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Exam Study Guide (weeks 7, 8, 9, 10)

by: Madison Notetaker

Exam Study Guide (weeks 7, 8, 9, 10) History 1010-006

Marketplace > Auburn University > History > History 1010-006 > Exam Study Guide weeks 7 8 9 10
Madison Notetaker
World History 1
Michael B. Smith

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About this Document

Here are all of the weekly study guides that will be covered on exam 2. I have also included the reading from week 7 on the Koran.
World History 1
Michael B. Smith
Study Guide
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This 16 page Study Guide was uploaded by Madison Notetaker on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to History 1010-006 at Auburn University taught by Michael B. Smith in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see World History 1 in History at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
ry in 7 v gt t 7 y 7 T39 I 9 quoti L quot 4 M amt rot a ng Korea Sui keep getting mad don t want to ght if a 339 L 1 r v u r overthrows the Sui dynasty creates the Tang v r 39 81 ficance of the equal eld system in the Tang period w w s all of the land give land to the poor for the state pay taxes give service in the military or in big projects 39 where land is owned by the gov and divided up by farmers and they pay taxes and do labor for the av the military system of the early Tang dynasty What type of people served in the r y What were the strengths and weaknesses of the early Tang military system eld system poor farmers are in the military they are bad ghters they cannot light against other empires Strength huge army Weakness very weak army 8 Identify the various policies and achievements of Wu 39eitan during her time as ruler of China What important changes did Wu Zeitan make to China39s government and military What were the achievements of her reign She instituted the civil service exam man scholars to 1th ise her the military she built up she defeats the ioguryo she defeats Korea 1 A g g 1quot l l L r m M 39 v 39 quot 39V 439 AF r rust L i r 13 V u r 7 it 7 l r in 7 397 W t7739 i A r l quot 4 L 39 quoti r i itquot 39 7 uu24 lc wquot i a V J V U a a atil 33 gt v a j 1 I 7 l a Vela tion in 610 what was Muhammad ibn Abdullah s primary 3 he was a ationshipbetween Islam Judaism and Christianity WOI Shlp the same god Abrahamic religion ad is the last prophet last time to get the holy religion right Some historians like Fred Donner have argued that early Islam should be und believers movement not necessarily a new religion What does this mean erStOOd as a A lot of people didn t see Islam as a new religion don t feel like you are religion 39 18 What is the signi cance of Muhammad s emigration to the town of Yathrib in 63 gt Yathrib becomes Medina Medina needs a political leader so Muhammad 00c a f takes his followers b KEY TERMS Allah god An Lushan Battle of Talas River 751 Tang vs Muslims Chakravartin Indian of a great ruler is meant the by phrase Muhammad is the seal of the Prophets converting to anew s to Medina and I rquot 4 x p71quot is r g at 1391 14 quot gri quot rm l ariaquot3 ror Wen Yang J ian emperor of the Sui he is half nomad a 39 9 nd halt hlv 1331390139 Xuanzong C 336 397ual eld system split up the elds Goguryeo Korean state Hijra when Muhammad and his foll Islam to submit to god Khadij a Muhammad s rst wife Koran Muhammad s revelations L1 Linfu political leader and friend of An Lushan Mecca Muhammad revelations military govemor power like a small king Muhammad ibn Abdullah Muhammad Muslim one who submits people of the book Jews and Christians Regimental Army early Tang military equal eld system wasn t working so well put some families on the army system Scholars of the North Gate famous confucious scholars Sui Dynasty came to power after the Han Tibetan very violent nation fought the Chinese Umma community of believers Uyghurs the nomadic groups around China Wu Zeitan Yang Guifei mistress of Xuanzang YathIibMedina rst Muslim capital mu min believer what muslims refer themselves as owers went to Medina w i Nut X HYSJF faxlad MUhOLMMQd S cued m lepadd RA 1507sz 0mm bc bu Ms 0 lad pvoptx f Now Doom wouluw v M53453 TLK UVVHWq fommwxw 1S O 50 A VVTJC QyOCA M l