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Biochemical Toxicology

by: Perry Nitzsche

Biochemical Toxicology TOXC 442

Perry Nitzsche
GPA 3.82

Ivan Rusyn

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About this Document

Ivan Rusyn
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Perry Nitzsche on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to TOXC 442 at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill taught by Ivan Rusyn in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/228837/toxc-442-university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill in Environmental Toxicology at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
ENVR 442TOXC 442BIOC 442 Final Exam Guidelines Spring 2008 Final Exam Guidelines Due on or before 10 AM Tuesday May 6 2008 Send via campus mail to Ivan Rusyn 0031 MHRC CB743 1 or email as an attachment to iiruncedu Original research papers for the final exam available in PDF format on the course website Free Radical Biology amp Medicine 44 2008 2647273 Iron chelators can protect against oxidative stress through ferryl heme reduction Brandon J Reedera Robert C Hider Michael T Wilson Environ Health Perspect 115 147971481 2007 Case Report Mixed CholestaticHepatocellular Liver Injury Induced by the Herbicide Quizalofop p ethyl Ioannis S Elefsiniotis George D Liatsos Dimitris Stamelakis and Antonios Moulakakis Environ Health Perspect 115 146071466 2007 Identi cation of Gene Markers for Formaldehyde Exposure in Humans GuangYong Li HyeYoung Lee HoSang Shin HyeonYoung Kim CheolHong Lim and ByungHoon Lee For the final exam you are asked to select ONE published manuscript from 3 listed above carefully read the paper and prepare a 34 page doublespaced reviewcritique of this study using the guidelines provided below The use of textbooks lecture notes and other appropriate material is encouraged Feel free to engage in discussion with your peersadvisors However this is not a collective work Each student must submit an independent answer The maximum score for this exam is 105 points or 35 of the total course grade Each review will be graded by two faculty teaching in the course and the average grade will be used to calculate the final course grade ENVR 442TOXC 442BIOC 442 Final Exam Guidelines Spring 2008 Guidelines for preparation of the nal exam I suggest the following strategy read the paper once or several times to understand the general concepts study design results and conclusions Go to PubMed httpwww m hi nlm nih yfcgi and search by keywords going back 35 years Review the abstracts or if necessary the fulltext versions of papers that are related to the topic of your selected publication Try to understand what others have done in this area what prior knowledge led the authors to this particular study and how does this study move the eld forward It might be also helpful to review recent last 3 5 years papers by this group of authors to understand how they came to a particular research question that was addressed in this manuscript Please use the sample questions that one might ask himherself while reading any research paper that are provided below The list below is not inclusive and feel free to add to it as you see other issues that get your attention Do not simply try to answer each and every question E format of vour answers should read as a cohesive essav It is expected that your essay will contain at least three paragraphs sections that address each of the following 1 Summary of the paper 57 sentences that capture the highlights of this study 2 General commentscritique What is the knowledge base for this study What was the hypothesis of this study Does this paper address a novel question andor uses novel experimental approach What was the experimental approach Is the paper clear and well organized Is the study focused Is the experimental model appropriate to address the hypothesis Is the experimental design sound Does this paper contain new findingsideas Are conclusions supported by the data How this paper advances our existing knowledge ie why is it important How does this study compare with other papers that you have read Is this manuscript appropriate for this journal 3 itiuue to speci c sections ofthe manuscrint39 Abstract Is it concise and clear Is information provided sufficient to provide general understanding of the work Introduction Is it concise and clear Does it contain enough background information for a reader who is not an expert in this line of research Are references useful and contain additional more extensive information ENVR 442TOXC 442BIOC 442 Final Exam Guidelines Spring 2008 After reading the Introduction do you feel ready to understand what are the critical gaps in our knowledge that this study will address Methods Contains sufficient experimental detail Would you be able to repeat the experiments in your own lab by following described experimental procedures Results Clarity of presentation Are Figures easy to understand Figure legends provide necessary details to understand what is shown and what the experiment was Are there inconsistencies in data presentation Is data repetitive Is some of the data not shown essential for understanding the study and should have been shown Is there an assay endpoint that you wish have been looked at in this study Discussion Does it repeat the results Are conclusions supported by the actual data Does it address the importance of this study for the advancement of science in this area Did authors think of yet 39 J quot future 139 39 References Too manytoo few Are references appropriatehelpful Are there any additional key papers that you feel should have been included Do the authors cite their own work too often is there an obvious bias presented


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