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Chem 111 Test #2 study guide

by: Notetaker

Chem 111 Test #2 study guide 111/40551

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General Chemistry I

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About this Document

- Chapters 4,5,6
General Chemistry I
Study Guide
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This 9 page Study Guide was uploaded by Notetaker on Monday October 26, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 111/40551 at University of St. Thomas taught by Uzcategui-White in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 101 views.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
Chemistry Exam 2 Study Guide Chapter 4 1 How many total moles of ions are released when the following dissolves in water a 688 x 10quot 3 g NiBr2 x 3H20 b 75 mol K3PO4 c 223 x 10 quot22 formula units of FeCl3 2 Write a total ionic equation and a net ionic equation for the following 2HBr aq CaOH2 aq 9 2H20 l CaBr2 aq 3 How many moles of H ions are present in the following solutions a 140 L of 035 M perchloric acid b 68 mL of 092 M nitric acid c 26 L of 0085 M hydrochloric acid 4 Complete acid base reaction with the balanced molecular total and net ionic equations Cesium hydroxide aq nitric acid aq 9 5 Determine if the following combinations leads to a precipitation reaction a Sodium nitrate copper II sulfate 9 b Ammonium bromide silver nitrate 9 6 Complete the following precipitation reaction with balanced molecular total ionic and net ionic equations Hg2NO32 aq KI aq 9 7 If 385 mL of lead II nitrate solution reacts completely with excess sodium iodide solution to yield 628 g of precipitate what is the molarity of lead II ion in the original solution 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 If 2598 mL of 1180 M of KOH solution reacts with 5250 mL of CH3CO0H solution what is the molarity of the acid solution If 4826 g of a mixture of Al 0H3 and Mg 0H2 is neutralized with 1730 mL of 1000 M HN03 what is the mass of Al0H3 in the mixture If 706 mL of silver nitrate solution reacts with excess potassium chloride solution to yield 296 g of precipitate what is the molarity of silver ion in the original solution How many liters of 450 M HF will react with 459 kg of U02 Unbalanced equation U02 5 HF aq 9 UF4 s H20 l Give the oxidation number of sulfur in the following a 50C2 b H252 c H2503 d Na25 Identify the oxidizing agent in the reaction Sn 5 2H aq 9 Sn2 aq H2 g Identify the oxidizing and reducing agents in the following 2H aq H202 aq 2Fe2 aq 9 2Fe3 aq 2H20 If 3546 mL of 05961 M Cr207 is required to titrate 2970 g of plasma what is the mass percent of alcohol in the blood Equation 16H aq 2Cr207 aq C2H50H aq 9 4Cr3 aq 2C02 g 11H20 l blood alcohol C2H50H Balance the following equations and determine if it is a combination decomposition or displacement reaction a Mg 5 H20 g 9 Mg0H2 s H2 g b PF3 g F2 g 9 PF5 g 17 How many grams of 02 can be prepared from the thermal decomposition of 510 kg of HgO 18 In a combination reaction 159 g of Lithium is mixed with 686 g of oxygen a Which reactant is in excess b How many moles of product are formed c After the reaction how many grams of each reactant and product are present 19 A mixture of CaC03 and CaO weighing 693 g was heated to produce gaseous C02 After heating the remaining solid weighed 479 g Assuming all the CaC03 broke down to CaO and C02 calculate the mass percent of CaC03 in the original mixture Chapter 5 1 Convert the following a 745 atm to mmHg b 992 torr to bar c 365 kPa to atm d 804 mmHg to kPa 2 what is the effect of the following on the volume of 1 mol of an ideal gas a The pressure is tripled b The absolute temperature is increased by a factor of 3 c Three more moles of gas are added 10 11 12 A sample of sulfur hexafluoride gas occupies 910 L at 198 degrees Celsius Assuming the pressure remains constant what temperature in C is needed to reduce the volume to 250 L A sample of Freon 12 CF2Cl2 occupies 255 L at 298 K and 1533 kPa Find its volume atSTP A sample of chlorine gas is confined in a 50 L container at 328 torr and 37 C How many moles of gas are in the sample You have 357 mL of chlorine trifluoride gas at 699 mmHg and 45 