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Quiz 2 Study Guide

by: Lonnie Wong

Quiz 2 Study Guide Italian 42A

Lonnie Wong
GPA 3.52
Early Modern Italy

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About this Document

This is the study guide to Quiz 2! Hope it helps! :)
Early Modern Italy
Study Guide
moudarres, early modern italy
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Lonnie Wong on Saturday October 24, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Italian 42A at University of California - Los Angeles taught by moudarres in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 68 views. For similar materials see Early Modern Italy in Italian at University of California - Los Angeles.


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Date Created: 10/24/15
Study Guide Quiz 2 The 20 questions included in the quiz will be chosen from this list Donation of Constantine 1 To whom does Constantine address the Donation I write Constantine because as we all know by now the Emperor Constantine the Great had nothing to do with the Donation The Donation is a forged document probably written in the 8th century almost five centuries after Constantine died addressed to Sylvester to the clergy bishops and popes of Rome 2 What is Constantine s illness leprosy 3 And how was he supposed to treat this illness according to his pagan priestsphysicians fill a tub full of infant blood in the Capitol and bathe in it 4 How is Constantine cured purified by salubrious water by immersionthree times 5 In addition to Constantine who else is involved in the decision to bestow princely power on the pontiff the satraps the entire Senate optimates and the Roman people 6 What kinds of gifts accompany the pope s newly acquired princely power power of the empire and the four chief seats Antioch Alexandria Constantinople and Jerusalem and over all the churches and priests in the world 7 How does Constantine describe the relationship between pope and emperor placing the emperor39s position below that of all popes and therefore God Oration on the Donation of Constantine I What makes the power of the supreme pontiff so impressive according to the beginning of Valla s Oration so powerful that Sylvester and Constantine doesn39t know anything about what they are doing 2 What does Valla seek to achieve in writing the Oration pages 34 show why the Donation is invalid 3 What is the common sense argument that Valla deploys pages 67 to suggest that it would have been unreasonable for Constantine to relinquish half of the Roman Empire no ruler would willingly hand over their empire 4 What are the risks of dividing the Empire pages 1112 civil unrest and possible civil war 5 What does Valla imagine that Sylvester would say to Constantine in response to Constantine s gift pages 1521 a curse to the papacy Constantine doesn39t have the power to gift the empire crime of simony 6 What is the Biblical precedent of a Syrian general who suffered from leprosy that Valla suggests is behind the legend of the Donation See the slides and pages 8 and 16 of the Oration Naaman of Syrian 7 True or False Valla does not use irony in his Oration False 8 What are the most evident historical and geographic inaccuracies in the Donation to which Valla draws our attention 2 satraps didn39t exist the language used in the Donation doesn39t match the language used by Constantine in that time Constantinople was still Byzantium Book of Revelation is used but Constantine couldn39t possibly have used it as he only converted three days before the Donation was 39written39 9 What is the discipline that Valla mastered and that allowed him to dissect the linguistic aws of the Donation philology 10 What are the dangers in the pope s exercise of temporal power to which Valla draws the reader s attention see for instance pages 4245 power to wage war 11Why is Constantine s use of scriptural passages like the one from the Book of Revelation see Valla s critique at pages 5455 inconsistent with historical reality Constantine had just converted and didn39t have time to read the Book of Revelation 12 Where had the Donation allegedly been hidden in the tomb of Christ 13 True or False Valla thinks that the growth of the Roman Empire was legitimate and resulted from Divine Providence False 14 What are according to Valla the reasons for making war avenge a wrong and defend friends prevent a coming disaster if the power of one is to grow expectation of booty desire for glory 15 Which one of these reasons is just the first two compared to the other two but even then not truly just 16 How does he describe the popes rule over the city of Rome see pages 7280 like tyranny 17 What happened to Valla after he wrote the Oration nothing inconclusive trial History of Italy 1 When did Lorenzo de Medici the Magnificent die a 1492 2 When did Innocent VIII die a 1492 3 Who became pope after the death of Innocent VIII a Alexander VI 4 How did Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia become pope according to Guicciardini a bribery 5 How does Guicciardini describe Alexander VI What qualities positive and negative does Guicciardini highlight a the most horrible man in the world fraudulent corrupt shrewd 6 True or False Guicciardini does not think that Fortune always favors good people a True 7 Who is Lucrezia Borgia s third husband a Duke of Ferrara Alfonso d39Este 8 When did Alexander VI die According to Guicciardini how did he die a 1503 accidental poisoning his son initially intended to poison the cardinal holding a feast but the pope thirsty drank the poisoned wine 9 What happened to Cesare Borgia when his father Alexander VI died a ill weak position politically after death of his father lost political power arrested by Julius II and died in Spain 10 How did Rome react to the news of Alexander s death according to Guicciardini a happiness cardinals scrabbling to read the political situation 11 Who succeeded Alexander VI a Pius III 12 How long was he in power a 26 days 13 Who succeeded Pius III a Julius II 14 The man who became pope as Julius II had been made a cardinal by a previous pope who was also his uncle who was this earlier pope Sixtus IV 15 Which town did Julius II besiege in 1511 successfully leading his artillery troops from the frontline a Mirandola 16 Which city rose up against Julius II in 1511 What did the mob destroy during the uprising a Bologna the bronze statue of Julius by Michelangelo 17 True or False Guicciardini describes Julius II as a peaceloving pope a false 18 Who succeeded Julius II in 1513 Who is the father of this new pope a Leo X Lorenzo de39 Medici 19 How did the new pope celebrate his election as pope a a party Savonarola s and Alexander s Letters 1 To which religious order did Savonarola belong a Dominican 2 Why did Alexander VI order that Savonarola go to Rome a to talk about his preachings to be imprisoned 3 What did Savonarola answer to Alexander s order a cannot go due to his paralysis dangerous read the book if Alexander really wants to know what he preaches 4 To which convent did Alexander write in order to make his grievances against Savonarola public a Franciscan 5 How did Savonarola die a hanged and burned Julius Excluded 1 Who accompanies Julius II in the dialogue a Genius and Saint Peter 2 What is Julius wearing a armory 3 How does Julius explain why he waged his military campaigns a increase Church territory and power 4 How does Peter respond to Julius s explanation a compares Julius to Satan 5 What does Julius promise at the end of the dialogue a he will wage siege on the gates to Heaven


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