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Midterm study guide

by: Barry Notetaker

Midterm study guide CIS 379

Barry Notetaker
GPA 3.75
System analysis and design
Jinjuan Feng

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About this Document

This the study guide i put together for the upcoming midterms.
System analysis and design
Jinjuan Feng
Study Guide
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This 11 page Study Guide was uploaded by Barry Notetaker on Monday October 26, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CIS 379 at Towson University taught by Jinjuan Feng in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 76 views. For similar materials see System analysis and design in ComputerScienence at Towson University.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
CIS 379 Midterm Study Guide Lecture 1 Introduction What do systems analysts do Skills of a systems analyst 1 Why do information systems projects fail 99089 Lecture 2 System development lifeCVcle Chapter 1 and 2 5th edition Chapter 1 and 8 6th edition Types of information systems and examples of each SDLC approaches predictive vs adaptive 0 Examples of each approach eg waterfall modified waterfall spiral Current trends in system development VVV39 Overview of each of the SDLC phases what are their activities Lecture 3 Project identification and scheduling Chapter 315th edition chapter 9 16th edition How to identifydefine a problem Activities of the project planning phase System scope document Producing the project schedule 0 WBS PERT and Gantt charts 0 Concept of critical path critical tasks etc 0 How to apply the concepts in practice Lecture 4 Riskfeasibilit anal sis Cha ter 3 5th edition cha ter 9 6th edition 0 Risk analysis preventive action mitigating action 0 Confirming project feasibility economic organizational and cultural technological schedule resource E 0 How to estimate project cost 0 How to estimate project benefit 0 Key concepts and formula for cost benefit analysis Lecture 5 Requirement collection and analysis Chapter 4 15th edition chapter 2 6th edition Activities of the analysis phase What are functional requirementnonfunctional requirement Discuss different types of requirements and how they inform design Techniques for information gathering E Good practice of an analyst When collecting requirements Activity diagram 39 Lecture 6 Use case event table and activity diagram Chapter 515th edition chapter 316th edition Events activities and use cases Event tables The event that sense the system tel tie something Soures For an euternall evnt the external agent er aster is the seuree at the date entering the system Response What eutput it any is predaeeti by the system Event Trigger Source Illse ease Respehse Destinatien Gusts mer item intIir1if Eustemer Leek uip item Item Eusterneir wants to check avaiiahilitv availaliiiiliitii item details availability Trigger Haw ees the system knew the event aeeurred Fer external events this is data entering the system Far temperali events it is a definitien at the paint in time that triggers the system pmeessingm Us eas 1What tines the system t when th vent seems Th use ease is what is impartant tn define fer tunetianai requirements Destinatien What eiiterhai agent gts the DUitpuit predueeti Types of events I Events deferred to the design phase DEW much about tiheee untlrl the ealgin phase Developing event table based on a scenario Drawing activity diagram 10 39 Swimlana heading Starting activity Paau n Haviaw Tranaiiian armw Ending activity Paauda finatnaiala Synahmniaatian bar Split Syn ch ran izatian hair Jain Annihar way u m ta ahaw daciainn aaiaian 7 aativiiy 11


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