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Systems and Warrant study guide (unit 2)

by: Bennett Notetaker

Systems and Warrant study guide (unit 2) COM 217LEC

Marketplace > University at Buffalo > Communication Studies > COM 217LEC > Systems and Warrant study guide unit 2
Bennett Notetaker
Communication In Organization
Stefanone, M A

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About this Document

topics you'll need to know for the test on systems
Communication In Organization
Stefanone, M A
Study Guide
permeability, Interdependence, Hierarchical ordering
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Bennett Notetaker on Thursday March 24, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to COM 217LEC at University at Buffalo taught by Stefanone, M A in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Communication In Organization in Communication Studies at University at Buffalo.

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Date Created: 03/24/16
Unit 2 Study Guide The three components of systems 1 Hierarchical order natural order 2 Interdependence 3 Permeability how easy it is to come and go Universe 0 Galaxy 0 Solar Systems Planets These are examples of metaphors of systems Basic Properties of Systems 1 Holism a A lot more than just the people that work b Hockey example used in class where 2050 kids started playing street hockey and that grew and lead to stories which lead to rules c More than the sum of it s parts 2 Fundamental Property a Enter a system you have many paths to get out and achieve a goal prison you can break out die escape or serve time 3 Negative Entropy good a Resist chaos and disorder b Need to maintain all parts of systems low entropywhen you put an ice cube in a glass of water you can tell the difference between the water and the ice cube 4 Requisite Variety a Required a certain level of complexity should math that of the environment think of a pizza shop All Systems are set up like this lnputthroughputljoutputljfeedbackljinput The 39throughout is the organization Ex Human Resources windowsinex o Anticipate a training needinput 0 Training effortthroughput Evaluateoutput Positive or negative feedback Know what Cybernetics is 39Steady state or way of thinking 0 Theory about command and control 0 Ex Thermostat or cruze control 0 What do you do in a factory to make up for broken machinecybernetics Doesn t account for growth 0 Stabilization Theory of Organizing according to Weick Enactment how you make sense of what s going on select strategy to deal with change Equivocality uncertainty which reduced by enactment Assembly rules how you structure information ex Resume Social Network Analysis 0 Graph shows arrows demonstrating connections 0 Matrix sets up a table to make it more clear about who knows who 0 You can nd the prestige by subtracting the in degree by the out degree this means that people who are more prestige may be more worthy of an upper division position if managers want to change something at work they would take the more prestige person to a nice dinner to explain the change to convince him and in return heshe would in uence other workers about the new idea Network Content 0 Are the things that move through the links within a network Network Mode o Is the communication medium where network linkages are maintained Know the 3 identi ers of links 0 Symmetry refers to the two nodes involved in the link if they have the same kind of relationship with one another coworker to coworker Strength can be described as a signi cant amount of communication between people 0 Multiplexity the different kinds of content that go through a link Know Network Roles Shows how individuals are connected to one another multiple types of connections Karl Weick s Theory of Organizing Idea that organizations exist within an environment an information environment not just a physical one Enactment suggests that different members of an organization will have different information inputs with different meanings Major goal of this theory is the reduction of equivocality o Equivocality unpredictability of information environment of an organization 0 Sensemaking through use of assembly rules and communication cycles if they work they are kept for the future Look over Culture Metaphor in textbook What s a warrant Something that gives information about a 39target that s not associated with the target Know some examples of warrants shouldn t come from people who work at the particular company The value of a warrant increases when it s farther from the target t tests if what the company claims is actually true example saying they re diverse and then only having white male managers


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