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Flashcards / cosmetology review test #5

cosmetology review test #5

cosmetology review test #5


School: Rosel School of Cosmetology
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Name: cosmetology review test #5
Uploaded: 03/25/2016
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A neuron is a?

Nerve cell

The primary structural unit of the nervous system is?


Where should disinfected manicure implements be stored?

In a closed, dry, and disinfected container

What is the outermost layer of the skin?


A Cathode does what?

Opens the pores (or soften tissues)

The graduated hair cut is the most commonly cut with?

Elevated cut

The graduated hair cut is most commonly cut with an elevation of?

45 degrees

Checking the length of a hair cut by parting the hair in a opposite direction from which you cut is called?


If you use vertical parting in a haircut, you should cross-check the lengths with?

Horizontal parting

In the Galvanic current, the positive electrode is called?


In the Galvanic current, the negative electrode is called?


The ability of the hair to stretch and contrast is?


The ability of the hair to absorb moisture is?


The technique used in zero elevation (no elevation, or no layer) is called?

Blunt cut

What is established when the two imaginary halves of a hairstyle have an equal visual weight but are positioned unevenly?


Two halves of a style, form a mirror image of one another are called?

Symmetrical balance

The listing and identifying of harmful ingredients in the products by the manufacturers is required by?


The safety standards and precautions that protect employees when they are potentially exposed to blood borne pathogens?


The appendages of the skin are nails, hair, and?

Sweat and oil glands

The technique in which a effleurage motion is used?


The folds of the skin overlapping the side of the nail are?

Nail wall (folds)

What is the first step when you do a manicure service?

Inspect the client's hands and fingers or clean table with disinfectant

What is prohibited to treat in the salon?


The most common ingredients found in Ammonium Thioglycolate is?

Curl rearranged

Chemical relaxer involves two chemical phases and an application of?

Neutralizer and stabilizer

What is the largest bone of the facial skeleton?


When the client has a curly hair, she wants to do a styling but she does not want to change or break her natural curl. What should the practitioner do?

Hot rollers

What is used for warming wax?


The client's hair has a weight unequally when use the lines cross at the central axis, which one of the designs use to balance facial features?


The study of structure, functions diseases of muscles is called?


Metabolism consists of two phases, anabolism and?


How long does pre disposition test (PD test, skin test, allergy test) of hair color application take?

24 hours

When doing acrylic nail service why does the technician have to use primer?

Ensure adhesion

The nail has lunula (half moon) seen on?


Peptide bond is a strong chemical bond that joins?

Amino acids

How many bones of the cranium?


The control center of cell activities including reproduction is?


What is the system that has the function of surrounding and protecting internal organs?

Skeletal system

The physical foundation of the body is?

Skeletal system

The direct current used in electrotherapy treatment is?


Treatment with light rays is?

Light therapy

The most abundant element on earth is?


Amino acids join together in chains to become?


Hair is primarily composed of?


Temporary colors contain?

Certified colors

The technical term for the study of hair is?


Wet hair is able to stretch to what percent of its length?

40% to 50%

Avoid giving a scalp massage immediately prior to a?

Chemical service

The foundation of every haircut is?


A technique in which the shear is opened and closed rhythmically while moving upward from the ends is also called?

Slithering (effilating)

Men usually wear hairpiece (artificial hair) to?

Cover bald spots

The hair piece worn by men to cover bald or trimming spots, particularly on the top of the head is?


The agency under the department of labor that enforces safety and healthy standards in the workplace is?


Which provides key information on products regarding ingredients, hazards, combustion, and storage?


The process referred to as "double bagging" is performed when?

A blood spill occurs

Sanitation is the lowest level of?

Decontamination and infection control

Sterilization standards require the use of a liquid sterilizer and?

Dry heat

The brain and the spinal cord make up?

The central nervous system

Which nerves carry messages from the brain to the muscles?

Efferent (motor nerves)

The facial nerve is also known as

Seventh cranial nerve

The seventh cranial nerve is?


Two primary glands of the endocrine system are?

Sebaceous and sudoriferous (oil and sweat glands)

Sweat and oil glands belong to?

Exocrine glands

The pigment that gives hair its color is found primarily in?


Light colors seem to come forward while dark colors seem to?


What effect is caused by using asymmetrical balance?

Weight is positioned unequally from a center axis

Which is affected by massage?

5th cranial nerve

The largest of the cranial nerve is?

5th cranial nerve

Partings for hair cutting are determined by the?

Density of the hair

The process of combing wet hair into the desired position is?

Shaping (or molding)

The process of drying the hair and styling the hair is?


What must be permanently broken to change the hair from a straight to a curly state?

Disulfide bonds

What product should not be applied to hair that has been previously permed with Ammonium Thioglycolate?


What is a chemical service designed to change over curly hair to curly wavy hair?

Curl reforming (soft perm, soft curls)

What base toner would be used to produce a neutral blond on pre-lightened yellow hair?


What would be the result of applying higher volumes of developer?

More levels of light

Metallic dyes are not recommended because they are progressive dyes and could cause hair to?

Discolor and break

What would be considered a universal precaution?

Salon cleanliness

The layer of the epidermis that is shed and replaced constantly is the?

Stratum corneum

To assure complete dryness of the hair, the blower is use in a?

Back and forth movement

Ammonium thioglycolate is the main ingredient in?

Curl rearrange

These products are used to reduce the growths of microbes but will not kill microbes are?


When you are doing a pin curl, which will give you the most mobility result?

Full stem