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Honors Core in Int Trad

by: Retha MacGyver

Honors Core in Int Trad HONOR 2103

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Retha MacGyver
The U
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Retha MacGyver on Monday October 26, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HONOR 2103 at University of Utah taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see /class/229960/honor-2103-university-of-utah in Honors at University of Utah.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
Honor 2103 Exam 2 Studyguide Key Concepts and Persons A list of key concepts and persons discussed in lecture and the readings The list is not meant to be comprehensive but only point to the highlights You should be able to answer multiple choice and short answer questions regarding these concepts In general you are expected to understand the basic ideas and transformations to the concepts of science and the scientific revolution introduced by DanNin s work on evolution and social thinkers such as Mills and Marx Bluebooks are required Lyell Catastrophism Uniformitarianism Deep Time Mutability of Species Adaptation Natural vs Supernatural Explanations Natural Theology Paley s Watch Argument Lamarck s Acquired Traits Charles DanNin HMS Beagle Galapagos Islands Biogeography Origin of Species 1859 Evolution vs Mechanism of Evolution Heritability Variation Selection Natural Selection Analogy with Domestication arti cial selection Struggle for Existence Sexual Selection Common Descent Problems Transitional Forms amp Mutibility Inference to the Best Explanation Procon responses to the Origin Social DanNinism Laissezfaire policies Eugenics Positive vs Negative Degeneration John Stuart Mill Jeremy Bentham Pig Philosophy Hedonic calculus Utilitan39anism 1863 Principle of Utility Greatest Happiness Principle Higher vs Lower Pleasures On Liberty Principle of Liberty Harm Principle Government Authority Naturalistic Fallacy Social Contract Karl Marx Communist Manifesto 18471888 Bourgeois Proletarians Communism vs Capitalism Dialectical Materialism Essay Questions You will be expected to write brief but complete and clear answers in essay form to the following questions During the exam three of the following questions will be selected and you will be required to write on two of the three Make sure you answer the questions completely 1 Before Darwin What was the prevailing view about the origin and adaptation of species prior to Darwin Provide the reasons people tended to hold this view ie an argument or general set of reasonsevidence such as Paley s argument Why might we consider these views teleological Were they considered unscienti c at the time Darwin s On39gin Briefly describe Darwin s theory of natural selection and how this is supposed to answer questions about the origin and adaptability of species How does Darwin s view challenge the prevailing ideas about these questions In what way does Darwin s view provide a novel model of science that is how science might provide empirical knowledge about the world Mill Utilitarianism What is the doctrine of utilitarianism Why does Mill distinguish between higher and lower pleasures Explain how Mill s utilitarianism is meant to be a scienti c understanding of morality Mill On Liberty What is Mill s basic idea for howwhy governments should be structured What is the harm principle and what role does it play in Mill s theory Compare Mill s account to Marx s account of how government should be structured Marx Why according to Marx is the history ofhuman society a history of class struggle What lessons does Marx draw from this history What is communism Compare Marx s theory with Mill s account of how government should be structured


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