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Classical Mythology

by: Ardith Nolan

Classical Mythology 008 125

Marketplace > University of Iowa > Literature > 008 125 > Classical Mythology
Ardith Nolan
GPA 3.57

Vasiliki Kostopoulou

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About this Document

Vasiliki Kostopoulou
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Ardith Nolan on Friday October 23, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 008 125 at University of Iowa taught by Vasiliki Kostopoulou in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/228008/008-125-university-of-iowa in Literature at University of Iowa.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
Age quotkingshipquot LINEAR Bl Dark Age lmpoverishment Archaic Period GREEK ALPHABETll Emergence of greek polis city state commerce coinage Classical Period Athenian democracy Peloponnesian War Sparta vs Athens classical writers Sophocles Socrates Plato Hellenistic Period Death of Alexander the great greek culture becomes world culture Pederasty quotlove for young boys older man courts young boys quotdrinking party Hoplites quotheavily armed men Phalanx Tight ranks no chariots Polis Citystate Parthenons virgin Miasm quotpollution from blood ie child birth Hetairai quotcourtesansquot glamorous prostitutes Pornai whores slaves working in brothels SUMERIAN MYTH An skylike Uranus in greek myth nanna queen of heavengoddess of sexual love and war like Aphrodite in greek myth Eni lord of stormlike Zeus in greek myth Enki lord of earthgod of magic and wisdom like Hermes in greek myth Hesoid Author of Theogony and Works amp Days Aoidos quotoral poetquot Aeschylus Sophocles Euripides MADEA Cosmogony vs Theogony Origin of the world vs origin of gods and their rise to power Typhonomachy Gaea was pissed at Zeus so she had Typhoeus to kick the shit out of him obviously he lost Monsters Sphinx cat like thing Cerberus dog lots of heads guards gates of hades Chimera lion with snake as tall and goat head out of back Prometheus Protector of mortals tricked Zeus with the ox meat zeus says he will punish the humans Pandora Zeus s punishment to men A lot of gods helped to make her ie weaving skills beauty love and desire thievish morals and soul of a bitch Sent to prometheus s dumb brother who opened her jar only hoped remained Misogyny Hatred for women The 5 races Golden Race lived in days of cronus happy no troubles Silver Race A child would spend 100 yrs as baby then grow up suddenly and die refused to honor gods and became violent Bronze Race Terrible and warlike all descended to Hades Heroes better than bronze those who fought in Trojan war lron Race hesoids own race sorrow pains labor and war Zeus and Hera at home on Olympus Hera gets jealous of Zeus s mistresses and illegitimate children Hephaestus attempts to comfort Hera Ares and Aphrodite Hephaestus hears of Aphrodite s affair and fashions a mesh trap over the bed He then tells her he is going out of town she invites Ares over and the contraption captures them in bed Hephaestus then takes them both to Olympus and gets laughed at by the gods except for Poseidon Hermes trickster god First to construct a lyre from a tortoise stole Apollo s cattle dragged them backwards and carefully crawled back into bed Mother scolds him he pretends to have no idea what s going on Gave Apollo his lyre Pygmalion Carved himself a beautiful female statue and prayed that she would come to life granted by Venus Aphrodite Orion and Actaeon Actaeon walked in on Diana bathing she turned him into a deer and his dogs devoured him Arachne Arachne challenges Athena to a weaving competition arachne lost and hanged herself Athena took pity on her and turned her into a spider Demeter goddess of the grain Zeus Persephone s father gives the girl away to Hades to marry Demeter takes form of old woman and starts searching the earth for her She refuses to make grain grow Finally Zeus sends Hermes to retrieve Persephone from Hades Before she is released Hades feeds her a pomegranate and she now must live 13 of the year in the underworld Meanings of DemeterPersephone story 1 Allegorical interp Persephone s return from the underworld was interpreted as the growth of new wheat crop the return timespring was not the Greeks growing season REJECT 2 Persephone s fate resembles that of Greek girls who were married to older men A father had a right to give his daughter to whomever she doesn t wholly live in one world rather two REJECT 3 Demeter s experience reflects Greek mothers experience of giving up daughter to a stranger s household or loss mother feels for any child Dionysus god of wine and male fertility portrayed as the foreign god sends madness as punishment FOLLOWERS Bacchae and Maenads hold THYRSUS9 stick with pinecone on top Followers ripped Orpheus limb from limb and only his head floated down the river still crying about Eurydice O MOPHAGlA eating of raw flesh SPRAG MOS ripping animals apart Myths of Death think SAPPHO and ODYSSEY only life on earth was valued Odysseus must go to the underworld to meet Tiresias for directions home where he runs into Achilles pessimism about afterlife Special underworld Elysium Underworld punishments Tantalus serving gods his son Punishment never satisfy his gluttonous desires Sisyphus tricked death Punishment labors endlessly without result Legends Gilgamesh Mesopotamian hero Enkidu and G become lifelong friends then he dies G searches for Utnapishtim quoteverlasting life he says to stay awake for4 days and you will live forever G fails so Utnapishtim tells him to find an herb he does but a serpent emerges and eats it Gilgamesh ends up dying Perseus and Andromeda Perseus dies and becomes a constellation Andromeda s mother said she was more beautiful than the Nereids so now A is chained to a rock about to be devoured by a sea monster Perseus falls in love with her and saves her from the monster if he can marry her However Andromeda was already engaged Perseus pulls out the Gorgons head and turns her suitor into stone Heracles 2quotd wifeDeianira Hera is behind Heracles madness and he murders his three children and Megara What can he do to make it up 12 labors 12 labors 1 Nemean Lion now wears lion skin Lernaean Hydra water serpent Ceryneian Deer Artemis s deer Erymanthian Boar Augean Stables diverted part of river to clean dirty stables in one day 6 Stymphalian Birds killed deadly birds 7 Cretan Bull captured 8 Horses of Diomedes 9 Girdle of Hippolyta Amazon queen s 10 Cattle of Geryon 11 Apples of Hesperides Cerberus bring back the manyheaded guarddog from the underworld VFWquot N Death of Heracles Deianira gives Heracles Nessus s quotlove potion which actually contained something from the Hydra that killed him instead Seeing what she had done Deianira stabbed herself Heracles turns into a god once he dies and marris Hebe quotyouthquot Apotheosisprocess of being made a god


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