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Exam 2 Study Guide

by: Kylie Wheeler

Exam 2 Study Guide REL 131

Kylie Wheeler
GPA 3.8
Religions in America
martha finch

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About this Document

Here is a general overview of everything we've learned for this unit! I even included sources you can use for your essays! This should be a huge help for your test!
Religions in America
martha finch
Study Guide
Religions in America, REL 131
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kylie Wheeler on Friday October 23, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to REL 131 at Missouri State University taught by martha finch in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 69 views. For similar materials see Religions in America in Political Science at Missouri State University.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
Exam 2 Study Guide Be Familiar about Each of These Concepts 19th Century Spiritual Hothouses 0 Cultural Climate millennialism Migration Immigration First wave Civil War 0 New Religious Movements NRM s Forerunners UnitariansUniversalists Transcendentalists Metaphysical Movements Spiritualism Christian Science Unity Utopian Communal Groups Shakers Oneida Perfectionists Church of Jesus Christ of LDS Crucible of Slavery Slaveholders used Christianity as a weapon Raboteau from Allitt text African traditions Christianity Protestant revivalism I Religious creativity amp combination 0 Crucible Produced African Methodist Episcopal AME Baptists Holiness Pentecostal o PowerPoint Musical instrumentspractical in African traditions Slaves being pulled inward to coast by slaveholders Middle Passage 500000 Africans brought directly to US 0 North American Plantations 2 Forms of Christianity 1 Of cial masters vs ministers Raboteau 2 Unof cial Nat Turner rebellion led to this Invisible Institution slaves have secret religion 4 Features of Slaves Christianity Ecstatic Worship Conversion Spirituals Preachers amp Preaching 99 F 0 Video about African Church People say they re in another world Scream preaching Dancing sweating shouting Malcolm X amp MLKJ PowerPoint 0 Malcolm X Nation of Islam gt Mainstream Islam Wallace Fard founded NOI Master Fard Muhammad dismantled NOI Elijah Muhammadminister of Islam X left NOI formed organization of Afro Americans Unity on N01 and FBI hit list violent activism Minister Louis Farrakhan reconstituted N01 0 MLKJ Baptist March on Washington non violent activism wrote Strength to Love Allitt text NOI said he was too pacifist White ministers said he was too militant NOI militant aggressive NOT orthodox mainstream Islam lt not militant surrender to Allah Prophetic lineage AdamltAbrahamltMosesltJesusltMuhammadltElijah Muhammad racial segregation However few black Muslims lt Mainstream mosques 19th and early 20th century Catholic amp Jewish immigration A challenge to Anglo Protestant dominance 12 mil Catholics 3 mil Jews PowerPoint EXpectation immigrants arriveAmericanize Reality people wanted to protect Americaanti immigration America represents Promise land However Americanization and anti immigration were happening at the same time Know nothing party Native Americans who wouldn t admit to anything H American Catholicism 1830s1910s German 4 largest groups h disagreements 2 issues Catholics dealt with Internal Conditions Info in Allitt amp Carroll text 2 External Conditions Info in handout amp Allitt text PowerPoint NatiVist Violence amp propaganda Burning of Ursuline convent Pictures of nuns being tortured Mexican American Catholicism Juan Diego PowerPoint Altarcitoshome alters Tattoo of Lady of Guadalupe on body for protection Website of L of G example of a Virtual shrine American Judaism 3 waves of immigration Spain amp Mediterranean Region in publicblended in with America in privateJeWish Germany Wanted to fully Americanize Roth letter Allitt text Eastern Europe Observant of Torah central in life Kosher life Cahan Allitt text


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