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PSY 478 Exam 2 Study Guide

by: Taylor Russell

PSY 478 Exam 2 Study Guide PSY 478

Marketplace > University of Arizona > Psychlogy > PSY 478 > PSY 478 Exam 2 Study Guide
Taylor Russell
GPA 3.7
Sleep and Sleep Disorders
Dr. Peck

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About this Document

Comprehensive study guide of lectures 2/23 to 3/24 for exam 2, Question and Answer style.
Sleep and Sleep Disorders
Dr. Peck
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Taylor Russell on Thursday March 24, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to PSY 478 at University of Arizona taught by Dr. Peck in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see Sleep and Sleep Disorders in Psychlogy at University of Arizona.


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Date Created: 03/24/16
PSY 478 Midterm 2 Study Guide Lecture 22316 Personality and Sleep 1 Name the 5 big personality traits and describe them a Extraversion sociable assertive enthusiastic b Agreeableness compassionate respectful trusting c Conscientiousness organized productive responsible d Neuroticism anxious depressed emotionally volatile 2 What are traits of High PA a Selfactualizing b High affective 3 What are traits of Low PA a Selfdestructive b Low affective 4 Does subjective sleep quality correlate with objective sleep quality a NO negative cognitive viewpoint may cause reportedly lower quality of SUBJECTIVE sleep 5 What is the MEQ a MorningnessEveningness Questionnaire 6 What are common trends in the MEQ a Age and gender preferences i Speci cally increase age increase preference for earlier wake time ii Females generally prefer waking later than what men reported b Body temperature i Max body temp occurs earlier in the evening for morning people and later for evening people Lecture 22516 Insomnia 1 What does the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index measure a Subjective sleep quality latency duration efficiency disturbances meds 2 How do we clinically classify a sleep disorder a DSMV ICD10 ICSD International Classi cation of Sleep Disorders 3 What is the DSMV de nition of a sleep disorder a Dif culty initiating sleep maintaining sleep early morning awakening b Causes signi cant distress or impairment in life c Does not cooccur with another sleep disorder d Not explained by mental condition 4 What is ICSD a Psychophysiological Insomnia combined insomnia and decreased daytime functioning b Learned sleeppreventing associations are found to include trying too hard to sleep when you desire but easily fall asleep to monotonous pursuits TV or reading conditioned arousal to bed or bedroom 5 What does the PS6 of ICSD indicate a Reduced sleep efficiency determined by awakenings in the night b Increased sleep latency 6 What are some common daytime impairments of insomnia a Fatigue cognitive impairment social impairment motivationenergy reduction 7 General consequences of insomnia a Safety b Economic c Mental health 8 What is an ironic process a Process where trying to do something prevents you from doing that thing 9 How would you tell the difference between insomnia and a circadian disorder a Epworth sleepiness scale PSG sleep logs MSLT brain scans psych assessment 10 How is Fatal Familial Insomnia related to Circadian rhythm a There is a complete lack of circadian rhythm 11 Is there a genetic component to Fatal Familial Insomnia a Yes FAMILIAL Lecture 312016 and 332016 Treatments for Insomnia 1 What does TST stand for a Total Sleep Time 2 What does SOL stand for a Sleep Onset Latency 3 What does WASO stand for a Wake After Sleep Onset 4 The four ways we measure sleep a Selfreport b Sleep diaries c PSG d Actigraphy records wrist movement device is an actiwatch looks like a watch 5 How are Classical Conditioning and Insomnia related a You get in bed and are essentially classically training yourself to sleep 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 What is Biofeedback a Seeing data about what s going on in your body that allows you to make changes quotanything that can be measured can be changedquot What is quotsleep hygienequot a Pete Hauri coined it s essentially just really god ideas to promote good sleep i Setting a regular wake time exercising regularly minimizing noise room temp cooler What are some things to avoid in order to maintain good sleep hygiene a Sleep aids b Caffeine late in the day c Chronic tobacco use Dick Bootzin developed what method for dealing with sleep