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Test 3 Study Guide Questions & Answers

by: Allyson Notetaker

Test 3 Study Guide Questions & Answers SOCL 100

Marketplace > Western Kentucky University > Sociology > SOCL 100 > Test 3 Study Guide Questions Answers
Allyson Notetaker
Introductory Sociology
Matthew Pruitt

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About this Document

Introductory Sociology
Matthew Pruitt
Study Guide
#pruitt #sociology
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Allyson Notetaker on Friday October 23, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to SOCL 100 at Western Kentucky University taught by Matthew Pruitt in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 260 views. For similar materials see Introductory Sociology in Sociology at Western Kentucky University.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
Chapter 9 Questions What are gender roles 0 The characteristics attitudes feelings and behaviors that society expects of females and males What is gender stratification o People s unequal access to wealth power status prestige and other valued resources because of their sex By the third grade what performance differences emerge between boys and girls in math science and reading 0 Boys on average outperform girls in math and science whereas girls outperform boys in reading What is sexual harassment 0 Any unwanted asexual advance request for sexual favors or other conduct of a sexual nature that makes a person uncomfortable and interferes with her or his work What are asexuals 0 Those who lack any interest in or desire for sex What percent of Americans say that gay men and women should have equal rights in the workplace 0 89 In the US alone pornography is a 15 billion a year industry According to functionalists men play an instrumental role of procreator protector and provider and women play an expressive role by providing the emotional support and nurturance that sustain the family unit and support the fatherhusband Most unmarried fathers don t support their children and the offspring often experience instability and poverty as well as a variety of emotional behavioral and academic problems Liberal feminism maintains that gender equality can be achieved through egual civil rights and equal opportunities Radical feminism contends that patriarchy is that mai or reason for women s oppression especially men s control over women s bodies and their sexuality What does FGMC involve and where in the world is it practiced o Involves removing all or part the girl s external gentialia such as the clitoris to control a girl s sexual desire and preserve her chastity before marriage Africa some countries in Asia and the middle east have experienced FGMC What are honor killings 0 Murders committed by male members of the family if they believe that a female relative has brought shame on the family by refusing an arranged marriage How do we do gender 0 By adjusting our behavior and our perceptions depending on the sex of the person with whom we re interacting Chapter 13 Questions What are the five important functions that functionalists believe families must fulfill to ensure a society s survival 0 Sexual regulation Reproduction and socialization Economic security Emotional support and social placement Why are marriages of first and second cousins common in the Arab world and in some African nations 0 Because such unions reinforce kinship ties and increases a family s resources What is a nuclear family 0 A form of family consists of married parents and their biological or adopted children What is an extended family 0 A form of family which consists of parents and children as well as other kin such as uncles and aunts nieces and nephews cousins and grandparents What percent of all US families are nuclear families 0 23 To what does boomerang generation refer 0 Young adults that move back into their parents home after living independently for a while or who never leave it in the first place What is a marriage market 0 A courtship process in which prospective spouses compare the assets and liabilities of eligible partners and choose the best available mate Why do many societies discourage dating 0 Because marriage is seen as a family rather than an individual decision What is serial monogamy 0 Individuals marry several people but at one time What is polygamy o A marriage form in which a man or a woman has 2 or more spouses Most polygynous groups in the US are what 0 Fundamentals who have broken away from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Divorce rates are low today than they were between 1980 and 2005 In 2009 the median age for first marriage was E for women and was E for men Proportionately nonmarried birth rates are highest for M women and lowest for Asian American women A national poll found that Latinos were moreless likely than the general population to agree that relatives are more important than friends Femaleheaded household are moreless common among Asians than in other racial ethnic groups That violence and love can coexist in a household is perhaps the most insidious aspect of family violence because we grow up learning that it is acceptable to hit the people we m7 What are the four sources of the most common disagreements among couples 0 Gender role expectations money children and infidelity Why is it believed that victimization rates for child maltreatment decline as children get older 0 They can protect themselves run away from home or adults fear being reported by older children Chapter 15 Questions Especially at schools that are not affiliated with any religion a majority of students who describe themselves as religious also report what 0 Engaging in casual sex attending college parties with pornographic theme and cheating on exams What is spirituality 0 A personal quest to feel connected to a reality greater than oneself What is a cult What phrase do some sociologists prefer over cults o A religious group that is devoted to beliefs and practices that are outside of those accepted in mainstream society What is a sect o A religious group that has broken away from an established religion If the world s population is represented as an imaginary village of 100 people how many of those individuals would identify as Christians Muslims and nonreligious individuals or atheists 0 Christian 33 Muslims 21 nonreligious individuals or atheists 16 What are the five groups that have had a worldwide impact on economic political and social issues 0 Christianity Islam Hinduism Buddhism and Judaism People with lower levels of educational attainment are generally m religious than those with higher education What is secularization 0 A process of removing institutions such as education and government from the dominance or in uence of religion What is fundamentalism o The belief in the literal meaning of sacred text Increasing numbers of pharmacists are refusing to fill prescriptions for oral contraceptives because doing so violates their religious belief Rituals for major life events reinforce the individual s sense of belonging to a particular religious group In defending the US invasion of Iraq President Bush said what 0 Liberty is God s gift to every human being in the world A study of 59 industrialized and developing countries found that religious beliefs that encourage hard work and thrift spur economic growth The International Bible Society was criticized by conservatives for doing what 0 Changing sons of God to children of God and a man is justi ed by faith to a person is justi ed by faith The Apostle Paul instructed wives to do what 0 Submit to their husbands in everything In Orthodox Judaism a man s daily prayers offering blessing for what 0 That they weren t born a woman Which of the major world religions treat men and women equally 0 None of them What is a ritual o A formal and repeated behavior in which the members of a group regularly engage


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