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Organic Chemistry Study Guide Exam 2

by: Elizabeth Zeccola

Organic Chemistry Study Guide Exam 2 CHEM 2250

Marketplace > Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute > Chemistry > CHEM 2250 > Organic Chemistry Study Guide Exam 2
Elizabeth Zeccola
GPA 3.2
Organic Chemistry 1
Lisa Morkowchuk

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About this Document

A brief study guide for exam 2
Organic Chemistry 1
Lisa Morkowchuk
Study Guide
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This 10 page Study Guide was uploaded by Elizabeth Zeccola on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CHEM 2250 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute taught by Lisa Morkowchuk in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry 1 in Chemistry at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


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Date Created: 10/27/15
234 hand s dmmL ioLL Cfmif 9quot 11 lo Manolode jam lt27 7ampqu rla i u l hmp 5r Br TOPICS FOR EXAM TWO FALL 2015 9 Ci All topics from Exam One Chapters 33 quot 7 S Ci 5 5 SI tam CHAPTER FOUR I laquot stereoisomer types m Wu oaxi y4he r gchIemi an rm135 A m Spugc mg a ff i gi L74 oilstrans for cyclic compounds by M E K H NC H 07quot Clstrans f0 double bonds jc quot C I H 7 a 2 39 r H e39gd L 339 as mme srio centers chiral centers 1 quot H 39 7 Ho 6 7 y Han C 5 chiral vs aohiral compounds W3 Qir l fi39 fumpo c ibl mirr f lm mfjf gig 39enant1omess ham a Warm imgz gg a 3 1 i if the di erence betweexl stereocenter and asymmmg ogm g cm aimm moiAra y if 3 J quot4 V l 56 dlastereomers MK maximum number of Stereoisomers given the number of chiral comers moso compounds a R S naming convention C If using Fischer Projections with stereoisomors 50quot rotation of polarized light by chiral compounds 11 dextrorotatory vs m atory I6 4 h 3 formula for speci o rotation observed speci c rotation g 1 enamiomerio excess f behavior of racemic mixtures 2 CHAPTER FIVE idogroe of unsat39umtion a l 2 1 1 if H Vi l fnomenclaturo of alkenes common and IUPAC 5125 Clotrans 4EZ quot 3 I mlcleophiles and olectrophilos M the characteri tic reaction of alkenes electrophilic addition of 3 transition st ates 9 0 reaction coordinate diagrams 7 o catalysts and their effects on reestion speed a a thermodynamics 5 for mA nB 80 tD Keg l A Gibbs energy AGO E G Gigacmms m RT In Km 2 1511 O TASO Products om exergonio vs endergonie reactions elm exothermic vs endothermic reactions Vwr o39o o ff enth ilp ampH m Hproducts reactants entropy A50 freedom of motion chaos randomness 5quot S metimes AGD can be approximated by AHO H u The rose en39ssow oil quot3 rm cm 316 kinetics v 39 L 4quot Sr39l al hli k39 VF e a maimed 9 0 amp segdrook 12 4 the rim Gibbs free energy AG Grs m Greoetonts 2 AH TASI x a ways POSitiVe webihk Vii infw kinetic vs thermodynamic stability r L I i K z 7 r Emotieel 0 AG quotl 5quot Pl39f idufll39 5 ll mmg glam sw rates depend on hf7 A s the frequency of collisions between irrelecues oonc temp f gln 139 else 1 l leokiil it 1 linen West l r I If 1 7 39 5ft P3 g s the number of collisions with enough energy temp were 1 39 616 glow 3 3 the number of collisions with the proper orientation a zjm ii quot I gt if A Kn l 3 reaction orders 2 it n A h S is 39 J J a 2 unit39s l a KGB 7 iii d rate laws rote 2 143A or rate 2 EA 8 71 r H w 2 W3 rate constant k 2 146 Where Ea AH RT rate limiting steps 391 6 at equilibrium only Keg i E ii for the reaction A 3 MECHANIsM Aorrvrry identifying nucleophilie and electmphilio sites rules for drawing curly arrows O general guidelines for mechanisms avoid Greeting smell rings three molecules colliding etc guidelines for mechanisms in eeidie or basic conditions 2 l f 8 i if A 2 s m g 4 CHAPTER SIX M 2 3 C313 3 mom in electrophilio addition of HX to alkenes iw39waWin 2quot CW I a r 7 I M Y 1 II A h l hxtk relative stabilitieo of alkene reactants i a x I 19 relative S tabilities of oarbocations 33 regioselectivity clue to hyperoonjugation in the intermediates L the Hammond Postuloto T 31 Q Markovnilcov s Rule in carbocation i earrangomento