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Chapter 1,2 Introduction of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (Smith and Van Ness)

by: Hanna Fonataba

Chapter 1,2 Introduction of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (Smith and Van Ness) CHE 3010

Marketplace > Tennessee Tech University > Chemical Engineering > CHE 3010 > Chapter 1 2 Introduction of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Smith and Van Ness
Hanna Fonataba
Dr. Holy Stretz

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About this Document

Energy Balance for Open and Closed System, Carnot's Cycle, and Entropy Changes
Dr. Holy Stretz
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Hanna Fonataba on Friday October 23, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CHE 3010 at Tennessee Tech University taught by Dr. Holy Stretz in Fall 2014. Since its upload, it has received 97 views. For similar materials see Thermodynamics in Chemical Engineering at Tennessee Tech University.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
1 i quot r F a m J V t u Hi x P 1 II m 7 T p ij rl m f3 quotF 5 q r 1 r h g Q 1 Th Carnot s cgcle em39ciemg Qc in 46 MSW 0 1 ASH Agsvs 4 Assurr er rOpg chonqes 04 ideal cqu N Tc da lquot39 39 AS Rln i H IQHI TH J T P CHE 3010 Midterm F14 1 Emlng balanu 4 U Q CLOSed sysmm 0mLU AH u1zgr m at 9 quotquotquot mo K ASH0 i wafer was 395 3H Rzaawfm a 93 V cm 59quot Cm aim 3mm balaan For open gyshzm hm red w h 30 in He I9 5mquot chunOJes in Jthe TH maervcn39r W05 2125 quot39 quot39 39 l waer C0 19 C ows in a S HCMgH herQMOL pipe in which were 1 n1 exchange of 6hr ham or wor39lt WM 2 surroundings IVs mung S M ms mo P Pe maquot wng du39omefer OF 25 cm Un l Ff Flows info a sochon where 4h pipe diamewr abrup rlg increasesE Wha t s Q rerrapgramg Change 0 HQ NEAR IF 1m luJvag HpCu a dmgm eris 38 Cmf I 3 75 Cr wmd IS 3 may Jramp Change Per Cm em arojpwem m Jc re 990 a v n e o D d WU a 1562 1776 3171 5 th a sumo BMW mo m 2 O NVl 139 RVZ AH AU 0 U39AarUnh Mr W1 M r 2352 392 CFAT 5M quot W Q4X0039532 U1o0382 Luge AT 996 we U2 0 t Aggro H 08 mf Pa moHlt A 3 consmnt P 023er 1 H UPV WK anAu 4 f T2 j t quot 5 v Cvd TODMLMJ T E AH h W W Conwrsion 101chan 1 m 32140 9 r3934m inc n l kg 2201 3m 9 395 451 10 Iirlo P 7098 923am bCH O W A 1 m3 lowquot Her 35 JEFF warsT25 FR 50quot 1 I a may xAoquotbu 299998 moq kwhr 0 233006 m4 1M 210 dgne 119865 3 1m 163 33312 Shim hp 93


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