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Sport Law FINAL Study Guide

by: Kelly Smith

Sport Law FINAL Study Guide SPMGT 377

Kelly Smith
GPA 3.5
Legal Aspects of Sport
Chris Lebens

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About this Document

This is some helpful notes and test prep/review for the sport law final! Good luck!
Legal Aspects of Sport
Chris Lebens
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kelly Smith on Saturday January 17, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to SPMGT 377 at Washington State University taught by Chris Lebens in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 140 views. For similar materials see Legal Aspects of Sport in Physical Education at Washington State University.

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Date Created: 01/17/15
Sport Law notes Test Prep licensee is person if you throw a party and they bring you to their house a fan is an invitee if they buy their ticket and goes to a game if they re paying they re an invitee if they don t pay they re a licensee if you go to a cougar football game and don t pay for ticketsyou re an licensee if you have a ticket that was paid by someone you re an invitee 3rd type trespasser someone who s there wo permission of the landowner if someone sneaks into game it s trespasser what duty do you owe trespasser 0 Safe environment You assume duty by owning a home and should have a safe environment If someone enters home uninvited and poses a threat to you you have right to shoot them in the face Once you say it s open bc then it s an invitee Attractive nuisance with swimming pool 0 An attempt to stop is enough 0 6 ft fence is good open and obvious danger doctrine 0 you climbed over my fence to use my pool to trespass and saw the open and obvious danger golfer playing and goes to the green comes walking down dew all over Slips and tweaks knee sues golf course 0 duty breached by not drying grass damages danger is open and obvious course defense o if you know how to play golf you should have obvious knowledge that wet grass is slippery 0 you should ascend hill safely there was cause damages but no duty bc safe environment was met assumption that since it was groomed it had been cleared of debris on ski hill 0 this is difference in ski jump to golf course many golf courses won t open bc of this who s liable in taco bell drive thru if crash 0 reasonable person would say no uhau term 0 signs aren t enough of a warning driving over spikes one way isn t enough of a warning III means a universal spectator searching search and seizure 0 state action 0 conduct has to warrant search or seizure weigh gov interest invasiveness outcome interest in doing pat down is to keep safe environment p 529 Johnston v sports authority 0 by buying a ticket and entering stadium you consent to security measures in airport do we have state action 0 tsa is NOT state action 0 tsa is private company employed by NOT the airport but by the airlines which are privately owned 0 airlines want to protect people on their flights 0 spectator searches and drones drone problem w cameras and face recognition software 0 pac 12 says can t do over stadium and safety if you choose to enter facility you choose to be videotaped trademark 0 adds quality and value 0 identify have a trademark 0 protect consumers from conception logo patents things you put on inventions tangible 0 product placement 0 ambush marketing 0 drives up cost of advertisingmarketing FOR FINAL identify the legal issues identify the overall area of law the issue falls under specify what part of the mentioned area of law pertains to the legal issue Length 1 legal issue contract law authority to contract 2 legal issue Contract bt 2 state institutions executed in one state contract law enforceability of contract can be multiple issues in one scenario Word doc 1 in margins 12 pt times double spaced Issue hired people accused of rape Employment law Negligent supervision Rape is legal issue Criminal law sexual assault Criminal law criminal assault sexual assault 0 Legal issue people kidnapped and raped 0 Criminal law Rape 0 Legal issue negligence in transportation 0 Employment law Selection of competent drivers negligent supervision Just have to find 25 don t have to touch every question Owner of home has a pool wo fence negligence attractive nuisance doctrine Trespassing but attractive nuisance law going to stop that so NO Guy drowns Negligence of attractive nuisance Trespasses and attractive nuisance Intended armful touching actual harfum touching lack of consent 0 Battery No bc they consented Sticker removed and not replaced Duty to warn Safe environment Negligence in their duty to warn Arena that puts in hoops that can only withstand 500 lbs of force Duty to provide safe environment Arena put in cheap stuff Hiring people that were not convicted of rape is not a legal issue Attention to detail Only ncaa violation Multiple stories with no legal issues 0 replacement refs making bad calls no legal issues match fixing is criminal issue is supervisor was told and did not take any action to mitigate action as told negligent one find the duty that was breached same area of law but not same issue Multiple issues maybe same area of law guy noticed the helmet was broken but didn t tell anyone Grad student does not have duty other than to go to boss Report to supervisor 0 Player suffers career ending injury due to student breaking helmet and university suffers supervision claim Construction corp duty to provide safe environment bc they cut corners Legal issue is that he accepted full ride scholarship and didn t attend classes Misappropriation of funds Gave federal money and then didn t use it for classes Patron dies using equipment An entire dumbbell rack falls over They are usually bolted to ground negligence in a duty to design Guy falling on treadmill Personal trainer is not allowed to change speed they have to tell you to do it Implied warning of merchantability it is what it says it is Designed for certain use implied warranty for fitness of a particular purpose


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