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Digital Design

by: Dr. Lorine Dicki

Digital Design ECE 2214

Dr. Lorine Dicki
GPA 3.85

Samuel Lee

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About this Document

Samuel Lee
Study Guide
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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by Dr. Lorine Dicki on Monday October 26, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ECE 2214 at University of Oklahoma taught by Samuel Lee in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/229321/ece-2214-university-of-oklahoma in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at University of Oklahoma.



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Date Created: 10/26/15
Steps to installing Xilinx ISE 101 and ModelSim XE III Here is a guide to getting the Xilinx and Modelsim software up and running Xilinx s website doesn39t always work correctly and can be very slow If a page won39t load just keep trying Also the licensing wizard will not work if the Xilinx ISE software is running 1 Go to httpwwwxiinxcom 2 Click on Downloads at the top of the screen 3 Click the Download ISE WebPACK link on the right side in the middle of the page 4 Click the Create Account link on the right of the screen and followthe instructions for setting up a new account 5 If prompted to sign in use the new Xilinx username and password that you have created 6 Fill in the Xilinx electronic survey and click Next 7 Ensure that ISE Webpack101 Free Download is selected then click Next 8 Expand the Download Files Individually link Then download the ISE Webpack101 225 GB Make a note of the Registration ID at the top of this page you will need this during the installation 9 Next extract the Xilinxwebpacksfdtar and run setupexe 10 Alternatively to steps 8 and 9 you can select the Download Weblnstall Client although this is not recommended as the Weblnstall is not always successful 11 Follow the on screen install instructions Enterthe Registration ID from the previous webpage when prompted Ensure ISE Webpack is selected on the Select Products screen Under Installation Options ensure the Design Environment Tools and All FPGA devices except Virtex4 and Virtex5 options are selected 12 Next return to the Xilinx Downloads page 13 Locate the ModelSim Xilinx Edition section toward the bottom of the downloads page and click Download ModelSim XE 14 Download and extract mxe363czip and run Setupexe 15 Make sure to select MXE lll Starter Edition Free at the first screen 16 Follow on screen install instructions Underthe Libran Installation Options screen select Full VHDL 17 Next go to StartProgramsModelSim XE III 63cSubmit License Request 18 Click Continue on the webpage that opens up 19 Enter your Xilinx username and password in the pop up login box 20 Make sure the information in the form is correct and click Submit 21 You will receive an email containing a icensedat file Save this file to CModeltechxestarterwin32xoem Next go to StartProgramsModelSim XE III 60dLicensing Wizard Click Continue Select your icensedat file and click Ok Once the Licensing Wizard is finished run it on the license file a second time When the Licensing Wizard is finished the second time it should say A perpetual license is found Next to the License Test button should be The license checkout test has completed successfully 27 That s it you39re finally done Everything should be installed and working lllll DUIwa NOTE for Windows Vista Users If you have completed the installation but are experiencing licensing errors when you try running ModelSim you may have to run the XilinxModelSim programs using the As an Administrator option Vista s User Account Control tends to interfere with the ModelSim licensing scheme


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