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Exam 2 Study Guide

by: SC_Kara Beemer

Exam 2 Study Guide RU_SOC 1000 - 03

SC_Kara Beemer
Rural Sociology
Amanda Sims

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About this Document

Rural Sociology
Amanda Sims
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by SC_Kara Beemer on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to RU_SOC 1000 - 03 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Amanda Sims in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see Rural Sociology in Sociology at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Kara Beemer Exam 2 Study Guide 1 Socialization Ongoing process by which we develop our sense of self and learn the ways of society 2 Internalization Process by which people take in the values and norms that the agents of socialization are trying to instill 3 Social contactwhy is it important What happens when we isolate children 0 Close contact with others is critical to our development 0 Strong social ties are linked to wellbeing When we isolate children they become feralanimal like 4 Primary socialization what does it achieve and who is responsible for it Involves language stimulus responses and basic rules for behavior Relies on family to teach beliefs and traditions 5 Secondary Socialization what does it achieve and who is responsible for it Involves reasoning and logic reading writing and problem solving Relies on schools to instill values and critical thinking skills 6 Collective memory why is this important 0 Things that already happened that help us understand the past and prepare us for the future 0 It is important so we can learn from the past 7 Mead39s role taking theory what is role taking the key to 0 Role taking is the key to self awareness 8 3 stages of role taking and what each stage consists of 0 Stage 1 preparatory stage lt2 0 Helps infants and toddlers learn to function symbolically Stage 2 play stage 26 0 Spontaneous activity free from rules 0 In uenced by signi cant others parents siblings caregivers Stage 3 game stage 7 0 Structured activities that have rules and involve more than one person 0 In uenced by a system of expectations 9 2 parts of the self according to Mead The I the rst version we come to know who you are on the inside 0 The ME the distinct social self that is perceived by others who you present to the world 10Lookingglass self according to Cooley People as mirrors 0 A process in which our sense of self develops 11 Describe the 3 steps in developing our sense of self 0 How we see ourselves How we perceive other s reaction to us Integrate the two and react to those perceived judgments 12Agents of socialization Kara Beemer People who help us shape our sense of self make us realize what we re capable of and help us negotiate the world EX family educators peers mass media 13Groups a lngroups b Outgroups 14Resocialization what is it Examples 0 Process of becoming socialized again to a new situation Ditch your old values and replace them with new values and norms EX prison military cults schools 15Documentary viewing guide a Most destructive phrase for boys 0 Be a man b What emotion is socially acceptable for boys to express 0 Anger c Differences between sex and gender as discussed in the movie 0 Sex is a biological term 0 Gender is a social construct d What process leads to empathy and compassion for boys and men Socialization into masculinity e What 2 things do boys do to loosen rules around male intimacy Drinking Drugs f How many female college students experience sexual assault 0 1 in 5 g How much has the rate of mass shootings increased since 2011 it mistakenly says 2012 in the guide Tripled 16Social interaction 0 A situation in which at least 2 people communicate and respond through language amp symbols to affect one another39s behavior and thinking 17Division of labor de ne and identify which theorist is attached to this concept 0 Work is broken down into specialized tasks each performed by different workers that are trained to each task 18Solidarity System of social ties that acts as a binding agent connecting people to one another and wider society 192 types of solidarity Mechanical Social order and cohesion based on common thinking values amp behavior 0 Smaller primitive slow changing communities with few subcultures 0 People are good at several different tasks 0 Organic Social order or system of social ties based on specialization interdependence and cooperation Kara Beemer 0 Larger advanced fast moving communities with many subcultures 0 People have speci c specialized tasks 20Colonialism as social interaction when how and what did it lead to c 18701960 0 New stage in relationships between Europe and Africa 0 Led to Belgian king forcing Congolese to tap rubber 21What happened to the Congolese if they didn39t meet quota Their bodies would be mutilated 22According to the authors of Tinderbox what was the spark that began the spread of HIV Colonization 24Globalization Ever increasing ow of goods services money people info and culture across borders 25Bio mobility Refers to the threat of pathogenic diseases that quickly spread via social interactions in a globalized world 26Levelling effect 0 Everyone is equally capable of getting a disease 27Pandemic discourse How we discuss pandemics 28What emotion is mobilized in pandemic discourse Fear 29Social status 0 Your position in the social structure 30Social structure 0 Two or more people acting in expected ways 31Ascribed status 0 Things you are born with and dif cult to change EX Gender race daughter son brother OrthodoxJew 32Achieved status 0 Things you make happen EX Spouse Employee Student Parent born again Christian 33 Master status Overwhelms all others big deal only thing people see EX Criminal record nancial struggles 34Roles Behaviors expected of a status in relation to another status EX Professor student doctor l patient 35Role Set 0 All roles related to given social status 36Role performance 0 Behavior 37Dramaturgy Kara Beemer Social interaction viewed as a theater people are actors who perform roles 38Front stage back stage 0 Front stage what is presented to most people mask 0 Back stage what you don39t let people see 0 EX Sweatpants and no make up 39lmpression management Effort to produce an image you want others to see and believe people try to manipulate how they are seen by others 40Performance disruption Events that challenge the impression produced by performance EX streaking Martha Stewart Kanye West at the VMAs 41Scripts Things we use to guide interactions EX quotmy pleasurequot at ChickFilA 42Strati cation Systematic process of categorizing and ranking people on a scale of social worth 432 criteria used as basis for strati cation Ascribed status Achieved status 44Social mobility Movement within or between social strata 45Cass system 0 Not systematic inequalities resulting from talent ability and past performance 0 Social mobility possible Often based on money 46Caste system 0 Born into strata Closed system with no mobility Ranked by ascribed characteristics and often based on racereligion 47Social inequalities Based on strati cation Functionalist con ict and interactionist 48Functionalist view of social inequalities Each society must place individuals into jobs and motivate them to work 0 Some positions are more important than others 49Con ict view of social inequalities Questions the premise that social inequality is the way we ll important positions 0 50lnteractionist view of social inequalities O Kara Beemer


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