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PHIL 451

by: Mrs. Fabian Denesik
Mrs. Fabian Denesik
GPA 3.78


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mrs. Fabian Denesik on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PHIL 451 at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see /class/228819/phil-451-university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill in PHIL-Philosophy at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Midterm Exam Study Guide Exam Date 021507 NIETZSCHE amp FREUD This exam will have two essay questions one on Freud and the other on Nietzsche Each question should occupy about half the class thirtyseven minutes The two questions that appear on the exam will be chosen by me from the following lists Exam booklets will be provided Write legibly in them Freud Equot W 3 U Speaking of the psychoanalytic theory he invented Freud wrote We shall come to a closer understanding of this theory itself if we trace out the relations between the psychical qualities and the provinces or agencies of the psychical apparatus An Outline of Psycho Analysis p 34 Demonstrate that you have come to this closer understanding by tracing out these relations yourself rst distinguish the id ego and super ego next distinguish the 39 p 39 and con cinu 39 nally describe how these distinctions are related to one another superimposing them to create Freud s complex model of the soul According to Freud what are the two basic human instincts What is their source How do they drive the development of a child as he navigates the following psychosexual stages oral anal phallic Oedipus complex latency and nally genital Does the model have enough universality to apply likewise to girls Does it have too much universality by contrast so that it cannot account for the unique individuality Freud attributes to each adult soul What is Freud s theory of dreaming Your answer should discuss at least the following terms latent content manifest content the dream work primary process secondary process 1 39 quot wish fulfillment Freud s own analogies may prove helpful in your explanation eg the nightwatchman and the judicial system of a conquered country If time permits your explanation may become clearer with an example invent a short dream and then analyze it I Basic psychoanalytic technique writes Freud attends to four phenomena free associations transferences parapraxes and dreams Using imaginary examples explain each of these phenomena and how attention to them helps analyst and analysand together to probe the analysand s soul What is the goal of this probing What in other words is the goal of psychoanalysis What is unconscious guilt How does it arise generally speaking In what ways for example might it manifest itself in everyday life In what ways moreover might it manifest itself in psychoanalytic treatment Aside from many of the terms mentioned in the rst three questions above be sure to explain repression Nietzsche Equot W 5 U According to Nietzsche what is the basic driveinot just of humans but of the whole world Describe this drive and the ways in which it manifests itself nakedly in our lives Faced with this naked drive what options are available to us as humans Discuss each of these options by reference to a particular gureieg Socrates Euripides Plato Kant Schopenhauer Wagneriwhom Nietzsche either praises or scoms sometimes both In your presentation of the option he favors be sure to eXplain his oftrepeated dictum for only as an aesthetic phenomenon are eXistence and the world justified to eternity Nietzsche began his critique of philosophy in The Birth of T rageay and kept developing it through to the end of his sane life Early on he personi ed philosophy as Socrates What were his rst criticisms of this theoretical man Later in The Gay Science and Beyond Good and Evil how did he broaden this critique taking aim even at logic and physics Finally despite these persistent criticisms of philosophy and philosophers why in Beyond Good and Evil did he herald philosophers of the future Who are they On the temple of Apollo at Delphi were inscribed these words Know Thyself Nietzsche said it was cruel for a god to demand selfknowledge from humans but did he heed it nonetheless Present the case that he didn t discussing the role of selfoblivion in The Birth of Tragedy the critique of consciousness in The Gay Science the critique of morality and intention in Beyond Good and Evil and the critique of the willtotruth throughout these works NeXt present the case that he did seek selfknowledge discussing the role of illness in The Gay Science and the celebration of cruelty in Beyond Good and Evil Finally how might this tension in Nietzsche s thought be resolved by his developing doctrine of the unconscious and his growing injunction to create Nietzsche famously proclaims the death of god Does he make any arguments for this proclamation If so what are they If not could a believer legitimately complain that a philosophy whose cardinal doctrines go undefended by arguments is not worthy of attention How would Nietzsche reply to such a charge Whether defended or undefended what does this doctrine mean especially for the question of teleology Do agnostics or atheists have anything to learn from this it In short what follows from the death of god for everybodyibelievers and unbelievers alike Psychology writes Nietzsche should be recognized once again as the queen of the sciences Beyond Good and Evil p 324 He is echoing Kant who wished to restore philosophy as the queen of the sciencesia dignity it had lost to theology in the medieval period What is Nietzsche therefore saying both by his elevation of psychology and by his echo of Kant in particular How in other words does he diagnose Kant not to mention the Stoics Socrates Buddhists and other philosophers Does he truly eXpose the unconscious motives for their conscious philosophies


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