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SOC 311 Study Guide for Test #1

1 review
by: Emily Wagner

SOC 311 Study Guide for Test #1 Soc 311

Marketplace > University at Buffalo > Sociology > Soc 311 > SOC 311 Study Guide for Test 1
Emily Wagner
Drugs and society

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About this Document

Study Guide Answers for Exam 1
Drugs and society
Study Guide
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1 review
"no i paid for it and cant see it"
Rebecca Weitz

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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Emily Wagner on Monday October 26, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Soc 311 at University at Buffalo taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 127 views. For similar materials see Drugs and society in Sociology at University at Buffalo.


Reviews for SOC 311 Study Guide for Test #1


no i paid for it and cant see it

-Rebecca Weitz


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Date Created: 10/26/15
Sociology 311 Test 1 Study Guide Did alcohol consumption decrease during prohibition No it increased Is illegal drug use currently higher than legal drug use Vice versa Legal drug use is currently higher than illegal drug use Which is the legal drug most commonly used for recreation in the US Alcohol is the most commonly used legal drug for recreational use Which drug is consumed the greatest number of times in the US Tobacco is consumed the greatest number of times Which is used more heroin or cocaine Cocaine is used 16x more than heroin Which psychoactive substance has the highest quotloyaltyquot rate the rate of users who persistently and consistently use the drug Alcohol has the highest loyalty rate of all drugs Know the surveys studies of drug use and whatwho they study ADAM DAWN NSDUH MTF Are any of these seriously awed 0 All have some aws o ADAM Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Program drug tests urine samples and interviews a sample of people arrested in jails 0 High response rate no legal consequences 0 Gets at hardtoreach populations DAWN Drug Abuse Warning Network tabulates number of drug related admissions to emergency departments hospitals clinics 0 Number of drug related deaths reported by medical examiners NSDUH National Survey on Drug Use and Health doorto doortelephone interview 0 Provides national estimates of rates of use and number of users 0 Able to provide reliable estimates of drug use in each state o MTF Monitoring the Future administering questionnaires on drug use in high schools 0 Levels quotever used used in the past year past monthquot quotuse dailyquot H M H M used in the Which is the most commonly used illicit drug in the US Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the US Which drug was a common ingredient in soft drinks in the 19th century Cocaine was a common ingredient in soft drinks in the 19th century Soft drinks usually contained psychoactive substances The rst drug law outlawed the use of what substance Which social group was this law aimed at In what city was this law enacted What did the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 do Required the active ingredients to be listed and identi ed Before the Harrison Act most drug addicts were what type of addicts White middle class middle aged women opium was very popular What did the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 do The United States placed a tax on all sales of cannabis What did the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 do The manufacture importation possession use and distribution was controlled over certain drugs and substances Which President was the rst to launch a quotWar on Drugsquot President Nixon 1971 Which drugs are Schedule I substances Know some examples and why these drugs are in that schedule Schedule substances have no current medical use high potential for abuse and are illegal These substances are the most dangerous because they have potentially severe psychologicalphysical dependence Examples heroin LSD marijuana ecstasy What are Drug Effects vs Drug Actions What is the difference Drug Effects are nonspeci c and result from more than a given dose of a particular drug Drug Actions are speci c and take place in the molecular level it s the body s neurochemical system s interaction The drug effects effect everybody differently while drug actions happen to everyone who takes the drug What happens when heroin enters your body Does it stay heroin or change forms When heroin enters the body it slows down the heart rate as long as the circulation system Heroin synthesizes from morphine What is the active ingredient in Marijuana THC is the active ingredient in marijuana What is an EDLD Ratio and which drugs have the widest ratio EDLD ratio is the size of the difference between the effective dose and lethal dose of a drug Drugs with the widest ratio are the safer drugs How is each drug likely to be andministered Smoked injected etc Focus on Heroin Cocaine Morphine Methamphetamine and Marijuana Heroin IV injection Cocaine Nasalsnorting Morphine IV injection Methamphetamine IV injection Marijuana Smoke How does the heroin on the street today compare with 30 years ago What is different about it and why Used to be very popular and available now it is looked down upon by society associated with lower class individuals According to Psychopharmacologists those who study the effects of drugs narcotics are a form of what type of drug What are narcotics in a broad sense Narcotics are a form of depressants They act as painkillers What is recreational use vs instrumental use What is legal use vs illegal use Recreational use of drugs is using drugs primarily for fun or to alter one s consciousness Instrumental use is using drugs for functional reasons Legal use drug use is when an individual uses a legal drug for a socially accepted matter Illegal drug use is when an individual uses either a legal or illegal drug for an illegal reason Understand the professional subculture of journalism and how this subculture in uences a journalist39s bias toward objectivity Journalism can be bias in many ways Depending on the source it is coming from the audience it is aiming at and the people who are publishing it During which period was the media most strongly focused on drug use and abuse 19805 What is a moral panic What is the role of the media in moral panics A moral panic is the process of arousing social concern over a certain issue Media plays a large role during this time because it is able to reach a large audience at once and depending on how it is displayed it may cause a large bias In terms of research what is the biggest problem for researchers Finding an accurate sample What are inferential statistics and descriptive statistics lnferential statistics use a random sample of data taken from a population to describe and make inferences about the population Descriptive statistics provide a concise summary of the data What is a statistical correlation What is a causal relationship ie Increase in Storks and Increase in births of babies does that mean that storks bring babies Statistical correlations indicate to which extent two variables uctuate together Causal relationships are correlations between two variables What is a theory A theory is a system of ideas intended to prove or explain something What are reinforcement theories of drug useabuse Reinforcement theories of drug useabuse are theories that show either the negative or positive reasons of why people use or are addicted to drugs Which theory calls itself quotA General Theory of Crimequot Who is the main theorist involved in this Selfcontrol Theory Hirishi What is Routine Activities Theory The Routine Activities Theory is an environmental explanation of crime where behavioral patterns and intersections with certain people in time and space in uence when and where crime takes place What is Anomie Theory Who is the main theorist Anomie Theory Robert Merton deviant behavior takes place when avenues to material success are blocked off What is Social Disorganization Theory Who is the main theorist Social Disorganization Theory Shaw and McKay the theory that deviance comes from the social structure of a community Socially disorganized neighborhoods lack economic and social resources to control residents What is Social Learning Theory Who is the main theorist Social Learning Theory Sutherland the theory that people are not born criminals or drug users but learn these behaviors What is Social Bond Theory Who is the main theorist The Social Bond Theory Hirschi attachment to families commitment to social norms and involvement in activities all make it less likely for one to commit crimes The more social bonds one has the less likely they are to commit a crime What is Social Control Theory Is this the same as Social Bond Theory Social Control Theory Hirschi humans are predisposed toward maximizing selfinterest everyone has capacity to commit crimes What is Con ict Theory Who are the main theorists Con ict Theory based on the work of Karl Marx social behavior is the outcome of differences among groups and categories in the population in power wealth and resources


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