MOMm Spitf J Mack RefCm Man 10 I i Ovlgwmci v00 MOMS 1m 41 UV AMQCISCMK Ms 5 m 01 TL LAM n W polthaal Ua ngT mo Sp39IhLb OOHa AV Mu m0 ox pVOqu TLU cl fu Shk rd 4 0 0x OWW CVOLM 04 AHK Trovr x 04 44A MAMmg which 599 Sow 861 o hadmshl p isIC lVHC AV VHI MquAd 9 QQV Uquot gigg c m LV Cmp H was pogtblb O Q OIUCMV tmmircm me Lk dd Nug L le QLIC UL quqmlrd x iSMLMC VAIzgrch L1 141 RAQ HNOA Ldp ckpam 4M MIDIQ rtwd 34 f C u 4 Wk 1 j i CH f U 3 L J no ma p94 div ad lkthON Iquot 1 J A I J wvquot k a r quotA quot p k k t K T L quota K K A C A W ifqu L V 4 g rrLr WI w HA L e m M 9 W mm w 4 s If 7 w N W EdaV 3v L g x quotL 4m kit f f39k L t 3 X 3 4 1 39439 quot I r I L rquot i z 339 I 39 g I V I H r w i j MIL J S lelphra g j ir 3 LVCM 0m 35 161mm Uv 0 LN v 1 39 a I r 1 rquot quot Aquot at 1 v j rquot L V L 1 I W k a f A39 L 391 H w 1 J5 quot I 1 f w r k 1 439 tr 23 f 3 1 394quot A K quot1quot 39 7 J u MSY h nw39 N o aquot r rly n lt i l kwf m L quotWA I l I 4 y a a a I I F 39 r 1 5 ev1m I i W JVCMLbd gUHUme U WWva was 9 N H 7 n n A J 7 Y 9 Mu QWI39Lfc Ori AW Cx 61014 Mam1mg New1 233m f O D VHS RAW 17 f Y VICS V SL Id39 QSN LMS Mp owwlq MS UJerxnMm 739 MACf a quot ixn Cmng 0 Sup ch HAEV gouomw wqo wow va HIH mmm 0 Mt p wid vm39 Thzg W W 341w O 4k HUMV Qkd 0w Kudt rCAL7 pc39q w 0km 21V pogHL pd i was b Am PH 139 7 1 Stud M7 0 and 01 qHOIA M39s OM Mo ucrbo at b Ccvow IS Hm JlHtMcd c Cu HIM r 3d W Cy cg9v 4 HA 1 pm hm yup 92b 9 SUV Pf 3 VMC Chgdm ff Gm pp L cStm 97 Cum TLA Gan1L Moloka Lyk le C Sud1 Swatdx Wm M L SLVWVH SL HCi quot Vtof ca hi bL HAw 3 Vch Pied 0 A F1 0d 3 bC er PM CA G play i I lt 1c it w bx a v m 7 M h Uk 7quot 11 v k h wing AFLL 7 H Souas 0L Pmc H m bx L o vcm P700 Q C S L inqu Lav Lg 1 H i v Jr a0 w LAM m r z quot a k 1 gt Y 3 1 L I 3quot M h 4 a w t k K W k L 1 l 3 1 k 7M cd 1 i gt 32 a M u r I C m f 1 4 x a quot at L i 39J a v a V f yak u r r r V l g Vi 3 1 a quot 3 y I 39 f if f quot L 3 W1 1 V u wk C L V a f 1 r 1 it g Wow van u we WW 5 u Wmemmmm m c jl39l v V93 c1 and Shut3 0 pmth pm Wow gmcz39 zcsw THAI D AHS Hcg ROW Mk9 90 0 0043M H 01W 13 lLI me Lqu 9105 Hm 0W Cquot W W 39 V wwguvvx 03st 39AK WHSCL HQg thobp wa ADAPrim FD Cmuu J quot fLC r14 m islqm Lv ol 665 CtFHAI f 1001 W SHU 61 Han 13 oggkmw WWW MLSHW CutU W SWVCW ms3r 0L wqm ame 04 WWCD I x O a l 70 f V133 s g 01 v Lc k 4 Q at WM 159 m C l qu 39 C 39 l m 81 3M Q W 1 FC SC V l klk FV LVN v SL v do f M in w x u m a I g 5 1 O 1 I V yquot i f If as far 7 4 391 m m C A 5 f A L I I m J H i j 8 39 A 1 5 quot i L g h N r f WWII xi 3 t k 3i J zg 3W 39V 7 5C Yqiklixv 1 DMO ma640 W 40 gmwm oik qud ebb 0 quotquot C4 I I 7quot ET quotI f Li I I a f 4 LIV Jr g mmvolaw A quot H Hm GS II4N mag system What was serfdom 4 men but no money was available to maintain large armies quotnt transportation or payment of soldiers 39 739 in terms of land and thus the creation of the feudal system was born knightly class of indep land owners who worked the estates in exchange for protection ye si cance of Otto the Great s coronation as Holy Roman Emperor by XII in 962 What relationship did it establish between the Papacy and the i Emperors defeated a Magyars army and began to control Germany 7 flies Out to the church for back up and wants to be crowned emperor his military assistance in return for crowning him emperor in 962 was the Investiture Crisis and what was its outcome e only 4th and Gregory 7th and the Investiture Crisis anbishops start church reform because it is morally corrupt and so are its officials emperor only appoints his family and friends to important roles knights rebel when Henry the 3rd dies and Henry the 4 quot takes over this is a chance for the church to break away but there is a dispute over the next pope Gregory 7 1 ghts Henry very young boy the 4 and wins the pope position Gregory establishes that all popes shall be decided with a vote 1073 Henry is of age and suppresses Gregoryquots rebellion Investiture Crisis Gregory vs Henry l I I I I 1 I 39 l i I I 1 l I l 7 I I i I L r l 739 I l I A I I I 39 I l I t I l L l IquotI A V l 7 a I 39 o hi I r quot l I I 39 JII ii quot 39 I I I I l I f l 5 I 39 i l l l I II I i l L i I II I quot I I l quot li gt l l39li iw39 Hall xii r r 39 A l i I39 39r A rI quot 17 I liivo l I lIi 39 l 39139 