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Midterm Bundle Positive Youth Development

by: Kaylene Abernathy

Midterm Bundle Positive Youth Development HDFS 44037

Marketplace > Kent State University > Human Development > HDFS 44037 > Midterm Bundle Positive Youth Development
Kaylene Abernathy
GPA 3.0
Positive Youth Development
Dr. Rhonda Richardson

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About this Document

Adult Mentoring Notes & Community Youth Development
Positive Youth Development
Dr. Rhonda Richardson
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kaylene Abernathy on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HDFS 44037 at Kent State University taught by Dr. Rhonda Richardson in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Positive Youth Development in Human Development at Kent State University.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Community Youth Development Community Youth Development Empowerment Assets 0 Community Values Youth 0 Youth as Resources 0 Service to Others 0 Safety Community Values Youth Adult Attitudes Towards Youth 0 Youth as Objects 0 adults in control no intention of youth involvement 0 Youth as Recipients 0 adults in control allows youth involvement 0 Youth as Resources 0 youthadult partnership allows shared control 3 Routes for Youth Participation 0 Projects Tasks and Services 0 Input and Consultation 0 Shared Leadership These correspond to adult attitudes toward youth The Importance of quotSPIN 0 Adults need to have positive perceptions of youth and vice versa Service Learning O A deliberate process through which people of all ages including teens develop speci c skills knowledge and behaviors while making meaningful contributions to their communities and developing civic awareness The process includes three core components 3 components of servicelearning 0 Establishing Learning Objectives 0 Performing Meaningful Work 0 Engaging in Structured Re ection Which of these are ServiceLearning Establish Learning Objectives 0 Selfassessment how do you spend your time What are your talents or skills What issues to you care about What motivates you to take acUon 0 What do you ideally want to do 0 What do you hope to learn 0 What do you want your experience to be like Performing Meaningful Work 0 Possible arenas for service 0 Environmental issues 0 Social issues 0 Health safety and community issues 0 Community activism issues Engage in Structured Re ection Did the youth re ect on the service learning Examples 0 000 000000 How did the project go Did you use your skills and talents as you thought you would What new skills did you learn What did you learn from the personorganization leading the project What was the service experience like What did you learn about the service area or related issue What are you learning about yourself Is this experience what you hoped for Why or why not What have you given to the project What did you get from it Did you have the impact you anticipated Bene ts of ServiceLearning for AtRisk Youth 0000000 Emphasizes a quotpossibility focusedquot view students show atrisk behaviors vs students are atrisk teens A turnaround experience Close the achievement gap enhance school success Increase school engagement Build prosocial behaviors Enhance selfesteem Develop leadership skills Reduce risk behaviors cigarette use early pregnancy Safety for Youth Key Areas of Safety 0 Safe neighborhoods Safe schools Safe roads Safe health 0000 Safe differences 0 Safe staff What areas of safety were lacking for Wes Moore Three Youth Empowerment Organizations 0 Junior Achievement 0 Rotary Interact and RYLA 0 King Kennedy Centers


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