C What is the mass in grams of the sample How many moles of gaseous arsine AsH3 occupy 0400 L at STP What is the density of gaseous arsine Calculate the molar mass of a gas at 388 torr and 45 C is 206 ng occupies 206 uL After 600 L of Ar at 120 atm and 227 C is mixed with 200 L of 02 at 501 torr and 127 C in a 400 mL flask at 27 C what is the pressure in the flask How many grams of phosphorous react with 355 L of 02 at STP to form tetraphosphorous decaoxide P4 502 9 P4010 How many grams of phosphine PH3 can form when 375 g of phosphorous and 830 L of hydrogen gas react at STP P4 H2 9 PH3 unbalanced Aluminum reacts with excess HCl to form aluminum chloride and 273 mL of hydrogen gas over water at 27 C and 751 mmHg How many grams of aluminum react The partial pressure of water at 27 C is 268 mmHg 13 14 15 Xenon Hexafluoride reacts with silicon dioxide to form liquid XeOF4 and gaseous silicon tetrafluoride What is the pressure of a 250 L container at 25 C after 569 g of xenon hexafluoride reacts Reaction 1 2NaHC03 s 9 Na2C03 s H20 l C02 g Reaction 2 NaHC03 s H aq 9 H20 l C02 g Na aq Calculate the volume in mL of C02 that forms at 218 C and 898 atm per gram of NaHC03 by each of the reaction processes What volume of nitrogen dioxide is formed at 765 torr and 282 C by reacting 122 cmquot3 of copper d 895 g cmquot3 with 280 mL of nitric acid d 142 g cmquot3 680 HN03 by mass 16 What is the rate of diffusion for 02 and Kr Chapter 6 1 If you feel warm after exercising have you increased the internal energy of your body 2 A system releases 255 calories of heat to the surroundings and delivers 428 calories of work What is the change in internal energy of the system 3 Thermal decomposition of 50 metric tons of limestone to lime and carbon dioxide absorbs 90 x 10quot6 k of heat Convert the energy to calories 4 A 277 g sample of ethylene glycol releases 688 J of heat What was the initial temperature of the sample if the final temperature is 325 degrees C c of ethylene glycol 242 J g K 5 Using the equation 18 58 s H2 g 9 H25 g change in h 202 kJ find a endothermic or exothermic reaction b what is the change in H for the reverse reaction c what is the change in H when 26 mol of 58 reacts and d what is the change in H when 250 g 58 reacts 6 Calculate the change in H for 2NOC g 9 N2 g 02 g Cl2 g Given the following reactions NO g 9 12 N2 g 12 02 g change in h 903 K NOCI g 9 NO g 12 Cl2 g change in H 386 K 7 Write the balanced overall equation for the following process and calculate the change in H overall 1 P4 5 6C02 g 9 4 PC3 g h 1148 k 2 4PC3 g 4C2 g 9 4 PC5 g h 460 KJ 8 Calculate the standard enthalpy of reaction for CH4 g Cl2 g 9 CC4 l HCl g unbalanced 9 Copper oxide can be oxidized to copper oxide CuZO s 12 02 g 9 2CuO s H reaction 1460 k Given H of CuZO 1686 kJ mol and H of 02 O kJmol find the H of CuO ANSWERS Chemistry Exam 2 Answer Key Chapter 4 1 A 757 x 10quot5 mols b 3 moles c 148 mols 2 Total Ag aq N03 aq Na aq Cl aq 9 AgCl s Na aq N03 aq Net Ag aq Cl aq 9 AgCl s 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 A 49 mol H b 63 x 10quot3 mol H c 221 mol H Balanced molecular CsOH aq HN03 aq 9 H20 I CsN03 aq Total Cs aq OH aq H aq N03 2 aq 9 H20 I Cs aq N03 2 aq Net OH aq H aq 9 H20 l A no b yes Balanced molecular Hg2 N032 aq 2K aq 9 Hg22 s 2KN03 aq Total Hg2 2 aq 2N03 2 aq 2K aq 2 aq 9 Hg22 s 2K aq 2N03 2 aq Net Hg2 2 aq 2 aq 9 Hg22 s M 034 Pb2 035 M 05839 0297 M 1511 a 4 b 1 c 4 d 2 H Oxidizing agent H202 reducing agent Fe2 163 a coefficient order 1 2 1 1 displacement b order 111 combination 37664 g 02 a oxygen b 113 mol c 0 g Li 503 g 02 338 g Li20 19 701 Chagter 5 1 a b d a b 10 11 12 13 566 mmHg 132 bar 360 atm 107 kPa volume decreases to 13 volume increases by a factor of 3 volume increases by a factor of 4 144 degrees Celsius 353 L 085 mols Cl2 116 g CF3 178 x 10 A 3 mol AsH3 348 gL 511 g mol 133 atm 3amp2gP 412 g PH3 019 g Al 113 atm 14 reaction 1 269 mL Reaction 2 539 mL 15 851 L N02 16 1618 Chagter 6 1 no heat and work are less than zero so the internal energy is less than 0 2 683 ca 3 22 x 10quot9 ca 4 316 K 5 a exothermic b 202 k c 42 x 10 quot2 K d 157 k 6 1034 k 7 P4 5 4C2 g 9 4PC5 g 8 4334 k 9 1573 CuO


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