II n IIII39M quotIII lIld r lll 1 y 1 Il I39I 7quotquotquotquot 1quot I 39 halt v i s n W aw I 39 39 v 394 n 79 39I i ill 1 I I XI39 i 39l Ii 39 J l 6 III I l l 39 1 I I I I i l i i u i l I r I I39H illquot i39TIIquot i l M rquot w l Mid lll I39l I I l v l f I 39 quotm l39 u IIr 339 wk W 39 339 I39 3 Jw39 y r quot J I I I in g I I l I I I LI K all in I I 5 ll all i I il fl is 2 3D 39 gt v A f V A g A s i t l I39 I I r 7 r39 39 h 4 I 39 r 39 quot 39 39 quot V 39 V 1 k j I r rul 39 39 l U n I I III 3 1 f I it I I t I 13 quotlii39lwv bf Lil s xiii lquoti f39 iii xii quot I 5 m r I 7 4 39 I x n 39 39 I 391 is I J A 39 I w F l quot I 39 I I A 1 73 quot y m 39 v II I I I I I I a r em lugs o persua e o ers o g an so i H quot3 quot y C Iquot quot1 quot quot39quotquot quotquot 1393 quot7 va quoti E iquot 17 I n 1 iiiquot I Iquot quoth i l rh quotNIquot 1 if i Equot 39r P I I i a q gt i i i It I I a an its eI ers 39i n I 39 v v 39 V I d v In i 5 quot quot T39 imaets of 39 e Crusades How did the Crusades change Europe I ead ng rce a quotle to enforce their authority over the knightly noble class wcrusades saga Euwpeans contact the Islamic world such as scholar and muslim Gregory Vll Pope lnvestiture Crisis Peace olquot God and 39l rucc of God movements Pope Urban ll Council ol larcmont 1095 l casanl s rusadc liirst rusadc Latin Kingdoms Outrc Marc 39l hird rusadc Saladin serfdomstate of being a serf peasant who works the land manorestablishment on the land Otto the Great Henry V Holy Roman limpcror p l V l sr if 7 m 7 n k I 5 39 n A 7 1 39 v 4 Q t l l 39 v 1 39ul l i p l v x la m I 39 i 39r n a J35 quot l 7 v H A r l a 39I gt r i f a s A s V girl rff quot r Lh 39r V 7 337 iv frlpx sgl 7 r 39 V EelJay r I 39 7 i39sv 39 v z in ow isquot Of the Mongol Empire Yuan dynasty Ilkhanate What parts of the world that the Yuan dynasty a to4 seetions we only discussed 3 in class ruled over Chinese empire Khan Descendant proclaimed himself ngols were successful conquerors they proved unable to create any es Why did Mongol rule collapse so quickly What factors led to the A onol rule in China and the Middle East 01 population rules over vast amount of lands 39 quotquotze agriculture societies because high taxes for farmerseconomy sfer of power once the Khan dies ghting occurs after i between mong015 r m get 53m 1 e instea 391 of the original Greek speakin ue for Islamic worship in at were the main features of this system di erent groups of people lead to the millet system 5 60 worthat ID people based on their religion er Sharia law and are dependent on the muslim community and mosques greek orthodox church Subject to Christian law and relies on the er rabbinical law are loyal to the ottoman empire c Law win over the other two communities to Shi alslam and v ew 39 e s quizilbas t l isma i1 utilize in order to justify his rule over Iran tie sheep and establishes his own dynasty in Iran after he 39 Islam muslims to convert to Shi a Islam to up his authority rep of e Imams and rightly guided but doesn t claim to be a God s and is a shadow of god r 2 e signi cance of the Battle of Chadiran in 1514 p 39 I i 39 39 JSafavids vs Ottoman empire 7 7 7 a 9 es out to the Shi a in the ottoman empire and tell them to rebel and undermine the Win and set back Isma i1 ses on promoting Shi a Islam back at home now a over who will rule over the Safavid Empire was born into the Safavid ruling family as a 39 39 v ges did S Abbas make in seeking to strengthen the SafaVid Empire distant relative and worked his was cal and military powers e gets the help of native wants to get rid of the Qizilbash as polit vanians or Persians in government positions Jesus and J were miraculous births millet system devshirme Siege of Vienna 1530 Sheikh Sa alDin Su Su sm White Sheep Turcomans Qizilbas sma il Battle of Chaldiran 1514 Shah Abbas gholam Battle of Panipat sulhikul Jahangh imself created to up his leader 55 squot qu39dl M U V39r 39r quot 5 S Jwv 15 Pr I quot fquotr39n v41 14inch 1 m 3939y CU9V7 0v butH 107 m5 I S V M Cx c 43 3 v f 7 V LS t gt20 0 TYulw 07061 3 xLLICrHCn f0 quot Wm GM m 97 wHk MLmg W h20i 2 FOCLS CA 40d 3 I hqd Cx VL5LKJ 74 QULA 4 C Lb WU fitmug 74 AM L m 1610 0L 43915 MEL1M i l sf


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