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by: Susie Rogahn Jr.


Susie Rogahn Jr.
GPA 3.89


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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Susie Rogahn Jr. on Friday October 23, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to COM 325 at University of Kentucky taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/228257/com-325-university-of-kentucky in Communication at University of Kentucky.




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Date Created: 10/23/15
COM 325002 Unit Test 3 STUDY GUIDE Organizational Challenges The test on Thursday October 31st at 200 pm will cover the information provided in class about Organizational Challenges from Chapters 7 8 amp 9 in the Modaff amp DeWine text as well as the handouts and course materials provided in class Based on student midterm feedback and for this test only the format for this third test will be predominantly definitions short essay and longer essay questions no multiple choice or true false questions will be included Paper will be provided KNOW THE FOLLOWING Chapter Seven Realistic Recruitment How and when do applicants and organizations misrepresent themselves Distinguish between traditional and realistic recruitment Provide examples What are the human and financial costs of traditional recruiting How does realistic recruitment minimize misunderstandings in organizations Which theory selfselection or vaccination provides the best explanation for how Realistic Job Previews RIP function Why What is the most appropriate medium or media for presenting the RIP Which media type is most positively related with job performance Which media type is associated with the greatest reduction in employee turnover When is the best time to administer the RIP Why Why is realistic recruitment important in the communicative organization Describe how the process of recruiting new employees can be more honest and realistic Chapter Eight Socialization of New Members Describe and provide an example of each of the three possibilities for creating misunderstandings for organizational newcomers con ict in values lack of information and strategic misinterpretations Do new employees generally receive more information about initial job tasks or the organization s culture Why Describe Blank amp Slipp s 2000 guidelines for becoming assimilated into the organizational culture without giving up your own identity Explain in detail Frederic Jablin s 2001 concept of organizational assimilation Be certain to discuss each of Jablin s three phases of assimilation Provide three signi cant criticisms that have been levied against assimilation research Describe the difference between socialization and assimilation What does organizational socialization represent in the assimilation process How do loyalty and congruency affect socialization Explain two of the pairs of socialization tactics that organizations could employ How do new members monitor what happens during the encounter stage of socialization Why is the socialization process in organizations critical to maintaining a dedicated and loyal workforce Describe the six sequential phases of Dr Lane s model of organizational assimilation in order Chapter Nine Con ict in the Organization Be ready to discuss the origins and consequences positive and negative associated with Organizational Con ict What are the factors that in uence the outcome of a situation involving con ict How do individual personalities traits and dispositions in uence the outcome of con ict Identify and explain the signi cance of each of the ve basic con ict styles What are the three dimensions of the Ross and DeWine CMMS scale and what does the scale measure Explain the relationship between a superior s con ict styles and rewards for subordinates How are diversity and gender related to con ict styles Describe the three organizationwide responses to the dispute process in an organization Explain how rationality and effectiveness help de ne many aspects of organizational life De ne and explain the differences between distributive and integrative con ict resolution What are the speci c skills that Van Slyke 1999 identi ed that will help an individual resolve organizational con ict Why are interpersonal relationships important to con ict resolution How is having skills and knowledge of different approaches to con ict helpful for individuals Provide three of the suggestions discussed by Modaff amp DeWine 2002 for dealing with organizational con ict De nitions from Chapters 7 8 and 9 rganizational challenges Realistic Recruitment Traditional Recruitment RJP Socialization Organizational Assimilation Anticipatory Socialization Organizational Encounter Metamorphosis Congruency Loyalty Con ict Issue Rigidity Con ict Styles avoiding 39 quot l quot quot 39 quot l 39 Organization responses to disputes aggressiveness authoritativeness observability Negotiation Distributive con ict resolution Integrative con ict resolution Con ictasimpotence metaphor Con ictasarationalprocess metaphor


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