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by: Alexandria Bauch


Marketplace > University of Pittsburgh > Chemistry > CHEM0730 > UHCORGANICCHEMISTRY1RECITATION
Alexandria Bauch
GPA 3.94


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alexandria Bauch on Monday October 26, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CHEM0730 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/229444/chem0730-university-of-pittsburgh in Chemistry at University of Pittsburgh.




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Date Created: 10/26/15
chem 0730 Fall 2004 Emmav Updated 3n September znm TexlhnnkTyrns Nu ty us denwed 5 an Hewevemnene s an mpunam cunceptuamaw m tevms uHeachmg ngu w my upnnnun anyway unpage a Thetupveammns egaHycunec meEVER MPOR TANT FOR METHANOL nsnnperaeL We mahy eanun s pvamwcaHy nm accesswme Wyuuv veadmg be ween We hnes Wynn EVERWmd yuuvsewdvawmg a mahy catmn as a pussnme answenm a quesnun as Ed emu m Ongmnene s a 99 999 9 enanse ha yuu Wm be Wvung Methw catmns and mdeed pnmavy eamueanuns aveJusHuu mgh m enevgym be accesswme m a madma sense Sn usethe mp neaenun my page 119m undemand curved anuws BUT NOTtu undemand the mahy catmn n uVyuuvdassmav pnmavy ammes they snuum be seobmy amme and subu y amme NOT secrbmywahy amme and subu y me hy amm lmrndudinn Thws sa chaptenha mtvuduces many nnpunannums and euneemsmawe Wm use we and we agam m dwscussmnsthe 125 nuns and nemenn Tne bestwaym cump ete W5 enamen s u anend emuve and eam the nna ena pvesemed them uwmne emuve Next 5 n We admg cuvevmg se ec ed pans m de a Heweven Mk uvyuunnnevm dumgthe numevuus pmmems anne and Dune enamen WE H use ammesm mus nnpunam sunsem m uvgamc chemwsuy Emnsmd a drbasetheuv 00121 euneemsmuenee upun ude hybnmzatmn agam ymm mna gmupsm ngu humu yucvevsushe evu yucbund c eavage and eamve abnm Learning objectives 1 Be amem denmy amunmmna gvuups m any uvgamc mu ecme Be amem dvaw any uvgamc suuduve nunn Ms name a He amem nanunanze any da a mated m We ameny m basmmy umganm mu ecmes and m pnemm mauve aemnes and baswcmes uhe a ed uvgamccumpuunds Chapter Advice UThesempmsave a evdemandsunyuu 2 Tne bestwaym snamen Curvy mg mne c ass an A As m mwmh m m n m nnnnnn mnA Le ure anvs q 4 M an mesa Wes un Funclmna Gvuups 94341 ans Chck nene m ge he mcump ete ectuve nmes m deuvmaO Hzndnuts Fundmna Gvuupsm Knuw pagew uvz Fundmna Gvuupsm Knuw pageZ uvz Chck nenem veceNe the tame chavbuxyh amd pKa s m deuvma Mnleeules E xerc39s es lof2 Chem 0730 Fall 2004 Them ave ms an a easwev MM up m pmmema dumg an Ham s rm Du 3 Emma mthe theme as yuu mad each seam 25 27 28 29 3u 32 33 34 35 35 37 44 and 45 Fm advanced pvacuce a su an these 2 and E 2of2


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