Ailt 12 hydride Shifts 5 12 methyl Shifts stereosoleotivity of reactions due to 5an anti limitations or sterio e octs 5 a alkene reactions with m H2 on PolC m H20 acid oatalyst m alcohols acid catalyst BHgTHF or BREETHE then O mHgOEQOQ Clg or Brg 3121120 or BigL120 peroxyacids m ozone then CH3QS or ZnC gCOCH a nomonclature of opoxidos a concerted moohanismo 5 CHAPTER SEVEN a structure of alkynos a physical preparties of alkynes 9 nomenclature of alky es o nomenclature of alkenes with a second functional group 0 formation of internal alkynos from terminal alkynos reaction of alkynos with HX regiooeleotiviiy probaljlo intermediate based on anti addition continuation to an alkane reactions 0f asymmetrical internal alkynes with EX at regioseiective ampdciiti0n of Bfg 0 C12 to an aikyne addition 0f H20 with an acid catalyst ketomenoi tautomers and their interconversion in both acid and b5iSC addition if H20 with a mercuric ion catalyst hydmbomtionoxidation maybe depends 011 110W far we get in lecture on Oct 22 awr 4 rip R N k 51 unQDSMQ m Q JQIig m u mvmlmaggm W m KmQ iqrngngmawmtgg5 m m 3 Br 7 mm quotu F m 1 w a Hm mg HyggnSmggf a w j w wquot g H 39 m H Mk i H 1quot t m 7 w f7 3 a m 7 na M Mm m A m u m 5192 VAK 7 Octjhcr m d LE IEI S N2 39Lquot S jg j j39wjmm 7 i r n K a4 rgdz wmmamp22121c 321453 l mgrxgj aggim s HES S 17 W Q31 m rmfw y a g39 q 4 I i i 7 i 9 H 39 a 4 B1 A dn ward Md 4 t u 7 Yrquot ideMi Cad moms V 5 in A 3 L39 Him 45 4 S T OC Wquot E nw039m cat r wh krchmac 539 x 7 1 I clm mggm Lmkr quot394quotC t i f Ck U yC an ma v mgr 7 SP3 7 he 7 a 7 h 2 Q mg j CQRVCK X CL SWLEQ me 627 7 7 er cr Jim 341an wartrag 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 m 7 N ggkj gmcrskr9 QW ES 2x 43393 l b 9g1 an x 7 Hf nc mwFC af www77mm 1777 Z siereo mamggirw 7 7 LLthre f1 1 agcmm L 131 Pdecd 71quot cm naf m w axlsgl Wigm i g l im l g Lgagdd hQQ ELSEWJgwj L LQM 7 C33 451 mm m 7 quot5 as Wn mm K V m Hrm W w qu r a m w m 751 anquot r Mam 1 91w S51 POGAWZAJ 7 k m h lijh mac jm a H WNW 97 m imam m g mn WW 7 animv 6 w iua mm 77M M 7 7quot 7 47 mwmwu hmmnmma mr A 7 7K uamp um lm7 7 75 x 081 quot quot 5quot 77 Ara 7 7 F H gr W 4 T b I W gm r 7 r W w r r lrWAHm 0H 77 M Ma W W7 W7 3quot 39 N rquot In 77 7 7 7 7 7 iu r 7 7 7r 7 WV WWW UT 399 7w r QD7 7 77 NW u quotmwm mvulHiu m mi m u ru CCU 39 J lmiftaksnih m laa w h 7 Dig Civm39th Q f 6 ltf 01c1r1mdl t3btt w a V WGJP Dgxaror39oaor3z Cmp giggles plan e memwa p143quotA iig azgckm Gilli i f b I Specuej fi S I9 tiggmm A M 39 00 75 A C enmhomcnc39 M e A m 44 xmi hag A chn f 43 LS a i i l il im H aQZszs n at facgmj m x hre f a r a 4 quot 39 7 anawhgm r a Lia airth hnamir pm v K24z2izgm f 90 if 036 mm I35 enanhmm f 1437 and 5wa sm Flenaniiwamen c 7 9gggmt C mg m a5 Lrmd1y a gingwam r zgjbga m K quot H 39 d uCbchkr 5 J 39 d39m3JWEX QQ EKQQNCquotIfflquot Wmau LOOKS E39Bf 65L on pm T JQLL115 CLQU mg hcg 2935141chchaxjg up rj1gi mpgg yc h i C20 gt m m gm 7 mmmpLa ggLei Ca LCL ILp L i ru x w m miumfw4 7 an H d u EamQiI5EHA h HT tjum 7 7 7 7 m W NM mm a 913 m 245n K m k r A 1 tn q n W 39 aa a D 4 7 W V r V A M gaigdtgphalcg m I 7 ELcdeph i r I njmuaifgzmila a ngfagti g g Mr CLC H 9135 quot quotx 39 A rx 7 J yin 7 Larrmgr w rm v M n A I W LE H gt g1 ZHC iw 12 I30 J g i h 4mm l o quoturnquot m m imrr 4 r n s m 6 n H 7quot Aquot V naxf bf n In H 7 a i Id gwwmmhum 7 39 n r w m w mmgmge42ma omm ihfJIQQ L i mTquotDr m 7 K W 4 34w bjgkes 1L pom mm Me meahjl group e ChaPiff a m i Excmpmmxaem H x 1 sh f I e 65 m I e Me 7 MC 7 ev en 4 H15 Ha dirsn tf matHM WhICh Oh WW w 0 AZ ee 34ahm meme as a 116 Horde r c Cac 2 w 2quot ifCI JHQIGQSCS g3 gt2 1 Hquot 2 0 E I hm EKJ can 35 A A mme sewrew 3 W5 C M33166 I Qjmnsiitcyg RESIDSE ECHUE X1051 was xx 7 4 C a fc fw 2 or mere possible prodgcF 4ha5 w SUE cu 3jrw10ha Emma s ewe buff one 15 prEJQm d 7 re 0 Hue JPfCI39C S mjchd i5 mm jimxlar m E 9m an emfgomc rm 5 0 7 mmaiim1cr rmdan w 7 m an 6nd r o39nncq Wm E Hog mo c 5imarzr n 4a 4 af 4556 prmdsw MQerm K0933 Rake is S u xoncdw I LL613 we mos 3 b dm i 2 fb mt g I I 5 7 PL whim WI n f A J ma 1 u a m u I r r r quot39L m A x m6


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