insomnia Stimulus Control What are some key Stimulus Control instructions Lie down ONLY when tired Use bed for only sleep and sex If you can t sleep move rooms Set a regular wake time No naps What is the goal of Sleep Restriction Therapy Goal is to increase Sleep Efficiency Sleep Restriction instructions Track sleep and get average TST Determine wake time Each week advance bedtime by 15 mins What is the main concept of Sleep Compression Minimizing TIB time in bed until sleep is restored What is the most effective treatment for insomnia CBT CognitiveBehavioral therapy Name the four factors of the FourFactor Model of Insomnia Predisposing Risk factors family history traumatic event Precipitating Causes nals relationship trouble Perpetuating Continuance excessive napping trying to hard to fall asleep Conditioned Arousal What is a Metaanalysis Statistical technique for combining ndings from multiple independent studies a DP00quot 0 0390 Lecture 3082016 Alternative NonDrug Treatments for Insomnia 1 What are two ways to control your thoughts when you are experiencing insomnia a Worry window choose a designated time of day to worry so when you are trying to sleep you can remind yourself to worry at the appropriate hour b Thought stopping actually saying stop aloud mantra 2 What does CAM stand for a Complementary and alternative medicine b Is it the best technique 3 How do we evaluate CAM a Placebo Dodo Allegiance effect 4 How do we distinguish mindfulness from relaxation o Mindfulness Observing your mental state WITHOUT trying to alter it involves breathing thought exercising and body components a Relaxation cultivating a certain state 5 True of False Acupuncture showed positive results in treatment of insomnia a True 6 What is the difference between a mediator and a moderator a Mediator accounts for the relationship between the predictor and the criterion and WHY these effects occur b Moderator specifies appropriate conditions for operation on a factor looks at the strength of the relationship between predictor and criterion 7 True of False Herbal medicine showed positive results in treatment of insomnia a Falsepoor results Lecture 3102016 Recreational Drugs and Alcohol 1 Alcohol decreases a REM b Sleep spindles c Respiration d Sleep onset latency 2 True or False n3 and REM are increased in rebound sleep the night after alcohol consumption a True 3 True or False Drinking dinner with dinner shows same effects on sleep as without a meal a False negative effects are decreased if the alcohol is consumed at dinner 4 What happens in the second part of the night as alcohol withdrawal kicks in a Increase in n1 5 Cigarettes decrease a SWS and sleep efficiency 6 7 Cigarettes increase a Sleep latency b Waking time c REM sleep latency Marijuana increases a SWS Lecture 3222016 and 3242016 Parasomnias 1 10 11 12 13 De ne sleepwalking a N3 sleep disturbance consciously aware however are not quotawakequot What is the difference between sleep walking and REM behavior disorder a REM BD is actually acting out a dream sleepwalking has conscious awareness What is sexsomnia a Vocalizations actions orgasms etc with no recollection What kind of behaviors are intact during sleepwalking a Primal and instinctive walking eating sex aggression Can PSGs be used in court in sleepcrime cases a No Who is Dr Dement and what are his major contributions to sleep research a Categorized 5 sleep stages b First sleep disorder clinic c Counting apneas d MSLT with Carskadon True or false there is no muscle atonia in REM Behavior Disorder a True there typically is muscle atonia in NORMAL REM What are treatment options for REM Behavioral Disorder a Behavioral therapy b Klonopin antianxiety benzodiazepine What do those with Exploding Head Syndrome wake up to everyday a Very loud noise also called quoticepick headachequot Describe the traits associated with sleep paralysis Consciously awake but unable to move Can involve hallucinations and panic What states does sleep paralysis occur Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic it is waking up while partially in REM What are some triggers for sleep paralysis Stimulants ADHD meds fatigue sleep deprivation What is another name for KleineLevin Syndrome Sleeping Beauty Syndrome a 14 What is increased in KLS a Appetite sex drive childish behavior 15 Does KLS have a hereditary component When does it start a No hereditary component starts in early childhood sometimes disappears in adulthood


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