring binder:using page protectors (must look professional) (listed in order) Title page Concept Statement Client Profile and Client Requirements (these are the pages Jeff gave out the other day) (either filed out by hand lettering or retyped) Bubble graphs (he wants these to be nice and neat so most likely computer generated) 2 other floor plan solutions on trace paper A fully completed kitchen floor plan to scale ¼”=1’-0” (make sure it is to scale and in black and white) (if not to scale Jeff may count off an entire letter grade) Tear sheets of everything in the kitchen (this includes appliances, cabinetry, etc.) Kitchen elevations What the kitchen must include 10’ ceilings Double oven Microwave Vented cook top (either a range or a stove top) Refrigerator Dishwasher A minimum of a double sink or farmhouse sink Island or bar space (must have seating for two) What else need to be included Elevations for all the walls of the kitchen and for both sides of the island (if one was used) (include all details: from hinges to cabinty pulls: at ¼”=1’-0” scale) Rooms that need to be on the first floor plan Kitchen Dining room Family room Living room Half bath Utility (or laundry) Notes for completing this project Show all windows, trim, ceiling molding, baseboards, and all other architectural details Work triangles need to be no more than 26’ (be sure to measure this) Jeff really wants us to talk to him as some point about our plan and our notebook BEFORE it is due Good places to find appliances Wolf Viking Bosch KitchenAid Whirlpool frigidaire Good places to find cabinetry Downsville kitchen Kraftmaid Wood-made St. Charles kitchens


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